Fate Warper Chapter 757

Fate Warper Chapter 757

The Zhou clan and Zhou Mercenaries had very strong reputations within Wake City, but for them to both be exterminated in such a short amount of time; this news had quickly spread throughout the city like wildfire. No matter if it was a small or large street, every person was talking about it.

Without any fear, Jian Chen charged forward with his Light Wind Sword and once more clashed fiercely with the elder.

"Princess You Yue, I will continue to treat the wounds on your back then."

Sneering, Qian Yun spoke, "Chang Wuji, I, Qian Yun, am not an easily threatened person. I have given my word, if you hand over the Heaven Tier Battle Skill to me, then I will leave."

Tie Ta looked at the viper with a serious expression. The veins on his hands popped out as he gripped his battleaxe tightly, prepared to attack with all his strength at any moment.

The elder that stood in front of Chanygang Ba was the housekeeper of the Changyang Clan, Chang Bai.

"What an extraordinary scenery! Much prettier than the Black Sect."

Although Wu Ningzhu's voice wasn't particularly loud, it was more than enough to let everyone hear what she just said.

Letting out a sigh, Jian Chen recollected himself. Watching the tiger cub kill a Class 4 Magical Beast so easily had really astounded him. The tiger cub had never been in a battle before, so even though it had its strength boosted to the Class 4 Magical Beast level with heavenly resources, it was still in its adolescent phase. It was not quite yet fully grown.

"Young master Jiang, this Demon Palace is a power established by demon beasts, and it's really powerful! They have three masters, and all of them are Combat Soul demon beasts. The Lion King, the Wolf King, and the Hawk King. The Lion King is a Mid Combat Soul demon, a really terrifying being. The Demon Palace has been running wild in this mountain range, and all humans here has been badly bullied by them, and we've been unable to do anything to stop them. Tomorrow is the third master, the Hawk King's birthday. The Hawk King is a sex maniac, and we never thought he would actually send his men here to capture our girls. Luckily, young master saved them from this miserable fate!"

"Y-you££" Tian Jue's face turned a paleish green at Qin Xiao's words as he pointed at him with a trembling finger. Unfortunately, he truly feared Qin Xiao enough to never swear at him willingly. He was all too familiar with Qin Xiao's temperament. If he were to talk back, then Qin Xiao wouldn't be afraid to beat him up in front of all these people.


With an indifferent expression, Jiang Chen stood on the fighting stage with both hands behind his back, his eyes resembled a king sitting on the top, looking down on everyone, and he emitted a golden aura around his body.

Both Jian Chen and Tie Ta were amazing. With Tie Ta's godly strength, as well as his extremely powerful body, even Jian Chen who had been training Saint Force since he was young was naturally not as powerful as Tie Ta. Tie Ta's abnormal strength in addition to his formidable defense was enough to make up for any lack of Saint Force. Unless the difference in strength was extremely large, there was no way he could be a match against Tie Ta. At most, they would be stuck at a standstill.

"Jian Chen, there is no need for the politeness. I am Qin Yunlong, the 173rd generation king of the Qinhuang Kingdom. By my side is Harry, although he is not of our kingdom, he is my best friend." Qin Yunlong smiled, speaking to Jian Chen as if they were on equal standing. In the eyes of the Qinhuang Kingdom, Jian Chen was the future pillar of the kingdom. Although there was currently four Saint Rulers for the Qinhuang Kingdom, they would not live forever. One day, there would come a time for their lives to end.

Lee Shan Yue said while trembling.

Jiang Chen ridiculed his opponent.

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