Falling for Chaos Chapter 2995

Falling for Chaos Chapter 2995

Lee Chang Ming walked towards Jiang Chen and started talking to him without hiding his killing intent, "So, you're the Jiang Chen who killed my two brothers."

Ming Dong strangely glanced at Tie Ta with a mischievous smile, "Tie Ta, I only gave her two small compliments and you're already so tense. Don't tell me you like little Qiu Yue."

"All of us are willing to do this! Senior disciple Huang, we'll just let you handle this."

Late at night, Jian Chen sat on his bed and took out a map from his Space Ring. "It's about time to investigate that Saint Ruler's cave. I hope it does not disappoint and has a Ruler's Armament, Saint Ruler's skeleton, or anything else that could help me cultivate my Chaotic Force. When I am able to use my Chaotic Force, my strength will surely reach a new realm. Ah, I cannot wait."

The vibration of the broken sword became stronger and stronger. After being stained with Big Yellow's blood essence, the broken sword, like a drought soil suddenly showered with rain, suddenly seemed to become alive. Under Big Yellow's control, the broken sword shot up high into the skies.

"Very good, Jiang Wei, you've done a good job! I'll reward you with something later."

"Are you kidding? Of course it'll be Ling Zhengtian. Ka Di Yun may have become a Saint Master and is on equal footing with Ling Zhengtian now, but Ling Zhengtian has been a Saint Master for so long. With his talent, I bet he's already a middle Saint Master in strength, Ka Di Yun's no match for him."

Now, Big Yellow finally understood how much trouble he had brought just by changing back to his true form. He simply didn't expect any of this.

Wu Jiu burst into laughter. He could finally exhale upon hearing those words.


Tianmu Ling sipped some tea elegantly and shot a glance at You Yue and Bi Lian, the two girls who were even prettier than her. She said softly, "I'm Tianmu Ling. Who are you two? And what relationship do you have with brother Jian Chen?"

Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and he had absorbed the Blood Winged Hawk's bloodline as well as Big Yellow's Dragon Horse blood. His body's durability was extraordinary, that even some of the ancient demon beasts couldn't compare with him, let alone Li Wu Shuang.

"Young master Chen Jiang, this is clearly just scrap metal."

Changyang Ba let out a chuckle as he spoke a few words to the king before looking to the five Imperial Advisors right behind him with a startled look. Hurriedly, he bowed to them and spoke, "This one didn't think that the honored Imperial Advisors would come by as well, our Changyang clan has neglected ourselves, please, please come in." To the five Imperial Advisors, Changyang Ba's face grew even more prudent without daring to be impolite.

As the boundless amount of energy flowed into Jian Chen's body for him to refine into Chaotic Force, the amount of Chaotic force in his body grew bigger and bigger. As a result, the chaotic core he had formed in his dantian had slowly increased in size as well from a small soybean to a small fingernail size.

As if his Saint Weapon was tofu, the fourth elder's Saint Weapon shattered into two pieces. With a muffled cry, a large amount of blood came out of his mouth as his face grew deathly pale.

Jian Chen wasn't short on money either since he took the purple coins from the Space Rings of the Heaven Saint Masters he killed along with any other valuable item. There was still the money from the treasuries of both the Pingyang Kingdom and the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom that he had not yet exhausted along with the monster cores. These alone were enough to make Jian Chen into a mobile treasury with the raw amount of value he had on him.

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