Book of Divine Creatures Chapter 1146

Book of Divine Creatures Chapter 1146

"Bai Hao, huh.... Interesting. I need to report this back to his highness the king. It looks like a schism might occur within the Bai Clan!!"?

To have four enormous deva faces staring down at him caused him to groan inwardly. In fact, if the twin Master Cloud Lightnings weren't present, he would definitely look around in confusion and ask who Bai Xiaochun wasˇ­.

It almost looked like an enormous mouth, and it was so powerful that not even the Go pieces on the game board could resist its power, and they began to inch toward it. The entire Go board itself also began to vibrate, whereupon Daoist Heavenspan let out a powerful shout, causing it to shatter!!

Even the mere sensation of those fluctuations caused Bai Xiaochun to pick up speed. Even as he left the first key behind, intense fighting broke out in his wake.

Qing Shui only now took a look at the Tiger Form he had painted.

"Don't waste your energy on useless talk like that," he said. "Your cultivation base isn't high enough, Bai Hao. You need to focus more on your cultivation, do you understand?" When the Giant Ghost King thought about how this Bai Hao had used a single drop of soul-blood to unleash a demigod-level attack, though, he couldn't help but marvel.

His face was red and fuming with anger as he felt extremely helpless for falling into their calculative trap. He was disappointed in himself for allowing two pathetic trickster to best him. Qi Gang felt like he could vomit a pool of blood if he continued to think about this humiliation by the Cui brothers.

A tremor ran through Bai Xiaochun. As far as he was concerned, the terms ˇ®eternal' and ˇ®indestructible' were essentially synonymous of 'undying' and ˇ®live forever.' Without a moment of hesitation, his hand shot out with lightning-like speed to grab the mask.

"What are you saying? If you are here, then I have to see you, no matter what. Your master will be here shortly. And this one is? This little girl is very gifted." Baili Jingwei chuckled. He couldn't help but beam at Wenren Wu-Shuang.

Thinking that this was his best chance, he decided to step up on the arena. As the head of the Situ Clan, once he stepped onto the arena, the atmosphere would be much different.

However, he wasn't quite sure why there would be a stone inside the Violet Gold Divine Shield. Could there be more secrets that he hadn't uncovered about the shield?

At the same time, it would also increase one's speed, endurance, defense, vitalityˇ­all of these areas will improve by 10%. After taking 2, the speed would be similar to reaching a certain level of training of the Deer Cantering. It was just too bad that each person could only take 2, otherwise if he were to keep taking the Small Revitalizing Pillˇ­

"Qing Shui, you were so dazzling that you had blinded us all. Thank goodness that you belong to our Skysword Sect. Jiange had good foresight, hahaha." After saying this, Zhu Qing laughed gently. The laughter with a mature charm made Qing Shui recall the scene he saw in the cave.

"Why are you thanking me?" Misty Hall Palace Mistress asked with a slight astonishment.?

Qing Shui abandoned his sword and released the Tiger Form!

Qing Shui had assessed her injuries before he undone the fabric around her waist while he clenched his teeth. But, due to her injuries, he had decided to cut her clothes with a dagger. All of her clothes were removed as she had to absorb the Milky White Jade

When Ye Guyan heard Qing Shui's words, her eyes brightened. However, she said: "Your strength differs too much from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan. Do you have any support?"

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