A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO Chapter 214

A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO Chapter 214

The next elder from the Youlan clan dodged Jian Chen's strike with a desperate maneuver, but before he could regain his footing, Jian Chen struck out like a python once more.

"I'm sure! Jiang Chen was very cunning and powerful, and he almost slipped away. However, thanks to senior disciple Fan giving me the Silent Poisonous Needle, I was able to shoot the needle into his body and watch him die with my own eyes."

"What a load of crap."

"One wouldn't think that this was the cause of a skeleton. It seems that he had not yet reached the Ninth Layer when he was alive." Jian Chen muttered. In his heart, he was excited. Although it was only a skeleton, the energy within it was no weaker than a Ruler Armament. That to him was already a major profit since the skeleton would be able to be processed for Chaotic Force through the Sword Spirits. This way, he would be able to use the Chaotic Force one day.

Wu Jiu stared blankly at Xuan Ye.

3000 Mortal Restoration Pills, this was nothing much for Jiang Chen. However, for these disciples, it was actually a huge amount, especially for those novice disciples. They weren't particularly wealthy before this, and these 3000 Mortal Restoration Pills could be considered all their fortune. From this, one could easily tell that they were sincerely apologizing to Jiang Chen.

"I guess the snake's gall bladder is being dissolved; the bile inside is leaking out." Jian Chen resisted the nausea with great difficulty. He inwardly recalled that the books had stated if one wanted to refine the Ten Thousand Immunity, aside from blood, the most important part was the gall bladder. Both the gall bladder and the blood were essential components, because the blood's poison-resistant special elements could only be absorbed into one's body by being drawn in by the gall bladder.

Against this elderly Great Saint Master, Jian Chen had felt a huge amount of pressure. Quickly, he had calmed himself down and stared at the elder with a barely calm expression. "Dear elder, could it be that you were also enticed by the ten thousand purple coins for my capture?"


Two figures simultaneously jumped onto the first fighting stage, these two were Jiang Chen who was dressed in white, and Yi Qing Zi who was wearing clothing that barely covered her body. Yi Qing Zi was seductive, and everyone single one of her movements was enough to scratch one's heart.

As they drew near, two Heaven Saint Masters flew up from the compound and stopped right in front of the two elders Yun and Feng.

"This is outrageous, this guy is crazy! He actually wants to challenge the entire outer circle all by himself! He just doesn't know the meaning of death!"

Just as Big Yellow finished performing his narcissistic speech, a huge object suddenly got in their way. It was a huge black crow with two heads. It was 3 meters tall, and it was fully covered with black scales. It seemed fierce, and can easily scare someone with its looks alone.

Wu Ningzhu said, still deeply immersed in her own memories. After a small pause, she continued speaking, "So, my mother left me and my father. From that day onwards, she never came back. Before she left, she told me, "Ning'er, when you're looking for your other half, find a man who loves you, and whom you love." Indeed, my mother and father, they truly loved each other. However, what I saw was the pain that existed between them. Because my mother loved my father, she had to pay a heavy price, and I am the witness of their suffering."

"Me too. My chest feels so smothered, as if a large rock is exerting pressure on my chest. I can barely breathe."

"That can't be said for sure, but according to the news, the murderer had already been heavily injured by the clan leader. In this giant forest, even if here were to escape, he wouldn't get far."

In his own room, Jian Chen called Ming Dong over and the two began to pour over the Heaven's Stolen Fortune. Although this competition had finished, there was still the individual matches. After Jian Chen had killed both Jiede Wukang and Shi Xiangran, the two groups behind them would surely not let him go. Thus, Jian Chen would need to try and increase his own power which meant learning this Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

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