The Earth is Online Chapter 2675

The Earth is Online Chapter 2675

Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword suddenly began to spike with an incredibly sharp amount of Sword Qi. As it met the long spear, the sword slid across the spear's shaft to stab fiercely into the barrier.

"You bastards! Your grandpa is here!"

Jiang Chen immediately became thrilled. He grabbed a huge pile of Mortal Restoration Pills from his storage ring and absorbed them straight away. When cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, every single breakthrough would require the support of a huge amount of energy, and this was the reason why Jiang Chen's need for Restoration Pills was much higher than anybody else's.

Soon after, Jiang Chen left the world of glaciers. He thought he would arrive at the deepest part of the Island of Ice, but too bad, when Jiang Chen came out, he was greeted with another desolate environment.

That night, Jian Chen was not cultivating for once. Instead, he was sleeping in his bed. For the first time in 3 months since he had left Gesun Kingdom, this would be the first night he would be able to sleep.

"Men! Come and take away this sharp-tongued fool. Then carve out his tongue!" The man barked out for his soldiers to hear.

Within the barrier, the four men behind the barrier inched toward the sides. In an instant, they charged from the barrier toward the girl from every direction.

"Three months, that's enough time for me to handle a few things." Jian Chen thought to himself.

This was simply a plain threat, and there was nothing wrong with what Jiang Chen did. Conversely, the reason why the Imperial Emperor imprisoned Jiang Zhenhai was to threaten Jiang Chen as well.

"Brother Jiang, this is the Chaotic Ocean."

"Dad, don't worry. As long as I am here, no one can hurt you, not even the heavens emperor!"

Before the man could finish talking, a leather wearing man came out from the dense foliage with his sword at the ready to stab into the nearest person.

Seeing the intoxicated look on Ming Dong's face, the wine enthusiast Khafir could no longer hold himself back. Pushing away the questions he had, Khafir pursed his lips and took a sip. Straight away, two bright rays of light could be seen in his eyes as he let out a praise of admiration, "Truly a splendid wine. Such a wine like this is something I have never drunk before! After drinking this, I feel as if every single wine I have tasted in my entire life is dull in comparison!" With that, Khafir drained the remaining cup in a single gulp.

Big Yellow seriously reminded. Both Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu's expressions became tense, especially Wu Jiu's. He was the most nervous person here. Being trapped here for ten years; he wanted to leave this shithole more than anyone else.

"Anyhow, in this sector two, I've sensed something dangerous. There's something sinister here, I'm sure there are some powerful demon lords here. The two of us can't sense their existence, therefore, we need to be more careful in here; don't venture too deep."

But what was worth mentioning was that every single one of the members of the Flame Mercenaries were straightforward with their words, Captain Kendall included. All of them were quite emotional, and even though Jian Chen had revealed that he was a D ranked mercenary, not a single one of them had held him in contempt or treated him badly. On this continent where power was the ultimate ruling power, people like this were extremely rare..


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