I Reincarnated For Nothing Chapter 1271

I Reincarnated For Nothing Chapter 1271

The skinny young man in the arena was like a fleeting boat on a massive ocean, appearing as if he could lose his life at any moment amidst his opponent's attacks.

Qing Hu was the first competitor, and as he had just broke through to the 6th Grade of the Martial Warrior Realm, he decided to test his new found strength in the arena. Soon after he entered, an opponent of similar age had entered the arena.

"Brother Qing Shui, are you okay? What's happening?" Yan Ling`er panicked as she asked in concern.

Almost as soon as the words left Bai Xiaochun's mouth, Jia Lie had laughed in response, and sent his blood-colored hand shooting forward.

Caw caw!

"Shut up!" Bai Xiaochun snapped, glaring at him. His mood was already being ruined thanks to the spirit automaton. Snorting coldly, he put the boat away and then went back to the main surface of the fan. As he looked out at the ruins of the Immortal World, he mused that if he encountered that old ghost woman again, he would probably be able to crush her.

After that, Qing Shui became like a tiger amongst a flock of sheep, his hands moved around like butterflies. Every time he attacked, someone would die. This could no longer be considered as killing, instead, it was an art.

Simultaneously, he sprang into motion, shooting toward Zhao Tianjiao at high speed. Even as he flew through the air, the blood sword materialized, and he grabbed it, swinging toward the water outside of the ship.

This was also one of the things that motivated the people from Zhuoshi Clan to continue battling.

"Bai Xiaochun? He's the archenemy of the north bank! I can't believe he dared to come here. Hahaha! This is actually a good thing. A wonderful thing!!"

Bit by bit, the complete mnemonic to cultivate the Undying Tendons appeared within his mind. Bai Xiaochun was breathing hard; he knew that, with this legacy, even if he didn't eventually acquire the relic of eternal indestructibility, everything he had done had been worth it, just to acquire the cultivation method of the Undying Tendons!!

Just with those few words, Qing Shui understood that the levels of the Martial King Grade warriors in Yan Clan must be exceedingly high and they will also have a lot of people. Yanjiang Country is in the top twenty countries in the Greencloud Continent. It cannot be compared to a bottom of the barrel country like Cang Lang Country. ?

Once the screams and the corpses returned, fear yet again rose up in the hearts of everyone onboard. As the death toll rose, terror mounted to an almost unbearable degree.

Slinging the fishing pole over his shoulder and tucking his other hand behind his back, he sighed loftily and said, "Preceptor Seadeep, fishing requires patience, you know. As the ancient saying goes, luck brings achievements, fate brings failure. Understand that, and it will help you remain tranquil and even-tempered. Fix heaven and earth within your heart and mind. There are countless living beings within creation, all of which are intelligent in their own way. Remember, everything is connected; if a heavenly dragonfish has sown destiny with you, it will come to you. It's how life works.

"Zongheng, you're back. Let me introduce this young man that I just acknowledged as my younger brother. He's Qing Shui." Weng Xue said, smiling.

"Yeah!" Di Qing smiled and answered her.

The Icy Cloud Mountain was just by the Ice Sea and was part of a huge mountain range. The ground of the mountain was made up of thick Ice Rocks. It was impossible for normal people to climb, and the path to the summit was like a winding ice dragon.

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