Adventure of a new God Chapter 2149

Adventure of a new God Chapter 2149

Jiang Chen sighed and opened his eyes. He looked at the two animals in front of him who were fighting endlessly and shook his head, feeling speechless. Damn it, he was in the middle of his cultivation, couldn't this damn dog be more reliable? How was he going to cultivate when both of them were right in front of him?

At that moment, aside from the Pangolin Emperor, the other three magical beasts began to take action.

"I agree, my lord, this matter is not something we can ignore."

Jiang Chen laid down on the floor with his hands behind his head and spoke with a mysterious tone.

Nanbei Chao said word by word with a stern expression. It was an innate overbearing characteristic, a will to conquer everything. The driving force behind Nanbei Chao's cultivation was to become the most powerful emperor in this world, he wanted every single person to submit to him.

"Now we shall begin the auction of the second Class 5 Monster Core. The starting price will be fifty thousand purple coins. Each bid will be a minimum of a thousand purple coins. This will be the very last Class 5 Monster Core, so I implore each and every guest to cherish their time and make their decision this will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to obtain a Class 5 Monster Core with ease." Yulian announced with a loud voice. She was filled with hope for this next auction, and could not wait to see just how much money the second monster core would sell for.

"No!" Elder Yun and elder Feng cried out, "Jian Chen has been a benefactor to our Huang family. If not for him, our Solunar Bow would have been stolen by the Shi family. Furthermore, he has saved the life of our young miss."

After saying that, Jiang Chen disappeared in a ghostly manner.

Outside the courtyard, the old man looked at Jiang Chen, who was floating in the air, with his mouth wide open. The shock on his face was not any less than the others; it was even stronger. As a demon beast himself, also of the hawk species, no one could understand more than him that Jiang Che's absorption of the Blood Winged Hawk's bloodline was something unprecedented.

The mother and son hesitated for a moment before Sans finally said something first, "Fourth master, my mother and I are extremely grateful for your consideration for our well-being, but the two of us had already grown accustomed to our ordinary lives from before. Living here like this is still a bit strange, so my mother and I wish to move out"

"How could this be possible?!"

Jian Chen looked down at the mosquito-bite-like injury on his chest, and an extremely wide smile graced his face. A Saint Ruler had used his Saint Weapon, yet it was ineffective! This only went to show just how strong the Chaotic Body was. Now, Jian Chen was no longer afraid of the patriarch.

The patriarch had an ugly look on his face while he listened to Jian Chen. He knew that Jian Chen wasn't joking, and with the talent Jian Chen possessed, he would only skyrocket in strength from here on out. If the patriarch waited any longer, it would only be a matter of time before Jian Chen would become a threat that he couldn't handle.

"You bastards, how dare you to stop me here!?"

Within the inn, the Gesun Kingdom's Radiant Saint Masters were hurriedly trying to heal the four heavily injured Heaven Saint Masters.

"Damn it, that dog again!"

"Even if that is the reason, we can't underestimate this guy either. He is the young man who attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, a true peerless monster! And, with his current Late Combat Soul cultivation, he is able to kill the Third Palace Master. This tells us how formidable his strength is, so we can't judge him with normal standards."

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