BaNGtaN BOYs Chapter 261

BaNGtaN BOYs Chapter 261

"Whatever the case, it isn't a good topic for now. Qingsuo, let us not waste any time and hurry up to refine the Chaotic Force. The sooner we do so, the sooner master can form the Chaotic Body." Ziying spoke.

Although Jian Chen sensed the youth's departure, he didn't try to chase after him. The three Saint Master bodyguards in front of him definitely wouldn't allow him to leave and harm the young master of the Tianxiong clan.

"No need."

"Master, can he be saved?"

A bright smile appeared on his face, "Worry not, this one has done well. On the other hand, you've seemed to have made great progress in the art of the zither I see."

But, Jiang Chen had killed Lord Blood Moon, and this was considered a magnificent contribution. Even if he had violated the most serious rules, he could use this contribution to compensate for it. Besides, Jiang Chen was a peerless genius, he was a man destined to have his name remembered for many generations, he had potential and talent that could defy any rules. In other words, he really was the future hope for the Black Sect. Just from this alone, it was understandable if Daoist Black didn't punish Jiang Chen.

The old men, those Mid Mortal Core and Late Mortal Core warriors, none of them escaped from the town by themselves, they were all standing at the front of all townspeople, ready to defend everyone. Even until their last drop of blood was spilt, they would still remain standing to protect their people's safety.

On the fighting stage, after Wu Ningzhu expressed her gratitude to Jiang Chen, she immediately threw him a seductive glance with her bright eyes.

Ever since Jian Chen had first seen the Grand Elder, this was the very first time he had seen him smile or say a word. Even Qin Xiao was no exception, in that moment, Qin Xiao and Qin Jue both felt uncomfortable.

"Xiang'er! Xiang'ers back?" Suddenly, a dignified but excited voice echoed through the halls as Changyang Ba came running into view.

Aside from Heaven Splitter, Jian Chen had also discovered a Heaven Tier Cultivation Method. Although it was also Heaven Tier, cultivation methods were mediocre in comparison to battle skills. Both the Changyang clan and Kargath Academy each had one. Despite that, Jian Chen hadn't ignored the cultivation method since a powerful clan wouldn't have just one type of cultivation method.


Jiang Chen said.


"Make your move then!" Jian Chen exclaimed with a smile at the man. At the same time, the silver Light Wind Sword appeared in his hand. Although the man in front of him was only a Peak Saint Master and didn't require using his sword, he had decided that for the sake of displaying his superiority, he would need to use the Light Wind Sword.

Jian Chen was even worried about the notion that there were a few people in the union who would want to eliminate him for a greater chance at reaching Class 7 for themselves.

"Multicolored Immortal Crystal? What is that item?" Jian Chen asked.

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