"Quickly go! There is no time left." Huang Qin looked at Qing Shui.

"Ok, I just finished discussing with the other Elders. We want to promote you to the Skysword Sect's eleventh Elder." Yiye Jiange looked at Qing Shui teasingly and said while smiling.

"Mmmm, what's the matter?" Qing Shui looked at Huoyun Liu-Li, puzzled by her wary expression.

From Qing Shui's words, not a single person thought that he was arrogant, for he was able to easily defeat Mo Zitong and the old man at this age. Furthermore, it looked as if he had casually defeated them. Just which clan was that outstanding young man from...?

As his words echoed out with thunderous intensity, the cultivators from the Hall of Steel Veins became visibly excited. As for Chen Hetian, Li Xiandao and Bai Zhentian, their faces grew deathly pale, and they bowed their heads.

"Such a good looking man, no matter how we say it, he is the best of the best." A beautiful mature woman sighed.

The Heavenly Fire-Armored Rock Bear looked at its surroundings. It was not panic or take interest in anything, instead, it wanted to close its eyes!

When Qing Shui walked up to the front courtyard, he saw a elegant and handsome middle-aged man. However, he didn't look young. He was like Canghai, with a similar dress sense and had caused Qing Shui to fall into a slight daze.

"You are saying that as long as one was strong enough, he could control a capital or even a country from the shadows?" Qing Shui asked with suspicion evident in his tone.

Qing Shui's previously frantic cultivation was all for survival, so that he could live better without having to worry about others, to live with a sense of safety.

"You threw in your lot with the Sword Tower!" Canghai exclaimed in disbelief.

If he had defied someone like that back in the Spirit Stream Sect, and also been responsible for such a disaster, according to the sect rules, he would have been sent to the Hall of Justice to be skinned alive, bereft of his cultivation base, and then destroyed in body and soul.

Bai Xiaochun felt a lump forming in his throat.

"That's right. Otherwise you might die without even knowing how."

Past the panels of the Jadestone pearls, were rows and rows of ancient looking wooden bookshelves. From an initial glance, the wood materials used in construction of the bookshelves looked old and dilapidated, but upon closer observation, the wood was actually thick and heavy, giving observers a solid and durable impression.

"Haha, lass is being embarrassed. Grandfather will make the decision for you. Qing Shui is very good. Grandfather has lived for 300 years, I can discriminate someone good from bad."

But ideals don't always measure up to reality. In the hundred years since its founding, they had never grown beyond the small sphere of influence they had started out with on the very edge of the north district.

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