A Journey Through The Worlds Chapter 2450

A Journey Through The Worlds Chapter 2450

Xu Shuang and Shangguan Yilei were rivals, and because of this, he knew very well hos strong Shangguan Yilei was. He knew Shangguan Yilei was a formidable opponent, and none of them were able to defeat each other. That's why he didn't believe that Jiang Chen who was only a Divine Core warrior could kill Shangguan Yilei.

"Yes... yes."

Straight away, the two elders exploded with killing intent as they listened to Jian Chen's words. "How arrogant, to kill the young lord Wukang. Jian Chen, just which clan are you from?"

Thus, everyone in the auction hall had their eyes glued to the black cloth covered thing. While this was only one Class 5 Magical Beast body, it had still attracted the interest of many people. In their hearts they had thought that in their entire lives, this may be the only time they would be able to see a Class 5 Magical Beast.

"Who is this guy? Why have I never seen him before? Did Nangong Yunfan simply find some nobody to fight this third match?"

The princess let out a sigh in relief, after coming to a conclusion like this, her heart still felt a little helpless. If this were several years ago, she would've agreed to Jian Chen's suggestion of cancelling the marriage without any hesitation. But now££

Upon this sight, Jian Chen had a look of disappointment flash briefly across his face before disappearing just as quickly. The two Saint Rulers' way of dealing with this situation had been quite different than what Jian Chen had expected. In his mind, he would never let such a matter like this be let off so easily. He had been heavily injured by the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger after all. If not for the fact that the Saint Ruler had been afraid of his title of an Imperial Protector, then Jian Chen might have not been able to leave the sect that day.

Conceivably, Lord Baoju's next attack would definitely injure the Great Elder even more. Of course, as a Combat King, it was extremely difficult to actually kill the Great Elder. However, if they kept fighting like this, he would sooner or later be finished.

Following the route he had memorized back to the Kai clan, he quickly entered the courtyard Kai Er had allocated for the Flame Mercenaries to live in temporarily.

"No matter what kind of foul demons or devils come, they will flee immediately upon bumping into the master dog££ No, they will worship me, they will throw themselves down at my feet and admire my mightiness!"

Thinking up to there, Jian Chen made his decision. He said apologetically to the people, "I understand everyone has good intentions, but in the battle a month away, I do happen to have my own plans, so I am unable to be with everyone."

"Even the Ice Demon King doesn't dare get closer? Perhaps there's something in this deep pond that it fears?"

Tyrant couldn't help but feel slightly depressed. However, the Devil King he was fighting wasn't in any good shape either; it was now like a spent force. Once again, Tyrant waved his arm and unleashed the Fudo Seal. The Devil King could no longer defend itself against it, so its huge body ended up exploding, and its devil soul was taken away by Tyrant.

Taking a step forward, the monk flew out of the desolate island. Hovering in the sky, he glanced at the Heavenhawk Island Master. After that, he rested his eyes on top of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. A grateful expression was visible within his eyes.

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

A voice sounded out from behind. Han Yan and Big Yellow turned around. They saw Jiang Chen walking out from the cave with both hands placed behind his back.

Jiang Chen could only respond with a bitter smile. There were plenty of famous people in this world, but it was rare to see someone so famous like him because of his enemies. He really didn't want this kind of fame.

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