Salvation under shadows Chapter 907

Salvation under shadows Chapter 907

"You nearly scared Lord Bai to death! I thought something bad was going to happen. Humph! Well, with my skill in the Dao of medicine, this was pretty much a non-event!" Feeling very proud of himself, Bai Xiaochun was about to go about working on an antidote when he suddenly stopped in place and swallowed hard, looking at one particular snake off in the distance.

"Hahaha! Bai Xiaochun must be scared out of his pants. You know what, even if I lose, it's only a few merit points. I'm gonna challenge him too! He needs to know that the north bank sticks together!"

Qing Shui was stunned. He looked at the old man in the lead who wore white clothes. The old man had snow white hair, beard, long brows, and his eyes appeared very upright.

Together, those three were the focus of much attention in the ceremony.

Soon he was right in front of her.?

"Give me that heavenstring energy or die!"

"What I have been assuming is the right-hand wall is actually the left-hand wall in other locations. They're the same wall!

"That means, there's still one more step¡­." Eye shining with anticipation, he cast his senses inward¡­ to detect the fifth shackle of the human body, like an enormous mountain weighing down on him.

As of this moment, Bai Xiaochun did not seem timid or cowardly, nor even the least bit naughty or mischievous. He stood as straight and tall as a mountain peak, and seemed as profound and deep as the ocean!

Qing Shui's armour was made from the skin of the Golden-Ringed Snake King. After he put it on, he looked dazzling, with only the Big Dipper Sword looking simple and dark.

"Hmph. I heard that all of the plant and vegetation resources in the whole sect were sent over to Nightcrypt. He's just digging his own grave. He's going to fail completely, or at best concoct some ordinary spirit medicine. Either way, he's screwed!"

Qing Shui knew what she meant with her question. After all, when he previously went to Yan Clan, Yu Donghao and Yu He had also seen it. Qing Shui smiled as he nodded.

The wind attributed bone arrows was tougher that those metallic ones, it had a green glow as it shot towards the Divine Black Crow!

Examining the seed for a long moment, he began to perfect his plan. Eventually, his eyes began to shine brightly.

When he was done, he stood there staring at Bai Lin with wide eyes with a look that said, I'm your subordinate, you have to help me!

In addition to all that, his Undying Skin had already broken through to the next level. Instead of Undying Silver Skin, he now had Undying Gold Skin!

"He obviously cultivates the Mountain Ghost God-Dazing Magic!"

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