The curious Play Chapter 885

The curious Play Chapter 885

"Heh!" Tianxiong Lie let out an explosive shout, and the axe in his hand suddenly flashed with a yellow glow. It then swung down toward Jian Chen with a shrill ear-piercing shriek.

Jian Chen's eyes flew open instantly. He had been in the midst of infusing some pill shells with Radiant Saint Force. With just a thought, the gathered Radiant Saint Force flashed once before dissipating into the air.

"Nine Soul Restoration Pill!"

At the same time within the stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom, two middle-aged men came riding at a slow pace on top of two Class 3 Magical Beast mounts before seeing the rubble everywhere.

"The situation is quite different. Let's first find an inn for now." With this, the middle aged man rode away on his magical beast mount.

At the command to retreat, the army of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom felt cowed. Like water, they immediately fled back within the stronghold while many soldiers had thrown down their armor in an attempt to flee even faster. Faced against the fierce beasts and soldiers of the Eastern Deity Swords, they had long since lost their fighting spirit.

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"What's the situation like?"

Plop££ plop££

Jian Chen had a strange look on his face as he looked forward and thought to himself.

"Oh!" Jian Chen nodded, "The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom has only fifteen Heaven Saint Masters. After four of them were killed in the Gesun Kingdom, there should be eleven remaining. Now with two of them dying here, that should mean nine Heaven Saint Masters are left."

"Alright, if that's the case, I'll take them."

"Jiang Chen, let's fight! I want to make up for running away the last time! I've prepared to die here! This is the kindling I've prepared, if I am killed here, please use this kindling to burn my body."

"Your flesh is enough to stop even mine. But how? Humans shouldn't possess strength like that. Are you a half-breed? Or a wargod from the ancient Bai clans?" The snake questioned, no longer was there as much confidence in his voice.

Seeing the hand approach his face, Jian Chen's blank stare instantly became sharp, and his eyes flashed with a deep coldness. He lifted his own right hand up to block the incoming hand, so quickly that the other students couldn't react in time. After intercepting that student's hand that was halfway to his face, Jian Chen lashed out with his foot, and his kick connected with the student's chest. With a small gasp, the student was sent flying backwards, before he heavily fell down onto the ground some distance away.

"Haha, Liu Kui, this is the only path that can ensure your survival! Hurry up, come forth and pay respect to your new master!"

Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye couldn't help but tremble. Who would have thought that a young girl like Yan Chenyu was decisive enough to cut off the Crown Prince's penis? Not only that, how did she even manage to do it?

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