The Wonders in Arafura Sea Chapter 691

The Wonders in Arafura Sea Chapter 691

Someone shouted out, simply bringing an even greater turmoil to the Martial Saint Dynasty's army, who was already in a disadvantageous side. The Crown Prince was dead; he was their leader, but even he had been killed! Could they still win this war?

"That's fine then!" Jian Chen let loose a breath of air as he felt his heart ease up a little. Straight away, he began to use the Chaotic Force to temper his body.

"You, you're Jiang Chen?"

"Oh heavens, Wu Ningzhu actually admitted defeat! This is unbelievable!"

Elder Xiu sighed with a bit of a pained groan, "Your mother died because of the Bloodsword sect. Before her passing, she made me swear to not interfere with the continent. So from then on, I sought a quiet place to hide away, like the rest of the hermit clans. A place to live out the rest of my life in peace."

"Die now!"

Daoist Black said in a cold manner. He had suffer quite a serious injury just now, but Granny Feng was in a much better condition. Together with Big Yellow's help, there was no way Duan Jianhong would be able to resist this combination.

"Whatever, since great-granddaughter is so determined, grandfather will not force you. In the future, grandfather will just stay here and will guide great-granddaughter when she has the time." Bi Hai did not force Bi Lian in the end.

A disciple walked up to Jiang Chen and whispered to him.

"Listening to what Yan Zhan Yun said, he is going to use all of the Yan family's power to protect Jiang Chen££ I can tell that Jiang Chen is a genius, but I don't think he's worth enough to get such protection."


On the other side, Big Yellow was walking around with pride and whistling towards those who had placed their bets. All of them had darkened faces now, wishing they could hang Big Yellow and skin him.

Fan Kun condemned justly and severely, conveying his reasons behind his actions, as well as making Jiang Chen look like a wicked man.

Of course, the feeling of wanting to worship could only affect those ordinary warriors. There was nothing in the Saint Origin continent that could make Jiang Chen worship it, including the small Qi Province. All this time, Jiang Chen had been the one being worshipped by others.

"Not good!"

"Qing Styx, I have already absorbed the demon soul, can't you see that I have just broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm? Besides, I left you Firethorn Savage's body, so don't be too greedy."

After the banquet had been prepared in the spacious hall, the most outstanding maids gathered and began to prepare several seats around the tables.

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