RWBY: Team SWRZ Chapter 2835

RWBY: Team SWRZ Chapter 2835

When he thought about how much more powerful he was than before, his excitement rose. Every time he absorbed blood qi, he felt indescribably wonderful. He also worked on his Blood Annihilation World, and although he didn't actually notice, he was getting much quicker at forming blood swords. The blood swords he formed were also more powerful.

Archaean fleshly body!

"He knows that Bai Hao is a bastard son, and that his father doesn't like him. Despite that, he still expressed his good will. Clearly, he's offering Bai Hao a bit of protection. Well, in that case, I should represent Bai Hao to take advantage of that protection."

It was afternoon now, so only Yuan Ying was around. The rest were all busy with their own tasks; even Qing Zi and his wife were away settling some business deals.

"Are you serious? You must be thinking too much." Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui with a weird look.

He had lost count of how many times the Heaven Shaking Hammer was used on the battle armor just now. Although the head of the Heaven Shaking Hammer was big, it wasn't like one cycle of tempering could be done with just three or five hammer blows. From the view of outsiders, the Heaven Shaking Hammer would appear to be pounding on the same spot for a long time.

A cracking sound could be heard, and the zombie's head tilted to the side, but it wasn't dead. It punched out at Bai Xiaochun, who leapt to the side, hair flying around him as he shoved out with his palm.

"This is blatant humiliation," he thought.?

Takes a deep breath, Qing Shui calms his mind. After Qing Shui puts Golden Calligraphy Brush into the notch, he realizes that the amount of beast blood in Moonstone Ink Slab continues to reduce even after the whole nib is dyed by the ruby beast blood.


"A sentient banesoul! Heavens! How could there possibly be sentient banesouls here? Weren't they all exterminated? Dammit! That banesoul's got its eye on you. No wonder you look so weak. You've been cursed! You're dead!" Taking a deep breath, he backed up even more, simultaneously lifting his right hand to produce an ancient jade pendant that had an orange spot on it, which almost looked like a blood stain. As soon as Xu Xiaoshan pulled it out, he breathed a sigh of relief and then fell back further.

The next depiction was titled as ¡®Tiger Tear'. It showed tiger's paws smacking downwards with brutal strength, like the slash of a gigantic sabre. This depiction strangely reminded Qing Shui of the chopping stance in the Basic Sword Technique, as his eyes glowed in contemplation. Qing Shui quickly immersed himself within the insights before he moved on to the next. After studying several depictions, he came to the conclusion that regardless of whether it was Tiger's Tear, Tiger's Lunge, Tiger's Mount or Tiger's Descend, etc, all of it encompassed Tiger's Might. That was the most important conclusion he drew.

Very quickly, the Shield Essence flowed into his meridian channels. While it was small, it was extremely powerful. The Shield Essence was not only sharp but also had a strong pushing force akin to that of a mountain's.

There was no face visible within the white side, as though Gongsun Wan'er's consciousness was already gone!

"I'm the type of person who knows the difference between gratitude and grudges! And I'm going to remember what he did for me for the rest of my life!" He sounded completely awe-inspiring and righteous, as if he were speaking from the bottom of his heart, with complete and utter sincerity. In response, Bai Xiaochi was visibly moved, and suddenly felt profound respect for Bai Xiaochun.

The current Qing Shui, was drowning in waves of happiness. Aside from unlocking the alchemy methods and recipes in his mind, there was also still plenty of other information that was being unlocked.

He was none other than a vassal of the grand prince!

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