World Of Monsters Chapter 2052

World Of Monsters Chapter 2052

"Hand over all your belongings, then each of you cut off one arm."

Utilizing the Spatial Force, Huang Tianba and Nubis both immediately blended in with the world itself and borrowed its power to speed forward. In the blink of an eye, they flew far away from Jian Chen towards Situ Qing.

The huge golden blade sliced through the skies and transformed into a 30 meter tall golden blade beam. It was bright and shiny, and it carried a deadly attack force. This attack was unleashed with the full strength f a Mid Divine Core warrior, it was a mighty attack that no one could escape.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, and his vision landed on the rusty metal piece in Big Yellow's arm. This piece of rusty metal was almost two meters long, and its width was the size of a palm. Its metal was rusted. This thing, no one would pick it up even if it was thrown onto a busy street.

However there were no signs of a smile on the middle aged man's face. Instead, his gaze hardened as he realized Jian Chen's body gradually disappeared. "Mirror image!" He growled.Chapter 94: Annihilating Everyone


"No, the Blood Devil isn't a real devil. However, they are a hundred times crueler and more brutal than real devils. These Blood Devils are actually human, but they cultivate the Blood Devil cultivation skill which make them cruel and ruthless. They've lost all their humanity, and their minds only know how to kill without mercy. That's why they're called Blood Devils."

Chapter 246 ΓΏ Blood Red Dragon Statue on the Ancient Stone Door

Big Yellow cried out in surprise.

"Naturally, if you are willing to return the Seal of Treasure Mountain, then we will naturally give you fair compensation for it."

"Let's attack together, don't let that Duan Jianhong have any chance to fight back!"

Followed by a loud bang, two huge golden fingers were unleashed by Jiang Chen, and a third faded finger that was more vivid than ever was also unleashed.

Li Wu Shuang was cultivating according to the Tyrannical Script, which was by itself an incredibly powerful skill used to train one's body. If one were to compare the strength and toughness of his pure muscles, it would be hard to find anyone who could match him at the same level.

Jiang Chen said. Jiang Chen's purpose for coming out was to practice, and his target was to fight powerful demon beasts. Now, this Demon Palace that is bullying his fellow humans had become his target.

Tyrant said.

"I, Jian Chen, am not a man who goes back on his words. You might as well give up on those thoughts, I will take this cub away from anyone else." Jian Chen's eyes grew cold as he prepared to fight without fear of the Heaven Saint Master.

Nangong Wenyen cried out in shock, a look of disbelief visible in both eyes. He never thought that Nangong Wentian still had such an amazing ability up his sleeves. It increased his combat strength once again and put a huge pressure on Nangong Wenyen.

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