Omniscient Reader Chapter 2991

Omniscient Reader Chapter 2991

Nangong Yunzheng clenched his fist so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard. However, there was nothing he could do except stare angrily at the fighting stage.

One of the disciples had a helpless expression on his face. When he thought about what they had done during the last two days, and how they had harmed Wang Yun and Huang Zheng, with their understanding towards Jiang Chen, he surely wouldn't let them go this time.

"Yes, we should fight with them or else people will think I am afraid of them.So Chen'er, what should we do about tomorrow's wedding ceremony?"

"The time has long since passed, why hasn't the young lord returned yet, did something happen to him?" The middle aged man said as he paced around the room impatiently.

Without even moving to dodge Jian Chen's blow, Zhar brandished his Ruler Armament so that his Ruler Armament would strike Jian Chen.

"Chief Jiang, please spare my life, I'm willing to hand over all my belongings!"

Jian Chen gave Jiede Tai several tasks to do. He then left the area after changing his clothes. Thirty kilometers away he found the hiding Wang Yufeng, who was behind a giant stone. Jian Chen then flew away with him in tow.Chapter 631: The Transformation of Little Fatty (Two)

The energy unleashed by a Heavenly Core Demon Lord had sped up everyone's heartbeats. They were all scared right now. Everyone was looking at Lee Shan Yue. It was obvious that this Demon Lord came here because of their chief.

The Great Elder said.

Back to the scene. The leader and the few other men had finally reacted, all of them stared at Jiang Chen in shock. They never though Jiang Chen would be so brutal, their friend had just said something threatening, and he was immediately killed.

"What a strong mind, killing someone without hesitation, this young man is going to be someone great in the future!"

"The god given abilities of a Dragon Horse is really amazing! This dog used some secret skill to increase his speed!"

The Myriad Sword Sect, the Shangguan Clan, and the Qingyi Sect; all three of them were determined to kill Jiang Chen. Therefore, once the trade fair officially ended tomorrow, they would definitely be a great show to watch, everyone knew this.

"It's been seven days, I think the Island of Ice's exit is going to emerge soon."

Seeing the snake tightly biting down on his shoulder, Jian Chen grew even more panicked by the second, and his expression became crazed. Influenced by this state of mind, Jian Chen's "Soul" became unprecedentedly active, as a hazy picture of the scenery around him came into view in his mind. Although this feeling was very faint, if Jian Chen was not sensing it intentionally, he wouldn't be able to feel anything. However, as his emotions currently were very agitated, he did not notice this fact.

No disciple dared to tie an outer circle Sect Elder up, and not all these disciples had Jiang Chen's courage.

"Don't tell me you're going to stand against all the mighty warrior of the four major powers for that monk?"

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