Bleach: Secret Intentions Chapter 192

Bleach: Secret Intentions Chapter 192

Daoist Black who was intensely fighting with Zhao Chongyang roared out loudly. Because of Fan Zhongtang and his grandson, Yan Chenyu and Han Yan had suffered serious injuries and torture. This had caused Daoist Black to feel guilty when thinking about Jiang Chen. If he couldn't protect Yan Chenyu and Han Yan today, even if Daoist Black was killed, he wouldn't be able to die in peace.

Lee Shan Yue saw the old man hesitate and hurriedly told him that. In fact, he hadn't even seen the face of that Heavenly Core warrior, so he didn't know if the man was at the Early Heavenly Core realm, . He only said it so this old man in black would help him.

Two powerful attacks clashed into each other. The center of collision exploded and ignited a brightness that illuminated the dark skies. The Blood Devil leader was not Yu Zi Han's match, and he was sent dozens of meters away from the impact while coughing blood out from his mouth.

Huang Tianba examined the long spear for a while before passing it to Jian Chen. He smiled, "Brother Jian Chen, this Ruler Armament's original name is the All-Devastating Divine Spear. It's a very bold name. It's one of the treasures of the Hongfu Clan along with the Dragon Slaying Sword. They're passed down with each generation. Now that Jin Feng and Jin Tian, this All-Devastating Spear belongs to brother Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen extended his hand and retrieved the two demon souls from the dead stone lions, and stored them in his storage ring.

Nangong Yunzheng shouted out from the opposite side. All the men from his group wore bright smiles on their faces. They had basically won the third match, as there was no warrior from the Nangong family who could defeat Wu Ningzhu.

It was as if this aura had just awakened because of the challenge and provocation of the Earth Devil's aura, and it was waking up fast!

"Perhaps Mercenary City has gone on for such a long time without any incident like this before, causing the people in charge of administering punishment to become lazy?"

The Light Wind Sword continued to rain down on Zhar's body with an unbelievable amount of strength. Each strike rocked his body making him unsteady. At last, Zhar stabbed his Ruler Armament into the ground to anchor his position while allowing the invisible strikes to continue to pelter him unobstructed.

When the woman standing behind Jian Chen saw the bloody figure, she let out a shriek of horror and charged bravely straight through the men and toward the youth with a great cry, "My Sans! My dear son, how could such a thing happen to you! Ah, my poor poor child££!"

"The losers are always in the wrong. Mu Rong Zhan, do you have any other words?"

"A Green Scaled Ape! How could it be££"

"This is insane! This Jiang Chen's strength really has no limits! Now that Ling Ao has been wounded, I'm afraid he is going to surrender. If not, judging from Jiang Chen's previous actions, I think he will kill him!"

"I offer twenty thousand purple coins!"

Looking at the billows of thick smoke, Han Yan couldn't suppress his emotions.

"Have the best alchemist come to me at once!" Jian Chen commanded without delay.Chapter 640: Dealing with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

"The Golden Tiger King's cub carries an unforgettable story with our Flame Mercenaries." Jian Chen sighed as he thought back to the past and what had transpired back then.

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