Helping Each Other Chapter 439

Helping Each Other Chapter 439

Right now, Guan Yiyun and a few other men all had expressions mixed with grief and anger. On the ground in front of them, two men were lying with blood all over their bodies. Obviously, both these men had died.

The man completely focused his attention on the dagger which was completely formed from Radiant Saint Force and sighed softly, "There's still another year and a half till the next time the saint artifact activates. Though, my Radiant Arte is still stuck at the third level. My improvement in these fifty years is quite unsatisfying. I wonder if I still can place in the top ten during the competition in half a year's time."

"Who knows? Let's just wait and see. I still don't believe a Divine Core warrior can concoct such a pill."

"What decision did the Palace Chief make?"

With a mutual look at each other, the two elders from the Jiede clan immediately began to utilize their Heaven Tier Battle Skills while the third elder began to make his move as well.

"Perhaps this brother is the Mercenary King who placed first in the previous gathering of mercenaries, as well as Jian Chen who had slaughtered four Heaven Saint Master outside Mercenary City all by himself?" The other two great elders clearly had heard Jian Chen's name before. They were slightly surprised and asked out of shock.


"I see. The Blood Talisman is a really mysterious object. Although it accepted junior disciple Jiang, it looks like it would only follow you around within Inferno Hell. Once you left this place, the Blood Talisman returned on its own."

The surrounding crowd had given a large space for the group in the middle to fight it out. The appearance of a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master symbolized a truly powerful force that everyone greatly feared. Even the major factions of a First Class City wouldn't dare offend such a figure.Chapter 568: A Full Display of Might (Three)

"I can sense an aura of a king from the flame itself, it's a flame with the purest yang energy, which is also the perfect rival for these Evil Devils. Look at those Evil Devils, they are scared off Jiang Chen's flames, it's a natural rival for them."

Mang Third was born with crossed eyes, and he kept blinking while he was talking, giving people an impression that there was something wrong with his mind.

All the old folks in the square started crying. When they thought about all the townspeople that would be killed by these Blood Devils, and have their blood sucked out of their bodies, they couldn't help but feel extreme pain in their hearts. These old folks were like the Town Marshal, they weren't afraid of death, but they didn't just want to die for nothing.

Jiang Chen said without raising his head.

"Senior disciple Guan, weren't you in secluded meditation in order to break through to the Divine Core realm? Why did you stop cultivating so quickly?"

"Ai, I've grown old. To think that it was when I was seventy years old when I made the breakthrough to become a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. I didn't think that a thirty year old would attain such a mastery already. If you continue on like this, then there'll be a day that you will become a supreme Saint Ruler." The elder spoke.

The bet was absolutely cruel, it could definitely be considered the cruelest bet underneath the heavens. Ye Xian and Shangguan Chong were body so angry their necks turned red, and they couldn't even speak a single word because of the extreme fury they felt.

Jian Chen didn't hesitate to decline the offer, "My apologies, but I am protecting this white tiger. As long as I, Jian Chen, am alive, I will not allow anyone to lay a hand on him."

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