GrimReaper BodyGuard Chapter 437

GrimReaper BodyGuard Chapter 437

At the same time, he opened his third eye, and rotated his cultivation base at full measure, focusing his Heavenspan Dharma Eye directly on Patriarch Starry River.

The Frigid School Will-Evolving Incantation involved gathering frigid qi into the Gold Core, which meant that thirty percent was the peak of the early stage, and sixty percent was the peak of the mid stage.

"Three more days to go!!" Although Bai Xiaochun managed to keep calm and focused, he was still panting a bit, and his eyes were completely bloodshot. Now that the golden design had appeared, it took much more soul medicine than before to keep him stabilized. But Bai Xiaochun was well-prepared. He crushed soul medicine as if it were the least valuable thing in the world, spending amounts that would cause most people to stare in complete and utter shock. The wealth vanishing here was enough to drive entire clans bankrupt.

This rebuke was exceptionally strict, so much so that the others could not tell if Yan Haozheng was acting or being serious.?

Soon, all of the pills had received threefold enhancements, and contained faint silver designs on their surfaces. Bai Xiaochun sighed again.

But then he imagined another scene in which, after raising his hand, the Blood Stream Sect went crazy trying to kill him....

Walking towards the direction of the Qing Clan, Qing Shui was sighing at how miraculous fate could be. Today, randomly, he and Shi Qingzhuang both lost their virginity to each other. Now that he thought about it, it only happened because of a series of interconnected coincidences. Could it be that from today onwards, his luck was changing for the better? Rolling deep in wealth as well as embracing beautiful women.

AST 856 - Buddha in One's Heart, Buddha's True Eyes

Frenzied Bull's Strength!

"Nineteen-colored flame¡­. I've done months upon months of research, and had help from Bai Hao and Great-Grandpa Gravekeeper. I¡­ have to make it work!!" A moment later, his eyes snapped open. Spreading his hands wide, he pulled the ten tongues of flame together.

This was due to the effects of the Lotus Platform. Her aura gave off the feeling of an immortal lotus. This was the genuine false immortal. As no one believed that there were true immortals, she appeared to be a false immortal that had descended from Heaven.

"Are you full?" After one bowl, Qing Shui smiled and asked.

The strength of the Earth Rock Beast would multiply several times when it battled on the ground and in mountains. Adding on that its strength already exceeded past that of human warriors at the same grade, it was almost as strong as Qing You who was currently at Grade One Martial King.

After all, he wasn't sure how many Soul Convergence Pills his subordinates would be able to get, and wanted to be fully prepared on his next trip to the pit.

A powerful aura of death began to fill the air, causing the entire world they were in to begin to grow dark and sinister, as if it were a realm of ghosts!

Even as he moved, a black blur sped past the spot he had just been standing in, and a terrifying clashing sound rang out, like that of two rows of sharp teeth making contact.

The old man took one bottle doubtfully, opened it up, and closed it immediately, "You are above the King Grade in medicine cultivation. Ye Er has hope." He was agitated as hands were trembling.

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