That One Boy Could Chapter 147

That One Boy Could Chapter 147

The floating elder furrowed his eyebrows together in annoyance as he looked at Ming Dong. Just as he was about to send him away, a sudden change in expression could be seen before a black token shoot toward Ming Dong's hand, "Enter then." He spoke softly.

The Firethorn Savage let out a loud roar. After that, it's massive and majestic body slowly stood up from the ground. The 6 meter tall body had become a 15 meter tall body, and it had four thick and strong legs fully covered with golden scales that looked like four huge pillars.

Master Blissful coldly harrumphed and became hostile. Then, he waved his sleeve and flew back into the Blissful Manor, leaving behind Mao Sheng who now had a really dark face.

"This bet doesn't seem to be fair, if I win I get nothing."

"I wonder who will represent the Mu Rong family.I am afraid that there is no one capable in your family."

"Alright. With our current strength, there is nothing we can help with. You just be careful."

"Congratulations on your win." Ming Dong laughed.

"What amazing strength!"

Quibbling amongst each other, the Heaven Saint Masters from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger continued to speak about just how they gained a powerful enemy with furrowed eyebrows.

"Shut your mouth! That's impossible! From now on, don't say such things." Immediately, another person roared at him to be quiet.

Tian Yishan's eyes lit up when he saw two Nine Leaf Resurrection Grasses amongst all three items. Without any hesitation, he immediately pulled them out. So far, they had gotten a total of three Nine Leaf Resurrection Grasses, they only needed three more.

However, the Imperial Emperor was regretting not making up his mind and killing Jiang Chen in the earlier stages, causing to face such a tragedy today. No matter what, although Jiang Chen now had the ability to fight evenly with him, the overall power of the Martial Saint Dynasty was still not something Jiang Chen could deal with. An unprecedented killing intent now filled the Imperial Emperor's mind. Jiang Chen had grown up, and the Imperial Emperor would not allow him to continue growing.

Knowing that the shopkeeper was afraid that he and Ming Dong were looking for Tie Ta for trouble, Jian Chen replied quickly, "Shopkeeper, we are students from Kargath Academy and old classmates of Tie Ta. We only wish to come pay him a visit."

Besides, the female disciples from the Valley of Happiness are were very slutty, by using their seduction skills they managed to get a lot of support from the different powers, resulting in the Valley of Happiness having deep roots in the Qi Province. There were even some disciples from the other three sects who enjoyed affairs with the disciples of the Valley of Happiness.

Nangong Yunzheng's eyes had turned red as he roared toward Jiang Chen. Today's outcome had greatly messed up his mind, as all his planning had been laid to waste in just a single day, and he would have no chance to seize the family chief position any longer.

Jiang Chen subtly cried out a name. He raised the axe in his hands high up into the air; streams of natural Yuan energy turned into whirlpools and gathered around the Axe of Thunder, making it shine brightly in a golden light. A vast force spread across and locked down onto the old white-bearded man in an instant.

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