Point Blank Chapter 65

Point Blank Chapter 65

Then, the person with the axe opened his mouth suddenly, "You guys forget that Changyang Xiang Tian already offended a lot of people at the academy like Lord Cheng and Master Luo, whose strength is higher than ours. If we can find an opportunity to join them, sooner or later we'll find a chance to strike at him."

After the death of the head of the Yun family, the vendetta for Bi Yunhai had finally reached an end. Bi Dao didn't stay much longer after that and had left for the imperial palace the day after.

The headmaster nodded and said, "If I hadn't personally witnessed it, I wouldn't believe that a 15 year old could have such powerful strength either. The most important part is his extensive battle experience and combat techniques. These are not something that can be learned just because one wants to learn it. Without experiencing hundreds of battles, these concepts just cannot be grasped. It's no wonder that old man Chang praised Changyang Xiang Tian so much; he really is an extremely talented genius. It seems these things were all taught by the old man."


A loud shout suddenly resounded behind his back, and a powerful energy wave burst out in front of Jiang Chen, preventing him from going any further. The man who blocked his way was none other than the Great Tycoon, the man who dressed like a scholar; Xiao Nanfeng.

"Ai!" Jun Mohao regained his calm composure relatively quicker than the others with a sigh, "How unexpected that he would invite the grand elder of Mercenary City. Let us cut the games. The only ones that could possibly fight Mercenary City would be the legendary guardian clans."

Hearing this, everyone's eyes narrowed before another person spoke. "But our soldier reserves are currently three million strong with practically everyone injured or tired. Furthermore, there are countless of mercenaries with absolutely no discipline at all. I believe we should send the vanguards over to the other forts only."

Initially, he had thought that the Dragon Transformation skill was just a simple powerful skill, but now, he had changed his mind. It actually might be an inheritance from a true dragon. Those who cultivates the skill, once they gain its acceptance, that's when the truly frightening part of the Dragon Transformation skill begins.

Bi Hai nodded in admiration and said, "Grandson, your mindset is very great. People need to have a fighting spirit, to strive to a certain goal, no matter how difficult the path is. They mustn't give up."

"Wrong, he killed one and injured one. If Jian Chen didn't let that second one live, then neither of the two would have left this place alive!" Ming Dong corrected her.

Jiang Chen said with his eyes wide open. The dog right in front of him really did look like the dog described by the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples.

Jian Chen's fingers nimbly opened up the pouch to take out the piece of white fur from within. His hands began to shake as he unfolded the piece of fur, only to see that the one from within the red pouch was also the size of his palm.

Big Yellow was laughing out with excitement.


"Nangong Yunzheng actually invited the number one genius of the Southern Continent's younger generation! Although Wu Ningzhu is still young, she has already reached the Late Combat Soul realm, and is known as the number one warrior underneath the Combat King realm! I heard that during the incident in the Dancing Sun City not long ago, she was able to fight three great guardians of the Demon King Palace all alone without being defeated by them! There is no one from the Nangong family who can defeat her!"

Nodding his head, Jian Chen said, "Correct. He is an Earth Saint Master. It seems that he didn't feel confident and decided to flee. Well then, let's continue on our way."

Rather disappointed, Jian Chen placed the three scrolls down onto the bed and continued to look into the Space Ring with renewed vigor. But no matter how many times he looked through the Space Ring, he couldn't find a fifth scroll.

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