I am in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Chapter 2500

I am in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Chapter 2500

Tiangang Yi furrowed his brows. Before they came here, he was thinking about pressuring Wu Jiu with both Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, making him hand Jiang Chen over to them and stay out of this matter. He had never expected to face such strong rejection from Wu Jiu, as if Jiang Chen's problems were his own.

On the second day after Jian Chen's defeat, a tree trunk concealed by several branches in the forest began to shake for a moment before a white-maned winged tiger came crawling out of the tree. Both of its shiny eyes looked around its surroundings before letting out a growl.

The scene outside Origin Mountain was not a crowded place like they had imagined. Instead, it was a grassland where the wind was constantly swaying the grass. There were a couple of people and caravans moving across the grassland, but there weren't many of them.

"Look, they are flying towards Silver Moon City! I wonder what they're going to do!"

Jian chen nodded, "Yes, Teacher!"

Jiang Chen felt that things were getting more interesting. There must be some resentments between the two parties involved.

Jian Chen had treated the event as if it was an insignificant matter, his face not revealing any emotion whatsoever during the act. Whether it was the splattered blood on the ground or Ka Di Yun's screams of pain, it had no effect on him. Instead, he looked at Luo Jian and walked closer towards him with his bloody sword.

At the moment, the Island of Ice was surrounded by many warriors who were floating in the sky. Each of them stared at the Island of Ice passionately, as if they were looking at a magnificent beauty.

Regarding this expectation put on him, Jian Chen couldn't help but feel helpless. He didn't understand that the reason why his body had grown so fast was due to practicing Azulet Sword Law because back in his previous world, he did not have Azulet Sword Law by his age.

"We can't just keep wasting time like this, we have to strike now."

"I'll make you pay for elder Luug's life!"

The soldiers continued to hustle around as they resupplied for the second barrage. Jian Chen's speed was far beyond what they had anticipated and so by the time the archers had notched their arrows again, Jian Chen had already started to run further up the city walls. With each step he made, he accelerated in speed before he finally cleared the wall and escaped the city.

Big Yellow let out a hearty laughter.

"Kid, who are you?"

The three other gray robed elders didn't say a word, but worried looks adorned their faces. One of them finally spoke up, "Let's wait a little longer, the fourth elder went to find the young lord, I am sure he'll return soon."

"Big Yellow, this is the real Bloody Combat Wolf, attack it!"

Jian Chen picked up another tree branch from the ground and said, "Big brother, you're still wondering how I could use a tree branch to cut through a tree right? Take another look, I'll demonstrate one more time."

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