Conquest in a world of primitive fantasy Chapter 493

Conquest in a world of primitive fantasy Chapter 493

This time around, going up against Sky Prison Sect made them understand how amazing formations were. Old Ancestor was no longer around and if the Mu Clan was to get back together in the short term, the best way to do so was through formations.

The Mighty Elephant Stomp which had reached the great perfection stage was very terrifying. It was more than enough to deal with these people. However, this time around, the time it took to activate it was slightly longer so it was harder to deal them a heavy blow, unless they didn't move.


? ? ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­

"I wonder if your head is as hard as your body!" Qing Shui said coldly while looking at Mo Zitong. If his opponent didn't know when to admit defeat, Qing Shui wouldn't mind teaching him a lesson.

Although her oval face couldn't be described as beautiful, it was inherently charming, and her eyes almost seemed to be reaching out to seduce anyone who looked into them. Bai Xiaochun subconsciously sucked in a deep breath, and felt his heart beating rapidly. He quickly looked away and tried not to stare.

The man had a well proportioned build and an average height. However, his body looked really tight, his muscles weren't that large but they looked really solid and had decent explosive strength.

Qing Shui kept the Core and hide and quickly left on the Fire Bird. The stench of blood was already spreading out and very quickly, other demonic beasts would be attracted over. It was not a safe place to stay.

They became like a cloud of dandelion seeds that streamed high up into the skyˇ­.

The north bank's peak lords were at a loss for words.

"The two old men from the Ten Thousand Poison Sects as well as the Sima Clan's Old Ancestor all have powerful poison beasts. I only know that the poison beast of Sima Clan's Grade Ten Martial Saint is a Five Elements Poisonous Jade Sable. It's about 33 centimeters long and it has patterns of the five elements on its body. It specializes in Five Element Poison, is extremely fast and has a very strong toxicity. Even though it only possesses strength of a Peak Martial King, Grade One Martial Saint demonic beasts will usually be forced to run away if they meet it. If you see it, you have to be careful." Di Xiong let out a long sigh.

"Hao'er," he murmured, "if your spirit is out there watching, there's no need to offer any thanks to Master. Don't worry, I'll take care of everything." Murmuring to himself, Bai Xiaochun strutted off to the flame conjuring trial.

"Old Master Ying, you've over-praised us. With your best wishes, we also hope that the Di Clan will become stronger. Hopefully, we may someday have another expert within our clan just like you." Di Xuan said happily.

"Qing Shui, whether you accept or not, I still want to thank you." ?At this time, a woman appeared behind Qianyu Dingjun and spoke out. Qing Shui had been insistent on refusing the gift, which pushed Qianyu Dingjun to give up his attempts to persuade Qing Shui any further.

As he did, he began to ponder other matters, such as all of the wealth he had plundered from the Li and Chen Clans. That was when he started wondering if the Grand Heavenmaster was being like the Giant Ghost King, and waiting to get his split.

"I didn't think a person who's neither a man nor a woman could shout in such a piercing way like this. You have such a feeble Yang pulse. If you didn't depend on medicines, even if that woman were to present herself to you, you could only stand and watch her. Huh, what a waste of a dick."

Qing Shui stroked the warm flaming red feathers of the fire bird. Seeing that it stopped after eating about ten black fishes and a few turtles, he heaved a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that this fire bird would devour his Golden Medicinal Turtle and the 1000-Year Clam.

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