Thought One Could Never Live Again Chapter 1207

Thought One Could Never Live Again Chapter 1207

"This fucking stinks! Brat, this Black Swamp Serpent is strong, let's do this together and kill him quickly!"

Despite it all happening right in front of him, the hundred guards still couldn't believe their eyes.Chapter 228: Making a Name For Oneself in Battle

"Nan Bei Chao, don't think that you are above law and order!"

Big Yellow said.

"Haha, Jiang Chen, your monster help is nothing! Aside from having mighty strength, it's a useless thing! Now, I've killed it with my blade. Do you have any other tricks?"

Jiang Chen looked at the young man. It was rare to see a young man capable of reaching the 9th Qi Jing level at his age. He looked familiar as well, hence Jiang Chen searched through his memories and found details regarding this young man.

"Ai, how can second brother be this careless, how-how annoying. He'd better not lose to a brat like him." Ka Di Qiuli cried as she stamped her foot in anger. Though the longer she looked at Ka Di Liang, the more easily one could tell her face was full of concern for her older brother.

Qian Yun stretched out an arm to block the other elder as if to stop his speech. Turning to Jian Chen, he spoke, "Sire, I've told you before, my actions have nothing to do with the Qiangan Kingdom. If there's an issue, then take it up with me and not the others. If my Qiangan Kingdom enters this conflict, it will spell trouble for the Gesun Kingdom."

Looking through the hazy layer, Jian Chen could vaguely see that the Dragon Slaying Sword was two fingers wide and there was an image of a seemingly-living dragon on it. He did not know how it appeared on it.

But, Yan Chen Yu' s face was pale, and she looked sick.Despite her long-time sickness, her beauty was not affected in the slightest.

Before absorbing these devil cores, Jiang Chen already had 120 Dragon Marks. Combined with the new 30 Dragon Marks, he now had a total of 150 Dragon Marks. With this, his combat strength had improved significantly, and he was one step closer to the Mid Heavenly Core realm.

"Senior disciple Guan, Brother Tian, Zihan, you three follow Brother Xuan and enter the Martial Palace, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

After Xiu Mi had left, the elder sighed before walking to his bed. "They are growing far too bold if they would dare to kill even a Heavenly Tiger God. When the time comes and the Heavenly Tiger Cub fully matures, their judgement will come. But they will try and infiltrate the human world in order to assassinate it soon enough. Forget it, it has nothing to do with me, if they truly come, then some other family will come to protect it."

The young man let out a miserable shriek, then fell down from the sky, dead.

"Your Majesty, please be rest assured. The princess has received no major injuries." Chang Wuji replied.

Ouch££ ouch££

Jian Chen did not hesitate to let out a loud hiss after his punch missed. He charged straight for the patriarch, who was still several meters away, as his fighting intent rapidly increased.

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