Mechanic of Spirit and Science Chapter 810

Mechanic of Spirit and Science Chapter 810

Jian Chen shook his head, "It isn't that I don't wish to tell you, it's just that there is no benefit in you knowing the answer. Let us stop the chat for now and discuss what plans you might have for the Flame Mercenaries, shall we?"

"It's just like last time." Seeing how tall the Golden Fur Tiger King was right in front of him, Jian Chen's eyes flashed dangerously as he tried to change the trajectory to its original path.

Everyone here was a cultivator, so sleeping on the streets did not bother them. With the protection of their Yuan energy, the freezing night meant nothing to them.

Every single person there began to open their mouths to buy a Class 5 Monster Core from Jian Chen.

Daoist Black sustained a severe blow, causing a mouthful of blood to immediately burst out from his mouth. His entire body was shaking as if he was about to fall over at any moment. Guo Shan who stood on the side immediately moved forward and supported him with his arm.

The majority of the few merchants in the restaurant didn't dare to show any signs of dissatisfaction in their expressions. They obediently left their seats and hurriedly walked out of the restaurant. Only the merchants that had certain amounts of strength were left. They all had expressions of extreme dissatisfaction; they were pretty much all foreigners, and although they weren't afraid of the Tianxiong clan, a strong dragon couldn't suppress a snake. It was clear that they wouldn't go against the Tianxiong clan over such a minor thing and stir up more trouble for themselves. Thus, they eventually all walked out of the restaurant as well.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had flashed by. In these ten days, Big Yellow never stopped unleashing defense mechanisms, working hard in creating the Spiraling Defense Mechanism. Jiang Chen remained quiet in his own special state, sitting silently like a meditating monk, as stable as a mountain. Besides the fire barrier covering his body, no energy ripples could be sensed from him. It was as if he had completely entered a state of tranquility

That was because if one wanted to make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler, they must have a fundamental grasp of the profound mysteries in the world. There were many secrets hidden within these profound mysteries and they were the reason why there were so few Saint Rulers among the Tian Yuan Continent. This layer of cultivation was far away from the level Jian Chen was currently at.

The entire palace began to grow in noise as everyone looked toward Jian Chen. Xiao Han on the other hand had gone as white as paper before shaking all over.

Plop££ plop££

Indignation flooded the Saint Ruler's eyes and Saint Force gathered in his right arm shortly afterward, restoring his right arm back to its original state. A fiery-red machete materialized in his right hand before it came arcing toward Jian Chen's head. As it traveled through the air, the machete left behind a fiery crack through the world space.

Lee Chang Ming said coldly.Chapter 51 ÿ Dying without any Sons

"And who are you?" Jian Chen indifferently replied to Luo Jian, his tone ice-cold.

"Gua dong!" The gourd that Jian Chen had above his head immediately fell to the floor with a crashing sound as it broke. Quickly, Jian Chen grabbed a set of clothes from within his Space Ring and flew to a dark corner of the cave. Not even caring for the wet droplet on his body, he hurriedly began to dress himself.

The Firethorn Savage had awakened. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow strengthened their spirits at the same time. They didn't dare make a single noise, and they held their breaths tightly.

This was a land with extremely dense natural Yuan energy, and that together with the impact of the natural laws, the constitution of cultivators since they were born was different from the constitutions of those in the Eastern Continent. A Divine Core warriors was rare there, but in this place, they could be found anywhere along the street, and they didn't even possess any prestigious status.

"Xuan Ye, I know what you want to say."

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