Omnipotent Sage Chapter 1660

Omnipotent Sage Chapter 1660

"Who was the one who beat my brother!?" Jian Chen shouted, "Step forward!" Immediately, a large amount of force was released into the air. Despite the dozen members in front of him, Jian Chen was not scared, and instead held his head up high as a sign of his determination to not give up.


Daoist Black circulated his Yuan energy and shouted out loud. The enemy appeared in an imposing manner, and they clearly did not want to show any mercy. Those who dared fight back would have to face certain death, but if they didn't fight back, they could at least keep their lives for now.

Big Yellow ran rampant. He spat out another golden energy ball from his mouth, and it collided with a huge tower. The tower was immediately blown to pieces and ashes.

Seeing how Tian Zhou was so condescending to the others, the patriarch of the Tianqin clan narrowed his eyes. His chest began to heave heavily in anger, showing that he was not pleased at all.

"Hey, what the fuck? We are the ones robbing you, not the other away around! Look carefully at the current situation and the difference between our strengths! Hurry up, hand over all your belongings, and we will spare your lives. If not££ well, it's perfectly normal for people to die in Inferno Hell."

"Did you rest well?""

The Second Grade Combat King said.

Staring calmly at this man, Huang Tianba said, "Lord Yan, it would be best for your family to stay out of this affair. Understand that the tungsten alloy is an object that'll burn the hand of those that touch it. Even with the Yan and the Hongfu, you will not be able to safeguard it from the others."

It was only when his body could no longer be strengthened by the World Essence would Jian Chen be able to break through to the second stage, where he would start the formal training of his True Qi. Currently, Jian Chen still had the physique far beyond that of a normal person, however some regions of his body where Qi previously gathered in his past world were still empty.

However, Jiang Chen's mind was extremely strong and focused. He wasn't afraid of the Great Illusionary Realm, let alone this seductive skill.

Jiang Chen reminded.


"Alright, we'll see who the faster man is. Let me find out how fast you, an amazing genius can go!"

"True Dragon Palm!"

"Don't mention it. We are brothers, and when my brother is in trouble, as the older brother, I can't just sit back and watch."

"Hmph, you're saying this far too early. Whoever the winner is and whoever the loser is isn't certain yet." Changyang Hu replied. He and Ka Di Yun had long since reached the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer, so if Ka Di Yun didn't condense his Saint Force into a Saint Weapon, then their strengths would be equal.

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