AfterWorld Chapter 2820

AfterWorld Chapter 2820

Ripping Tiger Claw!

A large fiery red bird appeared above the crowd. A shadowy figure dropped swiftly from the bird and shot a bright light at Yan Xu who was in the midst of a fight and was about to force Mingyue Gelou to fall back.

"Absorbing him would be the equivalent of consuming over a hundred Foundation Establishment soul cultivators. Not only would that completely heal me, but it would push my cultivation base to the peak!" He quickly backed up into the darkness of the cave, keeping his attention focused on the incoming figure, who was none other than Bai Xiaochun.

Countless emotions flickered across his face, and he began to tremble. For the first time, bitterness and regret began to rise up in his heart.

The Ancient Strengthening Technique in his body was still circulating at a fast speed and he resisted the strike of the axe that was akin to a tempest. Qing Shui looked at the furious Martial King level expert in front of him, obvious fury could be seen in those red eyes.

"Do you hate me?" Di Chen saw Qing Shui struggling before gently asking.

Blood sprayed out of the mouths of both Bai Xiaochun and Du Lingfei. They managed to avoid the blow directly, but they both felt stabbing pain as they lost connection with their cultivation bases and fell out of the sky.

"Ah, I will kill you! What else do you have except these three pitiful techniques? I will kill youˇ­ˇ­" Old Demon Ba shouted madly.

As she did, her aura grew stronger and stronger!

There was some stuff that was best for him to not take initiative in!

By this point, his cultivation base had dropped down to the early Deva Realm.

According to the jade slip, with Gongsun Wan'er having departed, the spirit enhancement trade in the northern prefectures was temporarily suspended. The Grand Heavenmaster had responded cautiously to this development. Instead of going to try to handle it personally, he made contact with one of the demigods from the Vile-Emperor Dynasty and arranged for a message of good will to be sent to Celestial Deadfall, as well as some introductory gifts.

Di Qing smiled happily, another emotion added in her eyes. It was an expression of struggle. When she looked at Qing Shui, sometimes she would fall into a daze. Qing Shui did not think much about it. Moreover, this was not the first time that she had fallen into a daze after seeing him. He merely thought that Di Qing was trying to think of new ways to tease him.

Within the light was Shangguan Tianyou, who was ignoring any potential danger to his Dao foundation, and was even calling upon a secret magic to loosen a reincarnation seal inside of him. A murderous sword appeared which seemed capable of slicing apart the heavens, and it was stabbing directly toward Bai Xiaochun.

With that, he turned to go back up the stairs to the main deck, only to find thatˇ­ the staircase was gone!

Many years ago, in that wider world outside, this Ghostmother had been sailing this bone galleon near the border of the Heavenspan Realm, and was then attacked by someone named Gu Tianjun. In the end, she took his sword, but not before he severed her arm!

Nothing about the situation seemed dangerous, and although that caused him to sigh with relief, he didn't let his guard down. Heart pounding, he looked down into the well itself.

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