The Golem Adventurer Chapter 2087

The Golem Adventurer Chapter 2087

On the same day, the news about Jiang Chen's return had spread to a lot of places. The huge character from human heads brought massive turbulence to the Eastern Continent. Everyone knew that the ruthless Jiang Chen had appeared, and he had killed two emperors as well as the Deputy Commander of the Golden Guards with a thunderous approach. This result was indeed horrifying.

Wu Jiu extended both his arms sideways and let out long cries toward the skies. He kept laughing out loud without stop, with tears in both eyes. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stared at the hectic Wu Jiu, both of them had relieved expressions on their faces. They could really relate to Wu Jiu's emotions right now. They had been trapped in the Poisonous Miasma Space for two and a half months, and they knew very well hos terrifying the place was. But Wu Jiu, he had been trapped there for ten years, and finally, he was able to see the outside world again. There was no way he wouldn't be happy.

Quickly, the iron seal enlarged in midair and blocked the sunlight from above with a circumference of about two hundred meters. Covering the sky of everyone nearby, the seal immediately came crashing down to the ground with a heavy wave of energy.

The Asura Palace had existed for many, many years. However, this was the first time in their history that a disciple had killed his fellow disciple and Elder on the day of the competition. Although the Asura Palace had quite a number of arrogant disciples, none of them dared to kill an Elder unless they had lost the will to live in this world.

Time quickly passed. Soon, it was the time for the competition to start. At this time, the competition arena was already packed with thousands of students. Only a few of them wore student uniforms, everyone else was a new student.

"I thank his Majesty for his generosity." Jian Chen accepted the offer right away.

Besides, the finger skill that Jiang Chen just used was incredibly strong. It was obviously an Earth level finger skill. Jiang Chen used this powerful skill with his Qi Hai energy, and it seemed pretty inadequate, which was why he was pretty sure that Jiang Chen would be unable to use it a second time in such a short period of time.


Suddenly, a thought crossed Jian Chen's mind. His expression immediately changed as he hurriedly asked, "Uncle Chang, what of my parents? Are they alright?"


The distance between the eastern and western strongholds was extremely vast and was basically the entire length of the Gesun Kingdom itself. With so many kilometers in between, it would take Jian Chen six to eight hours before he would arrive at his destination.

The two began to talk for another four hours as they continued to walk around the forest until they reached a recent battleground. The ground was filled with blood and there were two corpses nearby filled with injuries. From the injuries, it could be seen that it was done by humans. And not too far away were their Space Belts.

The place entered turmoil once again. Today's scene was much bigger than everyone's imagination.

But no matter how much Khafir looked at the youth, he could not make the connection between the two and thus felt a little confused.

"Listen to this, Jiang Chen. You caused a great disturbance in the outer circle yesterday, you offended your seniors, and you showed no respect to the Sect Elders. I, as the Sect Chief, will now announce your punishment. Recently, a Blood Devil has been seen around the Yellowstone area, and he has been massacring innocents. I command you to kill this Blood Devil alone. You shall leave at once and delay no more."

When they accompanied the Saint Ruler last time, Jian Chen had killed off several of their Heaven Saint Masters and drastically reduced the Sect of Dragon and Tiger's strength. The Heaven Saint Masters with him here today were ones that recently broke through thanks the several millenia's worth of knowledge saved up by the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

"Kill me if you can."

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