Spiderman Evolution Chapter 2532

Spiderman Evolution Chapter 2532

There were also newly established sects that had several prominent and outstanding talents. However, the distance between them and a sect with over 10,000 years of history like the Heavenly Palace, was still too far.

"Qing Shui, what has gotten into you? Don't scare us like that." Huoyun Liu-Li was concerned as she sat beside Qing Shui.

In fact, at Xu Baocai's request, he issued a Dharmic decree, giving the two of them the power and authority to do it officially.

They shattered on the ground with crisp noises that could be heard over a very long distance.

This celestial magic that bordered on a great Dao was also one of the reasons that Daoist Heavenspan had been able to overthrow the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. It was the reason he was so confident that, if he left this world and went to the world beyond¡­ he would be able to become a true celestial. He would definitely make his breakthrough! Furthermore, he would eventually be able to reach the peak level of power, the likes of which were as rare as phoenix feathers or qilin horns even in the world beyond. He would become an archaean!

Thus, not a single obstacle at all blocked their path as they drew closer and closer to World City.


"Mmm, the name seems right. Have you been fine?" Qing Shui felt bitter. The feeling of such a setback was really not fantastic.

After he left the mountains, Qing Shui commanded the fire bird to slow down its speed and to head in the direction of Earthly Paradise. Qing Shui intended to visit Huoyun Liu-Li since it had been almost eight months since he last saw her.

No matter how often Qing Shui was engaged in battles, it would be impossible for him to have more than ten battles every day, he would also need some rest between the fights. Hence, the fact that the Fire Bird broke through and attained the Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens made Qing Shui feel as if he had just added a pair of wings to a tiger. The Fire Bird had finally awakened its formidable innate talent. Merely the Phoenix Paradise and the Phoenix Dance of the Nine Paradise were already more than enough to prove it.

This was the moment he had been waiting for! Qing Shui eyes snapped open, as he flicked both stones in his hands, aiming for the eyes of the White-Headed Inky Jade Condor!

From Yiye Jiange's perspective, everyone here was Qing Shui's family. For her, she was only a friend of Qing Shui. Although their relationship was on the good side, it was still a bit awkward.

"So what if you have two clones? You're still dead!" Mistress Red-Dust was feeling quite humiliated. The battle so far had been quite a blow to her, and she even regretted how she had conducted herself so far. If she had known before that Bai Xiaochun had two deva souls, she would simply have allowed the shafts of light to injure her in exchange for the ability to crush him with her full might!

"Where is Luan Luan?" Qing Shui realized that the little girl was nowhere in sight.

Of the few dozen cultivators in the Hall of Devil Slayers who were in the top 1,000, most were currently in secluded meditation, and others were away. As the day passed, not a single Chosen paid any attention to Bai Xiaochun and Master Cloud-Dao. The two of them were either ignored or outright rejected. Although different expressions could be seen on the faces of the various Chosen, none of them could hide the arrogance that seeped out from their very bones. Bai Xiaochun couldn't have been more irritated.

As of this moment, he had no need to ask who this person was¡­.

Seeing how Sima Tao was trembling in shock because of Bai Xiaochun's words, Sun Yifan shouted, "Cut the crap, Bai Hao!"

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