How to kill a Nightmare Chapter 2058

How to kill a Nightmare Chapter 2058

"The Skin Flayers' district is further subdivided into ten garrisons. As for that area over there... it belongs to General Bai Lin." Li Hongming was currently pointing to an area with a vast, 300-meter-tall building that looked like a violet coffin.

As for Bai Xiaochun, he coughed up some blood, and then sat down cross-legged to focus on recovery.

"I really can't stick around this place. Mistress Red-Dust is completely unreasonable. I mean, come on, I didn't start any fires this time¡­." Feeling very unlucky, and at the same time a bit guilty, he furtively studied Mistress Red-Dust.

"Fine, fine, we bullied your Di Clan when it was weak. Ever since that old bastard, Di Sha, died, there really wasn't anyone strong in the Di Clan. Do you think you can deal with this with your current strength of Grade Eight Martial Saint?" Old Demon Ba snorted coldly while looking at Di Xuan.

A plateful of Demonic Beast's tendon!

"I bet it will be twenty or less!"

When he came out, he saw that the woman was still there in the distance. She seemed to be waiting for him. Qing Shui walked over to her. It was still very early right now. The sparring earlier had lasted only for a little while so he still had to go through his morning practice.

The Nascent Soul elder's face fell when he looked at the jade slip and saw the character "Heaven" inscribed on it. Trembling, he reached out with both hands to respectfully accept the jade slip, then scanned it with divine sense. As he did, his eyes widened.

"Make him leave!"

"Nightcrypt offers greetings, Blood Master."

"Shiya, in this world, there is only one kind of love which is pure, it is the love from your parents. Their love for their own children will never change. As for other kinds of loves, there are always reasons for it. It will always involve other factors. There is no such thing as an unconditional love." At this moment, Hai Dongqing smiled and explained to Hai Shiya.

"If this continues, then a few days later we would have nothing left except black fish and turtles!" Qing Shui had long anticipated this result, after all the same thing happened inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

The other three prime elders were stunned into silence at the moment. Their eyes were blank, and they were so taken aback that they had no idea what to do.

Because of how Bai Xiaochun got rid of the tribulation lightning, Big Fatty Zhang's breakthrough proceeded very smoothly. Soon, a Nascent Soul aura erupted out from him, which caused a smile to break out on Bai Xiaochun's face.

"It only lasted for a moment before returning to normal, but that's definitely never happened before.... Was it that parasol? No, I don't think so.... There's something very strange about this guy.... Well, maybe I can figure out the answer after killing him." Even as Zhou Yixing hesitated, Bai Xiaochun also stood there trying to decide what to do.

Bai Xiaochun didn't know who this person was, but he quickly put on a very serious expression. Clasping hands and bowing, he said, "Disciple Nightcrypt at your service. Greetings, Senior!"

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