The Eternal Guardian Chapter 564

The Eternal Guardian Chapter 564

"Of course not! We, the Blissful Manor have many good treasures as well. Usually, the final item will be from us, and we won't change the order unless someone can take out something even more precious than what we have."

Bang, bang, bang££!

"Come, let us have a toast with this drink!"

"How many princes does the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom have?" Jian Chen gave out his first question.


"It's you guys!"

"Be careful everyone!"


"No, please don't££"

Unfortunately because of the prior events, both sides had already been brought to a boiling point where they could not even think of the repercussions. Despite Kris opening his mouth in warning, he was far too late.

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The Barbarian Earth Bull kept yelling out in disbelief. It couldn't understand at all how this dog could be so powerful. The Earth Jail had never failed it before, and even when facing an existence that was one grade higher than itself, it could still cause severe damage to the opponent with this sneaky trick. But today, this dog had actually broken its Earth Jail in such an easy manner.

Xuan Yuzi cursed.

With five Heaven Saint Masters against him, Jian Chen didn't dare be lazy either and resolved to use the Origin energy of the sword spirits. A beam of azure and violet light immediately shot forth from his right palm and formed a single blade.

All those below Saint Ruler were ants. Although the bandit boss had the Primordial Godsilk protecting him which made it extremely difficult for Saint Rulers to injure him, it was impossible for him to pose any threat to Saint Rulers with just his strength as a Heaven Saint Master. Even using a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was not enough, unable to break through the barrier cast down by Saint Ruler.

"Ugh££ this stinks like hell! Ahh!! Blergh££"

Hu Po tore a piece of beef off and began to chew it, "That's right, today we must eat until our stomachs are full. If we come across a strong magical beast, if we can't kill it, we can at least run away."

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