The Transmigrated Empress Chapter 922

The Transmigrated Empress Chapter 922

"Within this bottle there are three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water! It's a Saint-Ranked item, and I believe everyone knows about it! As for how precious it is, I don't think I have to explain."

"We're here, the Island of Ice is hidden underneath this area. Let's dive in, but be careful of those whirlpools."

"Oh, so you're friends of Tie Ta." The elder let loose a sigh in relief. Then with a wave of his hand and a hoarse shout, he spoke, "There's no need to worry everyone. These two are students of Kargath Academy and came looking for Tie Ta, their old classmate!"

A flying figure quickly made its way toward Jian Chen before falling to the ground. It was a frail looking middle-aged man that seemed quite scholarly, one who enjoyed reading more than anything else. This man wore white robes with grandiose stitching and his eyes shone brightly with liveliness.

Just as this shadow receded away, another shadow quickly streaked through the air before chasing after the first one. This was Jian Chen chasing after Dugu Feng.

The tortoise continued to shriek as its gigantic body froze up and slowly crashed into the ground with a resounding boom.

"Combat Sou! She just formed her Combat Soul! Oh Heavens, this is incredible!"

"What is there to worry about? Those enemies only know Jiang Chen's name, they don't know what you look like. They wouldn't be able to recognize you even if you stood right in front of them."

Bai Huadie was wearing a white dress that fluttered in the wind. She carried a long whip, and she was tangled in a fight with an Early Divine Core Sect Elders. As one of the top four geniuses of the Qi Province, Bai Huadie was a girl with extraordinary talent. She had broken through to the Divine Core realm, and if it wasn't for the fact that she had suffered from the backlash when the formation was broken, none of the Sect Elders who were the same level as her would be her match.

"The Divine Continent is the center of the Saint Origin Realm, it is a land filled with countless geniuses and great warriors; you can even find Saint Warriors there! In no way can the Eastern Continent compared with the Divine Continent! Remember the legend? The greatest Saint underneath the heavens swung his sword and sliced open the gate leading to the Realm of Immortals! That story always makes my blood boil!"

"We don't know where this genius comes from. Before today's events, he had already annihilated the Demon Palace, and today, he even faced his Heavenly Tribulation in this city, and used that opportunity to kill three great guardians of the Demon King Palace."

"Hahaha, the time for the Burning Sky Pavilion to rule the entire Qi Province is finally here, the structure of the Qi Province is going to completely change! That guy from the Black Sect, Jiang Chen, has challenged senior disciple's dignity, he has no idea what the consequences will be!"

At the same time, the group from the Myriad Sword Sect had also come out from the path. Ling Du and Xu Shuang were both in the group as well. They were delayed by all sorts of creatures back on the path. Those creatures weren't that strong, they were similar to the stone golems Jiang Chen had defeated. With the combined strength of the disciples of the Myriad Sword Sect, leaving the path was an easy job.

Purple Cards were used by the entirety of the Tian Yuan Continent for those who wanted to save space from carrying so many purple coins. A Purple Card was like a Space Belt in that it had its own interdimensional space to hold coins, but it was used to measure the amount of purple coins. With a Purple Card, one would be able to freely visit any bank to access their money. Many higher institutes would even take the Purple Card as payment, so it was a lot more convenient than carrying around individual stacks of purple coins.

Jiang Zhen Hai was very satisfied with his son's performance.Facing a person like Mu Rong Zhan and still being able to speak normally, even arguing with him, that was not something an ordinary man can do.One must know that Mu Rong Zhan and Jiang Zhan Hai were at the same level, the peak of the Qi Hai realm.

Rapidly, the captain came running back out from the Qin Heaven Palace and spoke to Qing Shaofan, "Imperial Advisor, please enter!"

The mighty warriors was startled for a moment, but he immediately unleashed a Yuan energy beam toward the green air. However, the green air was not something that could be dispersed. Without missing even a single inch, it hit that mighty warrior's face.

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