The Phoenix Aspect Chapter 2720

The Phoenix Aspect Chapter 2720

"Good, then today I will eliminate your Qiangan Kingdom as well."

A pained smile greeted her this time. "Mother, your son is still a Heaven Saint Master, but I've the fighting prowess of a Saint Ruler. At the very most, the weakest Saint Rulers won't be much of a threat to your son."

"Nothing happened to him. Alright, I'll choose the middle path as well."

Although no one had personally seen what the experts from the Four Great Kingdoms had done inside the mountain, even those without a brain could guess what events had transpired. This result was something the mercenaries and merchants had a hard time accepting, and so as a result, the Boundless Bandit's reputation skyrocketed. To some mercenaries and merchants, the Boundless Bandits had become a mythical figure that was feared by quite a few of the neighboring kingdoms.

Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword had already been filled with a resplendent glow and had started to shake with a powerful Sword Qi that would cause anyone to feel frightened. His black hair had fluttered crazily in the winds while the white robe he wore fluttered with it. His entire body floated in midair, and a single look was all it took for him to be identified as a war god with an indomitable strength.

There were quite a few rooms upstairs, each with their own small, wooden door. Behind the door was a small room encased in a barrier. Not only did the barrier possess great defence, it could block out all sounds as well, allowing people to practise inside without any interruptions.

"Could it be with such a good opportunity, we are giving it up?" A youth lamented.

"Don't ask about that now. Let's focus on defending ourselves first!"

Jiang Chen still had a calm look on his face, this kind of image wouldn't do him any harm. Cruelty was the best word to describe this world of cultivation, the weak was easy prey for the strong. In Jiang Chen's world, an enemy will always be an enemy; he can only destroy them. If you show your enemies mercy, then you will only experience great pain.

Since he had broken through to the Great Saint level, Jian Chen's fighting strength had skyrocketed as well. The current him could easily hunt down a Class 2 Magical Beasts, and he had already set his sights on Class 3 Magical Beasts.

"Yang Shuo, although your illusion realm is really powerful, it still couldn't affect me. Now, its' my turn to attack. True Dragon Palm!"

"Precisely! The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are both so determined to kill them, so why can't they fight back? Why are only the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect allowed to kill them? What kind of logic is that?"


"Such an intense cold££ Is the young lady's disease striking up again?"


Zhuge Yun was a peak Mid Divine Core warrior, he was the strongest man in the crowd. If it was a few days ago, Jiang Chen might need to exert a lot of effort in order to kill him, but now, with the combat strength brought from 750 Dragon Marks, Zhuge Yun was nothing but a mere low dog in front of him.

Too bad, his begging didn't bring him the response he wanted. Jiang Chen's sword pierced his throat and took away his life.

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