The Complete Guide to Rearing an Alien Boyfriend Chapter 324

The Complete Guide to Rearing an Alien Boyfriend Chapter 324

When the 5 saw Jian Chen and Tie Ta, they let loose happy smiles to each other, as if they had mutually agreed on something. Increasing their speeds, the 5 of them quickly reached and surrounded Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, the surrounding people felt like blood was rushing out from their mouth.What kind of explanation was this?

Wu Jiu said.


"Imperial Emperor, I'm sure this has something to do with Wu Jiu! When the Crown Prince went to the Martial Palace to announce the Imperial Decree today, Wu Jiu tore the Imperial Decree in front of everyone, completely ignored the Imperial Emperor's Imperial Sovereignty! That Yan Chenyu even conspired with Wu Jiu and assaulted the Crown Prince! Perhaps Wu Jiu was behind the Crown Prince's injury! I suggest the Imperial Emperor passes down an Imperial Decree to capture Wu Jiu and all the others who are related to Jiang Chen, and then punish all of them with a death sentence, especially that Yan Chenyu!"

Ye Xiao's reaction wasn't much different from Shangguan Chong's reaction. He had just lost a bet he had absolute confidence in winning.

Cautiously returning back to where the soldiers were resting, Jian Chen began to hand back the venom filled water canteens with great care so that he wouldn't reveal the plan he was concocting.

A gigantic net made from countless sword arrived in front of Shangguan Yiqing in the blink of an eye. However, Shangguan Yiqing felt no fear, he just casually pointed his finger, unleashing an energy beam that looked like a long dragon toward Xuan Yuzi.

The Flying Spirit Snake let out an ear piercing hiss as it violently swung its body upright. In the next second, the tail of the snake smashed into Qin Ji's barrier.

"Not only that, the experience of surviving such a situation has enlightened me, so with the help of the Resurrection Pill concocted by chief Jiang, I'll be able to break through to the Divine Core realm! Currently, I am the only Heavenly Core warrior here, but I won't be a burden for everyone any longer!"

Jiang Chen pushed the storage bag to Huang Zheng. He had seen these men's sincerity. Besides, he had a good impression of the Black Sect, these Mortal Restoration Pills weren't a big amount in his eyes, but to these disciples, it was very important.

Qin Xiao's eyes widened as he said, "Heaven Tier Battle Skill? Are you sure that's right? What if some enemy was trying to announce false news and later set up a huge trap for everyone?"

Li Wu Shuang looked like he was just rampaging around, it seemed nothing special, but in fact; it was actually a special combat skill. The massive amount of power made it hard for anyone to resist it face to face.

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Within the peaceful night, the elder's explosive words had rang throughout the area so that the other seven Heaven Saint Masters would be able to hear him loud and clear. Immediately, several sharp sounds could be heard as the other seven Heaven Saint Masters came flying into the area.

He was pretty sure that Mu Rong Zhan will use the Lee family to defeat the Jiang family, thus enjoying victory without paying a price.Since this was their intention, Jiang Chen will destroy the Mu Rong family before they could do anything.In Jiang Chen's mind, an enemy was for him to destroy.

But when facing Jiang Chen's horrifying approach, the man would rather kill himself than suffer. At least he would be able to die faster.

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