Empire of Jadase: New Day Chapter 703

Empire of Jadase: New Day Chapter 703

The City Lord nodded and said, "Correct. I don't know where this Wu Yun came from, but his strength is very strong, especially his sword. It is so fast that even Great Saint Masters need to be careful. But there are still a good amount of Great Saint Masters and over a hundred Saint Masters there. Even though this Wu Yun is not weak at all, even he will have trouble escaping from this."

Jian Chen's suggestion was quickly approved by everyone, and so under the poisonous and hateful glares of Luo Jian's group, they quickly grabbed all of the Space Belts and collected the monster cores inside. After checking their inventories, the 8 of them had a total of 130 monster cores.

Mao Sheng asked with a loud voice.

Jiang Chen mockingly said to the Demon King. He could tell with a single look that this Demon King had been trapped in this place for very long, causing its state of mind to nearly collapse. So, upon seeing a newcomer, it couldn't help but want to tease him.

The elder named Yu Ping laughed coldly as he stared at the other crane hairstyled elder and said, "Huang Pingshu, for you to come to Phoenix City, could it be you wanted to block me from doing as I please?"

Within the manor, news that the fourth master had suddenly returned home spread through the place like wildfire. In some time, the entire manor was stunned. Even the eldest aunt Ling Long and the third aunt Bai Yushuang heard the news. Although they were shocked, the two of them did not go see him. Ling Long was looking after her child Changyang Hu and was still in a stupefied daze that did not care for Jian Chen's return at that given moment. Bai Yushuang's relationship with Jian Chen's mother hadn't been the best and so his return instead soured her mood.

The two had traveled for some time before they finally arrived back at the inn.

Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy when killing these people. The Qingyi Sect was a big sect in the Qing Province, he had to kill them all so that there wouldn't be any witnesses left. If not, they might not be able to leave the Qing Province. Even if they did manage to leave, the Qingyi Sect would definitely keep hunting for them, and they might follow them to the Blissful Island. That would be troublesome.

The armored man paused for a bit, and seemed to have thought of something, he broke into a smile that made it seem like he was taking joy in another's misfortune.

Yan Chong looked at Jiang Chen who stood next to him with a respectful and admiring look.

"Fourth brother, this is your room; remember the location well, and be careful to not go the wrong way." Changyang Hu laughed.

"I found the real him!"

Yu Zihan sighed.

Jian Chen's provocation infuriated the entire Tianxiong clan. The young master had long since lost his patience. He immediately waved his hand as he roared, "Why are you guys just standing there? Hurry up and capture him!"

Nanbei Chao said. Jiang Chen's incredible progress had indeed exceeded his imagination. No matter how prideful Nanbei Chao was, he was forced to take Jiang Chen more seriously now. There weren't many people could make Nanbei Chao pay serious attention.


Yang Shuo portrayed a domineering image and a sky-piercing killing intent. The buzzing sound coming from the Bloodthirsty Sword became even more violent.

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