Unspoken Commitments Chapter 1461

Unspoken Commitments Chapter 1461

Chang Bai looked at the clan leader, and after some hesitation, continued to say, "My lord, I also received more information about this, but the fourth master was recently involved in a spar with the third master. Using a single tree branch, the fourth master was able to injure the third master!"

Jiang Chen nodded his head.

"Lian'er, take your aunty to see your mother's grave." Bi Yuntian commanded.

"That goes without saying. If the Blissful Manor had the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, they would trade it with that man directly, and we wouldn't be seeing the Nine Solar Holy Water in this auction."

A stream of blood sprouted out from the tiger's neck, Big Yellow tore off a huge chunk of meat from the tiger, creating a huge bloody hole in its neck.

Their walking speed wasn't slow, and they soon came to the center of the third sector. Due to them hiding their energy and breathing, they didn't alert any demon beasts along the way. Besides, there weren't many demon beasts residing in the third sector. With the king of Misty Mountain, the Firethorn Savage residing here, not many demon beasts dared stay close in the third sector.

Right now, the bottomless hole in Jiang Chen's body had finally been sated. With 3,100 Dragon Marks, Jiang Chen was now a Peak Mid Divine Core warrior, and there was only one last step before he could break through to the next stage. He only needed 100 more Dragon Marks to break through!

The previous Jian Chen was an orphan and had never known what maternal love was. The heavens had not only granted him a new shot at life, but also a blessed family life. Jian Chen had treasured the feelings he felt from his relationship with his mother.

"Impudence! How dare you strike at our allies? Everyone, forward!" Suddenly, another elder had let out a loud shout as he charged at Dugu Feng with his Saint Weapon and an impassioned look in his eyes.

Everyone had been quick to suggest what they should do with the tungsten alloy, all they needed to do was wait for a definitive number of just how much tungsten alloy had been mined and they could go ahead with their plan.

Seeing how a single stone thrown by Jian Chen had caused Mu Zhaye's hand to bleed, the spectators had gone into an uproar. Each one looked on in disbelief, this display of strength had been nearly as great on their hearts as it was for Mu Zhaye.

Without a word, Jian Chen flashed several purple cards for the man to see. At the sight of them, the guard had relinquished the path to allow for Jian Chen to continue on his way with a smile.

Now, Zhuang Fan's ugly face had been exposed to so many people, bringing severe consequences to his reputation. This was something Xiao Nanfeng could never accept.

This loud sound did not come from the collision between the two princes' attacks, it came from somewhere else within this Island of Ice. The people in the crowd immediately threw their glance into the far distance. What they saw was flaming waves soaring into the skies.

The patriarch immediately recognized the man and said, "Let him pass."

"Watch your asses, only those who are not afraid of death should go! A fight amongst tigers, if you are just a monkey standing aside, aren't you just looking for death?"

"Fine, but let's take some precautions, let's rough him up a bit to make sure he loses his will to fight." With that, Ming Dong slapped his palm into Yun Li's chest.

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