Defiant Martial God Chapter 909

Defiant Martial God Chapter 909

Qing Shui gave them a smile: "Good day, Elders!"

She was warm to the touch and the tender feeling made Qing Shui enchanted. He released the slightly reddened lips and carried her into the bathtub.

Instantly, the corpse troopers back in the Inspections Manor all shivered, and then shot toward Bai Xiaochun in beams of light, their murderous auras raging like vortexes around them.

Damage Increase!

How could he actually forget this? Qing Shui immediately decided to make some Endurance Pellets. The pellets were easy to make, so Qing Shui made quite a few so that his family members could each have one. Endurance pellets increased a human's endurance by 5% and a beast's endurance by 10%.

"The Old Ancestor told us to come!"

"Each and every one of those people are dragons and phoenixes among mortals. Think about it! There are a lot of names on those stone steles, but those name lists are thousands of years old. Plus, many of those people have already moved on to the Inner Sect, leaving only their names behind here in the Outer Sect!

"Do you not like my way of doing things?" Huoyun Liu-Li looked at Qing Shui and said, keeping up her smiles.

His skull wasn't intact though; there was a large chunk missing, allowing everyone to see that the inside of his head was now completely hollow.

Of course, for every breath of time that such speed was unleashed, a huge amount of soul medicine would be drained. Not even the clan chief had access to enough soul medicine to keep it going for more than about two hours!

"One breath's of time is sufficient!"

Although the old man was a person of Demon Gate, they weren't really people who acted recklessly without any restraint. They would act accordingly to the location and situation. There were times where they must appear to be arrogant, vicious, unscrupulous and employ terrible means. They didn't really want to agitate the public, they only wanted people to be scared of them.

Bai Xiaochun nodded nervously, keeping his eyes fixed on the three-eyed old man.

Qing Shui nodded after some hesitation. They took the Ye Clan's huge beast carriage and together with Cang Wuya, there were fifteen of them. Among them were the Ye Clan's best warriors.

This was a normal phenomenon. The clans that ruled one part of the continent would gather their strength with the other clans and live together. For example, the Seven Stars chose to rule the Seven Stars Country and avoided the Continent's Capital which people paid the most attention to. But naturally, in the Seven Stars Country, there would be a few formidable clans that gathered within the Seven Stars City. Even though they were quite distant from each other within the city, with the existence of Demonic Beasts and Flying Beasts, transportation didn't really pose too much of a problem to them.

"Don't even think of trying to steal this pill. This is a pill duel! I can't believe that there's a cultivator who actually dares to take on us Dark Concocters. Hey, test tube, I really admire your bravery!" The Dark Concocters didn't seem afraid at all, and excitedly struggled to be the first among their fellows to get to the medicine. It was with almost drunken passion that they tried to inhale the crushed powder.

Bai Xiaochun was wracked with grief. He thought back to the golden crocodile, and realized that if things kept going on like they were, the little turtle might cost him his poor little life....

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