Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world Chapter 2296

Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world Chapter 2296

At this sight, everyone from both the Qinhuang Kingdom and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had been shocked into silence. Each one of them had a look of sheer disbelief on their faces.

"Nine Stars Killing Formation?"

"This one understands." Bai En gave a respectful answer and turned with a complicated expression to Ming Dong. Feeling curious about Ming Dong's identity, he cupped his hands and asked, "Might I know what to call this brother here?"

Jian Chen began to walk forward before finally stopping by the side of the lake.

"Jian Chen, why did you let them go?" Ming Dong asked the question that was weighing on his mind.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen's words, an agitated look emerged on Great Master Ran Feng's face. He felt really excited. With his sharp eyes, he was certain that this young man in front of him would definitely achieve extraordinary things in the future. If he was able to obtain Jiang Chen's help, then he would have a bigger chance at fulfilling his dream.

After Nangong Yunfan witnessed Jiang Chen killing Lord Nether, he couldn't help but sigh.

"Now then, have the seven of you decided what you will do in the future? Will you pick death? Or will you continue to live?" Jian Chen asked.

Lee Shan Yue hurriedly spoke with a cold smile on his face and an intelligent look in his eyes, "Please let Ming'er enter Origin Mountain, you don't have to count him as one of the men who are taking this exam. Let it count as my examination for him!"

One of the Combat Soul warriors who had a majestic body leapt toward Jiang Chen like a fierce tiger.

At the moment, the people in the crowd started flying toward the black altar.

It was an Early Divine Core warrior who punched the ice. His punched caused a huge crater to appear on the surface of the option. Shocking, this powerful punch didn't reveal any water underneath the ice. On the bottom of the crater, there was still only ice.

"Yes!" The group from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom shouted as they waved their Saint Weapons. Although they had only forty people, each one of them were Earth Saint Masters. Even at the peak of the Gesun Kingdom, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's strength was many times stronger than them and could easily dispatch multiple Earth Saint Masters.

Jian Chen had hesitated for a brief moment when he saw how resolved Wang Yufeng was. Thinking about how few people there were in the Flame Mercenaries that that were loyal to him, Jian Chen reconsidered it. "Very well then, since my mercenary group is shorthanded at the moment, I'll accept you into it."

With the Qinhuang Kingdom attacking the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, plenty of kingdoms now knew that the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom were extremely close.


Immense fear emerged into Heixin Fu's heart. He knew he was going to die and let out another miserable shriek. He wasn't scared of this young man who was facing Heavenly Tribulation; he was scared of the Heavenly Tribulation itself.

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