Surviving in the Game Chapter 1772

Surviving in the Game Chapter 1772

"Oh my god, two seniors, what are you staring there for? Hurry up and go help my brother. Fight him together." When Bi Lian Finally returned to her senses, she immediately looked at Nubis and Jiede Tai with a pleading gaze. Currently in the hall, they were the two who possessed the strongest strength.

Not even a moment after Jian Chen finished speaking, the gentle and refined sounds of a zither could be heard being played. The notes had been delightful and pleasant to the ears as if they were filled with an enchanting type of magic to captivate any listener. The music had been so much that Qin Xiao and Jian Chen had stopped in their conversation for just a moment. By listening to the music of hte zither, the two of them had grown calm and tranquil like undisturbed water.

The fire of a Fiery Tiger wasn't very strong, but it was much stronger than the fire normally used to concoct pills.

Hearing that, Lei Mingao furrowed his eyebrows. After a period of thought, he mumbled to himself, "What's he going to the head office of the union for?"

Jian Chen's figure had flown straight up into the sky as well. Aided with the wind element from the world, Jian Chen had chased after the third elder without reprieve.

Right at this moment, an insidious laugh sounded out from the skies above. Two tall Blood Devils suddenly appeared, and they stared at the townspeople from above.

Mu Jian continued to look at Jian Chen with a complicated look, but seeing the amount of blood that was leaking down from his Light Wind Sword, he suddenly became dejected and said helplessly, "Everyone take out your monster cores. Honored Jian Chen has already been merciful toward us, if we don't follow his demands this time, then simple injuries won't be the end of our problems."

"How can this be possible? He is only a Qi Hai warrior. How could his combat strength be so strong? Besides, how come his body is so strong that even my palm became numb from the impact?"

Changyang Hu used all his strength to run, but his current state was not looking good. His head was drenched with blood while his uniform was caked with blood and dirt, looking quite miserable all over. He truly had no idea where Jian Chen was, but he knew that within the grove was a small hillside with a complicated layout and a lush plant-life that was suitable for hiding. With the idea of fleeing into the school becoming obsolete, Changyang Hu's only plausible way to escape was to hide away in the hillside and hope to shake off his enemies.

By now, each one of the Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom were on guard since these five newcomers were all complete strangers. They didn't know a single one of them, meaning that they were not from around here.Chapter 407: Strong Assisting Army (Three)

For Lord Blood Moon, this was something rather sarcastic, since he inherited his skill and abilities from Blood Moon Shaman, he had planned to wreak havoc in Qi Province, his ambitious dream was to have Blood Devils in every corner of this world, but too bad, he had met with Jiang Chen, not only he got himself killed, the Flag of Blood Devils had changed a master too, he had worked this hard but at the end it all went to someone else.

"Yes, my lord!" The man replied before charging at Jian Chen with both of his hands outstretched to grab at him.


"Jiang Chen has returned as well?"

Jiang Chen said with an annoyed expression on his face.

Big Yellow asked.

"Brother Jiang, you look very majestic now!"

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