The girl who wanted to be a hero, but reincarnate as a villain! Chapter 1615

The girl who wanted to be a hero, but reincarnate as a villain! Chapter 1615

Virtually all of the Luochen Clan cultivators had been killed with a single blow. The Inner Sect disciples could scarcely imagine how an Outer Sect disciple in the sixth level of Qi Condensation could possibly have done something like that.

"Come with me. My Master wants to see you. By the way, watch your step around here. Core Formation cultivators can get killed here very easily if they get lost." With that, she turned and began to walk off.

"Can You really oppose the Lei Clan?" Her voice was filled with joy and anticipation, mostly the latter.


Qing Shui was pushed back two steps.

Qing Shui had high expectations for the four items left. , Next, it was a very small, primitive looking porcelain bottle.?

Qing Shui's chest grew hot just thinking about the special skill. Even if a defenceless armour was forged, there would still be a chance of special skill appearing. Anyways, his current goal now was to obtain special skill. He thought of the most powerful and defiant stunt - Deliverance by the Barge of Mercy by the Buddhists!

A scornful smile spread out on the Celestial's face as he coolly said, "Considering how long that sword has been in my world, did you really thinkˇ­ that you could control it so easily? I just let you think you could!"

The instant the enormous restrictive sealing spell appeared in the sky above, the Giant Ghost King roared and unleashed the full power of his cultivation base in the form of a trump cardˇ­.

Although he had yet to make a showing in the fighting itself, although he hadn't fought brilliantly in battle, although he hadn't killed numerous enemies or shed rivers of blood, he was a dazzling star that could not be compared to. His accomplishments were such that anyone who heard of them was completely shaken.

Qing Shui looked at the surroundings. It was a bustling place, but it was not one of those strong cities. He felt that they were not likely to be much stronger than Hundred Miles City. Then he looked at the two study men across him.

"Your antidote is useless. The poison that you breathed in just now was not the usual kind of poison." As the voice dropped, a tall and mighty man carried an extremely huge horse chopping saber and came out.?

"Keep up the good work! Well done!"

Qing Shui smiled, greeting them both.

For this very reason, Third Master Dongguo was willing to try even when he was risking offending the Duanmu Clan. He had been stuck at Grade Six Martial Saint for about fifty years. He didn't want to wait any longer or else he would be like this for the rest of his life. He still hadn't given up on breaking through and setting his foot into that realm.

This caused Qing Shui to be curious about the origins of the "Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm". What were the origins of that Xiantian cultivator that had been killed by him?

Similar scenes played out on Green Crest Peak, causing the elders and the peak lord there to look over in astonishment.

The girl who wanted to be a hero, but reincarnate as a villain! Chapter 1615 End!

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