Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System Chapter 1121

Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System Chapter 1121

"Are you not afraid that I would have killed you?" Qing Shui frowned and asked.

"I have never eaten such a delicious fish, it tastes even better than what we had at the Yu He Inn!" Qing Hu rubbed his belly and mentioned with satisfaction, as Qing Shan and Qing Shi both rapidly nodded their heads in agreement.

It was different from the current situation, in which was truly inventing something new. The levels of difficulty couldn't even be compared. In fact, based on Bai Xiaochun's skill in the Dao of medicine at the time of his promotion to journeyman apothecary, he would never have been able to do something like this. But now, after a year of experience and further research into the Dao of medicine, he was more than ready to make such an attempt.

It was almost as if his life force and body itself were about to be destroyed!

There was only one person who could possibly detect him, someone seated cross-legged in meditation inside of a grand hall in the boulderĄ­. Reverend Devourer!

"However," he thought, "both Hao'er and I agree that the Grand Heavenmaster probably won't get rid of me any time soonĄ­. Maybe I'm just reading into things too deeply. Maybe the Grand Heavenmaster will continue to approve of me more because of everything I've done. Besides, even Hao'er thinks that his attitude might change soonĄ­.

"You don't have to worry, I have already told you before that I would help, as long as you don't take innocent lives, I will help you. Whatever it is, I will protect your life. What's more, this is just a normal exchange between us." ?Cang Wuya said as he noticed how Qing Shui was acting a bit nervous.

The large number of supreme elders of Sword Tower who were inattentive for a moment were crushed to death by this horrifying force. Due to the fact that Tan Yang was fighting against it, he managed to avoid it.

AST 0059 - Qing Shui's Lust

Pledges must be at least per month

"It wasn't on purpose...."

"Huoyun, tell sister. How far has the relationship between you and this brat progressed to?" Canghai Mingyue smiled.

Today, there was a visitor to Qing Clan which filled Qing Shui with much excitement. That person was the Feng Clan judge from the annual competition. It was that charming lady that he had the hots for! Qing Shui breathed deeply, this was what we call a matured lady, as ripe as a peach, with her curvaceous figure swaying about as if she was a temptress, especially those gigantic twin peaks bobbing about in front of her chest. The body-hugging robe she wore was so tight that one would have expected her twin peaks would burst out of it at any moment. Qing Shui salivated at the thought.

As soon as Bai Xiaochun took the seven-colored flag given to him by the Sky Quarter peak lord and stabbed it into the ground in that desert, everything in the 5-kilometer area around it became his personal property. The matter instantly caused a major commotion within Sky City.

After a bit of hesitation about what to do, his eyes flickered with determination. "No, I have to focus on cultivation. Only being able to fly a little bit isn't inherently bad, but what would happen if I was fleeing for my life? What if I escaped my enemies only to fall to my death? That would be really pointless."

Bai Xiaochun had come up with a plan, and was making constant improvements to the new medicine formula. On a few occasions, the little turtle popped his head out of the bag of holding to look at Bai Xiaochun. He wasn't a mind-reader, so he had no way to determine what exactly Bai Xiaochun was thinking. However, the crazed look in his eye left the little turtle with a bad feeling.

Qing Shui thought hard with his head lowered. He remembered about Yiye Jiange, the lady who made him feel as if she wasn't as simple as she appeared to be. She was also one of the beauties from the Portraits of Beauty. She carried a vendetta as deep as the sea with her. Was she under some kind of circumstances?

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