From Fish to Dragon Chapter 1003

From Fish to Dragon Chapter 1003

The world shook violently as his right eye brew brighter and brighter until the image of a sun appeared. At the same time, his cultivation base skyrocketed, breaking through intoĦ­ the great circle of the Deva Realm!

Regulating his breathing, recuperating, cultivating!

"You said that when my abilities exceeded yours, then I can chase you, does it still count?" Qing Shui looked at Wenren Wu-shuang.

A sharp violet-colored sword beam shot out gray clouds. Hai Dongqing started before turning her head around and giving Qing Shui a smile. She whirled her body and the Violet Jade Sword gleamed, as if flowers of light were blooming on it.

In the blink of an eye, it was upon him. Bai Xiaochun clenched his right hand into a fist, and silver light flashed, making him look like a silver statue. Then he struck out toward the incoming clawed ghost hand.

The moment Chen Zi'ang called out that he conceded, Du Lingfei slumped in place in the middle of the arena, her face pale. She was swaying back and forth in exhaustion, her spiritual energy almost completely depleted. Taking a deep breath, she produced some medicinal pills which she instantly consumed. However, she knew that the pills would only replenish so much, and she could only recover completely by sitting cross-legged in meditation for several hours. After all, she had just fought four battles in a row.

"Don't even think of trying to seduce me!!"

However, the gravitational force persisted. With every breath of time that passed, boundless life force flowed through the restrictive spells and into the Eternal Parasol, to be absorbed by Bai Xiaochun. As it did, more heavenly demons formed!

Strength of a Peak Martial King. All of them had the strength of Peak Martial Kings!

Qing Shui looked at Canghai Mingyue as he smiled bitterly and said, "While my bird is very big, I only have this one. You can see and touch it all you want. You can even ride or play with it, but I can't let you have itĦ­"

The female disciple was completely dumbstruck; to have seen the flying tiger suddenly become so docile, only to have the huge pangolin arrive, left her wondering if all of these things were really happening. She simply couldn't imagine how the flying tiger which had caused her Elder Brother Sun to flee at top speed could be ordered down with a single sentence. Its current charming appearance was a complete contrast with the brutal ferocity it had exhibited moments before.

"Brother, what I truly mean is that, everyone might have misunderstood you." The extremely beautiful pupils of Hai Dongqing were shining with lights of wisdom. The elegant and knowledgeable aura which she exuded caused people to not dare to look straight at her.

They followed the old fashioned wooden purple colored stairs up to the fifth floor. This place was not too big. After all, it was only as big with three rooms.

"Thank you, actually it's our first time here, so we aren't really familiar with this place. In the future, we are going to need a lot of help." Qing Shui said hurriedly.

And that wasn't very pleasing to Bai Xiaochun at all.

Bai Lin looked over excitedly at Bai Xiaochun and asked, "Grandmaster Bai, are you the only one who can use this pill, or can it be used by others, too?!"

Originally, Qing Bei breaking through to Xiantian already caused the rest to suffer a blow. Qing Bei was a little happy then, but now, she felt embarrassed. When she thought about it, the women around Qing Shui all seemed to be strong beyond compare. Their ages weren't that great either, even the youngest one was just a few years older than her.

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