Angels And Demons: Two Worlds Residing In One Chapter 688

Angels And Demons: Two Worlds Residing In One Chapter 688

For an hour, the stardust had been fought for by the entire audience before finally being bought out by a mysterious buyer on the second floor for a high price of eighty million purple coins. A sum like that was far more than enough to buy an entire nation.

Big Yellow said in a gloomy manner.

After Jian Chen had left, the Saint Ruler's warm expression instantly froze over. Staring at the disappearing figure of Jian Chen, his eyes revealed a frosty glare, "If you refuse my toast, then take the wine instead!" With that, the space within the cave seemed to instantly freeze over, and it seemed that time had completely stopped within.

Feeling the numbness on his arm because of the backlash, Shangguan Chong was startled.

Jian Chen revealed a cold smile as he spoke, "Men from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. It appears that they have come to scout our strength. Xiao Tian, invite them over."

"Anyone not related to this matter should leave immediately or else face the wrath of our Shi family. Any one of our hated enemies will be eternally hunted down!" The second man with a scar on his face roared as he tried to intimidate Jian Chen.

Changyang Hu was excited however. Smiling, he looked back at Jian Chen, "Hahaha, fourth brother, there's no need to worry about your big brother! Even though I've lost my limbs and became a cripple, I've felt rather calm these past few days! I've thought a lot recently, and you know. I came to realize something. The previously calm life I felt to be boring isn't so bad. I'm tired of the days of fighting and killing, a life like this has grown on me."


But if this incredible amount of strength was used by Jiang Chen, the result it would cause was far greater, because the strength provided by the Dragon Marks could be multiplied!

The leading adult man said with a smile on his face. The three of them totally considered Tian Yishan as a turtle in a jar. In fact, Tian Yishan's current situation was really like being a turtle in a jar. If there were no miracles, he would surely die this day.

Yin Zhong Cheng finally caught up to the trio. When he saw that almost half of the mansion grounds had been turned into ashes, he was so furious that it felt like his lungs were about to explode. He scolded his useless son in his mind; what kind of freaks had he offended? He had brought so much chaos to the mansion! Even if he killed the trio today, he had no way to compensate for the losses that he had suffered.

In the face of an Earth Saint Master, even Great Saint Masters would be incomparably weak, and the weak would naturally look even more minute. Only another Earth Saint Master would be able to go against one of these elite soldiers, but even then, in a one on one fight, the chances of an Earth Saint Master winning against an Eastern Deity Sword would be very slim.

"Haha, I don't care about that. The events of the future are unknown to me, but I, Wang Yufeng, still wish to travel with you." Wang Yufeng laughed in ardent support of following Jian Chen.

At this moment, Li Wu Shuang's energy had climbed up to the peak of the Mid Heavenly Core realm. Under such a situation, even if there was only a chance for a single attack, will Jiang Chen be able to defend himself?

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen descended and landed in the valley. Indeed, he saw Big Yellow lying on a huge rock, sleeping like a baby. However, Big Yellow a very intelligent existence, and he didn't forget to place an invisible formation around his body before he went to sleep, so his safety was ensured.

"Brother Wentian, something big is happening back home, we need to rush back now!"

"First Grade Combat King?"

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