Painting the Mists Chapter 2563

Painting the Mists Chapter 2563

"Terrifying? He's not just terrifying! He's simply a demon! I'm putting up with it? No, this is bending down to him, giving in to him. He is not someone our Cloud Mist Sect can afford to offend. Remember to pass down the word - no one must go provoke him. Otherwise, I'll kill that person myself."

In the blink of an eye, the light turned onto a passageway connecting them to the damaged fan up above!

? ? "Big Brother QIng ShuiŁĄ"

Looking back down at his bag of holding, tears welled up in his eyes. "I'm sorry!" he said. "Lord Turtle, please, let me off the hook! I actually really like turtles...." However, the little turtle didn't respond at all.

A huge boom echoed out as the table exploded and transformed into nothing more than ash.

That fact in and of itself left Bai Xiaochun feeling a bit irritated, but then Gongsun Yi went so far as to laugh maniacally, and that got him really mad.

How to create condiments for soup!

The Pill Stream Sect forces had virtually been wiped out, having only five disciples remaining. The Profound Stream Sect only had about ten disciples left, and the Blood Stream Sect, a bit more than that.

"These two seemed to be the descendants of some rich nobles. Why are they here in this unsavory place?" An old man shook his head and sighed before leaving.

In other words, Qing Shui already considered the Mu Clan as one of his friends.

It was so loud and clear it almost seemed like the woman was singing it right into their ears. At the same time, the enormous bone galleon appeared, only 300 meters away in the fog.

Puzzlement and confusion could be seen in Bai Xiaochun's eyes the entire way out of the rainbow district. The cold female cultivator leading the way suddenly seemed much warmer than before, and even looked at him a few times out of the corner of her eye to size him up.

12 stars! Qing Shui was startled for a moment. He was extremely satisfied with this. The Fire Bird's increased strength also led to a massive breakthrough in its speed!

Surprised, Song Que sent his divine sense out to check, after which his eyes went wide. "Master God-Diviner!!"

"Spare me, Boss Azure Dragon. I'm sorry, sir, really, I won't ever dare to do it again....

Bells rang out from the imperial palace, drawing all of the officials for a final meeting in the palace hall. It would be the last distribution of lotus seeds by the Saint-Emperor, and would also involve a ceremonial expression of thanks by the citizens.

One spirit stone for one Fantasy Pill wasn't even enough to cover the production costs. Clearly, the burly man felt that Bai Xiaochun was lucky just to be able to sell things in the north. Actually, that attitude was prevalent among almost all of the northerners.

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