school for tslents Chapter 1732

school for tslents Chapter 1732

Fan Kun sneered.

Jian Chen laughed, "Well, where is the location of the mine? Take me there."

"Uncle Yan, I heard that the young lady from the Yan family is sick. Can I know what the actual situation is?"

With a hand covering her wide open mouth, she continued to stare at Jian Chen in mute silence. A Heaven Saint Master was indeed too much for her to take in at once.


The group of twenty Imperial Advisors began to walk forward, the entire crowd splitting apart to form a road for them. In a quick moment, they arrived right in front of Jian Chen before everyone cupped their hands, "We pay our respects to the Imperial Protector!"

Jiang Chen struck his chest as he spoke.

"I want to bet too!"

The guard treated Zhang Quan like he was beneath him.


"These gates aren't as simple as they look. Honestly, this Island of Ice is a training ground for warriors of the younger generation. Therefore, both gates are sure to have a certain degree of risk and opportunity. A Buddhist once said, £¦place someone on a field of death and he will fight for his life; to experience a true transformation, one mustn't be afraid of the slightest thing; he has to experience life and death.' If my guess is correct, this is the true meaning behind the gates of life and death. Therefore, I think we should choose the Gate of Death.

Li Wu Shuang's face had turned red, and his muscular body was trembling. Surrounded by the powerful energy whirlpools, he couldn't hold on for much longer. If the energy wasn't released soon, it would inevitably destroy himself.

After clinking glasses with Qin Ji, Jian Chen wanted to down the entire cup of good wine. However, just when the cup touched his lips, Jian Chen suddenly shook violently. A lot of the wine was split, dirtying his clothes.

"Haha, brother Jian Chen. These monster cores belong to you, so don't try to get out of it and just accept them." As soon as his laugh ended, the two white robed Katata and Katafei swiftly entered, with Katata speaking out kindly.

Jiang Chen swung the sword in his hand into the last Elder, who seemed stunned. Jiang Chen was a genuine Combat King, although he had hidden it from others. Of course, even if he wasn't a Combat King, but instead just a Late Divine Core warrior, he could still easily kill an Early Combat Soul warrior with the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Hearing Dugu Feng's words, the black robed youth was stunned for a moment before he smiled meaningfully. With a simple movement, a wind attribute Saint Force could be seen as it covered the youth's body, Like an arrow, he flew toward Dugu Feng and Jian Chen with a faster speed than before.

"Who would have thought that Jian Chen would seize the first place spot? I've heard he only has a strength around the First or Second Cycle Earth Saint Master level. For him to beat Zhar, a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master with a Radiant Saint Force, it's almost inconceivable." A middle aged man with a refined look and a well educated manner spoke. With a single look, the man could be taken to be a scholar.

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