Mistake Or Love? Chapter 1978

Mistake Or Love? Chapter 1978

"So," he thought, gnawing his lip, "when a treasure receives an elevenfold spirit enhancement, it transforms on a fundamental level. It doesn't matter who it belonged to before, anyone who leaves a branding mark on it will become its new master...." By this point, he had completely forgotten about his goal of taking 1st place in the trial by fire. All of his interest was focused on the spirit enhancements.

"Remember what I've said. I'm going down the mountain today. I will come back only once a month, and stay for about two days during each visit!" It was already late in the morning, and the ordinary disciples of the Skysword Sect had begun their basic training. For Protectors and higher, they would cultivate at their own pace, inside their private rooms or training chambers.

By this point, they had heard about what occurred outside the Great Wall a few days before, that the savages had used some strange, spheroid beasts to consume Bai Xiaochun's pill furnaces. At that point, they understood why he'd come back so angry.

Bai Xiaochun's heart was thumping as he gritted his teeth and accepted the magical mushroom. Finally, he opened his mouth and took a big bite. The mushroom instantly dissolved in his mouth, causing a wonderful sensation to fill his body, something many times more intense than what he had experienced moments before when merely smelling it. Almost instantly, his face flushed bright red.

"Treasure Map!"

Qing Shui did not know how long ago this painting was done, nor did he knew which era the creator had belonged to. It was said that he had spent over 300 years to create all 12 beauty portraits. The paintings gave off a very strong but simplistic aura, and there was not a single speck of dust on the character in the painting. It was hard for Qing Shui to imagine how that one spot could remain clean without a speck of dust when all the other areas in the cave were covered in dust.

"Random things?" He pursed his lips as he pondered why the Giant Ghost King would collect things such as this. A moment later, his eyes came to rest on the red spear, within which he could sense a fear-inspiring aura. He quickly tried to brand it with his own mark, but soon found that the Giant Ghost King had been correct, and that he couldn't.

Following that was the lengthy process of drawing the talisman. Aside from drawing talismans, he would draw the ˇ®Hundred Forms of the Tiger". Occasionally he would take a walk around the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal while not thinking about anything, maintaining the state of a blank mind. Qing Shui felt particularly relaxed during those moments.

Song Que stopped walking, as did Master God-Diviner. Everyone focused on listening, and although they couldn't hear anything at first, it only took a moment for both of their faces to fall. Somewhere off in the fogˇ­ there was singing!?!?

Qing Shui sighed inwardly in amazement. Humans indeed grew wiser with age!

As he did, Patriarch Spirit Stream's will fused completely with heaven and earth!

This was also the power of the heavy waves. It's just that it tend to consume a lot of energy when cultivating it. At that time, Qing Shui almost died on the Sword of Second Wave! From here, one could already tell just how powerful the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm was.

"Junior Brother Xiaochun, would you mind coming out to discuss something?" The peak lord from Sunset Peak did his best to seem as friendly as possible, keeping his voice calm and mild. The surrounding Sunset Peak disciples were shaking, and the Beihan siblings stood there wide-eyed, as mute as wooden chickens.

Looking at their expressions, Qing Shui could already tell that his goal has been achieved.

"Heck it, I'll kill this devilish chap first!"

One reason was that everything they did had to be accomplished from the shadows. Eventually, their research into the Fantasy Pill revealed that the boss of the Azure Dragon Society was none other than the very same Apothecary Bai who had created the Ultra Fasting Aid Pill.

This time, the lady took the initiative instead. The qi aura exuded by her snowy white sword became even more threateningly sharp. Her small delicate feet once again treaded lightly on the ground beneath her feet. Qing Shui observed how the path that she was stepping on was almost like a picture of a Yin Yang Fish.

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