Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil Chapter 242

Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil Chapter 242

"They are people of the Sky Prison Sect! We're truly unlucky to have actually run into them." replied the lady bitterly as she looked at Qing Shui, her absolutely beautiful face showing her helplessness.

Bai Xiaochun blinked a few times, and then cautiously asked, "And uh... all you have to do is get into the teleportation formation to activate it?"?

He launched the attacks of the Thousand Hammer Technique when it was at its peak. They were like hurricanes and Fierce Thunderous Beast. A huge black curtain enveloped Zuo Shandiao.?

Qing Shui did not encounter much pressure refining the Beast Pill this time, for he had sufficient ingredients. Unlike when he attempted the Great Revitalizing Pellet, the ingredients had been prepared beforehand this time. The Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass had matured, but Qing Shui had unsuccessfully tried three times already. He had, however, harvested the Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass multiple times.

At the same time, Qing Shui also created nine Great Revitalizing Pellets!

During this time, Qing Shui once again killed over ten people with concealed weapons. Although these archers were all at Xiantian, they had just attained Xiantian recently. There were also not many people around him who had reached the Martial King level. Most of them were at the higher grades of Xiantian or at the pinnacle of Xiantian.

"Gongsun Wan'er pulled off something of a miracle. The vengeful souls didn't dare to actually fight her, although the effect didn't do anything to the soul emperor. Even still, something like that never happened before in history."

"Elder Sister Yu, please don't take offense at this, it is for the sake of traveling faster." Qing Shui took a step forward. One of the hands grabbed onto Yu He's waist. Just when Yu He frowned...

"Whatever you choose to do, I feel assured. Go ahead and do whatever you feel like doing!"

Hai Dongqing was laughing by his side!

Ghostfang couldn't hold on any longer. As his eighth Tideflow faded away in failure, he thought for a moment, and then completely ignored Bai Xiaochun in favor of... going to interfere with Song Que. Apparently, he viewed Bai Xiaochun's success or failure as having nothing to do with himself.

"You still have more of these Five Elements Fruits?" Di Qing was surprised. Qing Shui had already gifted ten to her sister earlier so she didn't expect him to still have more¡­...

He even saw the "God Slaying Devil Devouring Formation" and "Immortal Vanquishing Formation". These names sounded very much like a bluff but Qing Shui could not be bothered with that. He could finally pick up formations and would naturally not let go of this chance. Qing Clan might be able to become powerful through formations.

The current Hu You had long recovered from his ailment after receiving treatment from Qing Shui. His muscular build had even more strength than before.

Shield Attack!

Then he looked around at his surroundings for a moment. Although he couldn't be absolutely sure, after examining the jade slip, he was fairly certain... that he had passed through this area before.

Shockingly, he could see a cultivator tumbling through the air inside of the sandstorm. Although he couldn't see the man's face, based on his clothing, he was from the Dragon Totem Ghost Sea Sect. At the moment, he was letting out a bloodcurdling scream.

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