The Adventures of the Young Master Chapter 230

The Adventures of the Young Master Chapter 230


Although the dangers were big, the rewards were just as generous due to monster cores being highly valued in the continent. The higher grade a monster core was, the higher priced it was. There were some high ranked monster cores that could not be bought with money alone.

Inside the wooden house was a large abundance of energy that never seemed to fade. However, without entering the house, the existence of this massive energy would not be found. Perhaps it was because of this energy's existence that the inside of the house was extremely clean, as if someone swept it every day.

"We are inside the ancient pagoda?"

"A Double Headed Black Crow can give me two demon souls. Looks like I need to put more time into looking for these kinds of monsters in the future."

Soon all the men from the Jiang family had arrived at the entrance. Looking at the front door which had been broken into pieces, everyone was startled. They looked at the men from the Lee family and saw a man who stood in front of everyone wearing a yellow robe. He looked like he was in his forties, and he had a sturdy body that could be compared with Mu Rong Zhan. A vicious scar crossed his face, frightening anyone who saw him for the first time.

Big Yellow then directly opened his large mouth and swallowed the broken sword.

"We'll be leaving then!" The fourth elder growled before stomping out of the room.

During those two hours, Jian Chen had casually treated his wounds and already swapped out the bloody clothes from his fight with the middle aged man with a new set. Before they had set out on the trip, Jian Chen had prepared a few dozen sets of clothes, so he wasn't worried about running out.

"I was wondering who it was, and it turned out to be junior disciple Tan. What's wrong? You're going to hunt for the Heavenhawk Island Master and fight for the position of the 13th Tycoon?"

"This Kind Weapon was given to the Third Emperor by the Old Emperor, but I snatched it away from him. It is now yours; you can use it to deal with the Imperial Emperor tomorrow."

A furious light entered Jian Chen's eyes, "That may be true, you're a dying person about to leave this world. But don't forget you still have thousands of disciples in your Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Do you wish for their corpses to be buried with you into your next life?"

"Yes, this elder understands." Elder Huang answered immediately.

And because of these heads, as well as the fact that the Crown Prince had been taken hostage by Jiang Chen, all of these men looked at Jiang Chen with frightened looks. All of them knew about Jiang Chen. The Imperial Decree to have all his friends and family killed had been passed down by the Imperial Emperor because of this young genius. However, no one could have thought that this young man would suddenly become so frightening. So many great warriors had combined forces to kill him, but not only had they failed, they were even killed by Jiang Chen. For the Martial Saint Dynasty, this was an incalculable loss.

Big Yellow's eyes started glowing brightly. He immediately dashed into the pile of items, opened up his mouth, and devoured a huge chunk of natural essence.

Jiang Chen asked.

The energy beam's speed was too fast. It was so fast that the disciple couldn't even react before the energy beam pierced through his body. A huge hole instantly appeared right in the middle of his body. He died on the spot, and he didn't even have the chance to cry out.

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