She Maybe The Wrong Girl Chapter 2488

She Maybe The Wrong Girl Chapter 2488

"To die or not to die is not an easy topic, but you're not going to live past today. Weren't you going to kill me and avenge your brothers? Do you know how this will end?"

At the same time, two figures appeared behind him. They were many times stronger than Xiao Nanfeng, and with one look, Jiang Chen could tell that they were both Combat Emperors. They were Li Tianyang and the Great Elder. Upon arriving, they instantly locked up the entire space, giving Jiang Chen no chance to escape from them again.

With that command, a mercenary rushed toward Jian Chen while the rest of the mercenaries hesitated for a moment before charging along with him. Surrounding Jian Chen in a circle.

"Chen Gege, I want to visit the Island of Ice."

Someone said. When they saw the blood wings on Jiang Chen's back, they couldn't help but show envious expressions.

"No wonder the Blissful Manor wants to exchange the Nine Solar Holy Water, even they don't have the Nine Soul Restoration Pill."

Yu Zihan said in a cold manner.

All the geniuses were so excited they could hardly speak. Lord Nether was finally dead, and it was an overwhelming victory for the humans today. Now that a Demon King and two guardians had died, even though there were still plenty of demons in Mount Nether, they were no longer a threat, as none of them could withstand these formidable warriors.

But, just after Shangguan Chong bid, Jiang Chen's voice sounded out from private room three once again. The insane amount, 80 million came from Jiang Chen's calm voice.

"Kakaka, now you can all witness your grandfather's powers!"

Jian Chen turned a deaf ear to the discussions that had arisen around him. He followed behind vice headmaster Bai En, and they soon arrived at the central tower, and directly entered the headmaster's office.

"I've fed them Revival Pills. Wang Da Niu, and you two, stay here and take care of them. You know where to find me if something urgent happens."

"I have to do it no matter what. With my current combat strength, I can easily kill any Mid Divine Core warrior, and I can also fight the ordinary Late Divine Core warriors. However, this Violent Bloodthirsty Devil has the royal devil bloodline, which gives it incredibly strong combat strength that allows it to be compared to any Late Divine Core warrior. I can kill it alone if I break through to the Divine Core realm££ But, my True Dragon Flames puts a huge restraint on it, and under such restraints, the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil's combat strength will be greatly reduced. This is my advantage, and therefore, I might be able to kill it if I use all my strength.

After that, Jiang Chen, Wu Jiu, Xuan Ye and Big Yellow left Inferno City and started flying toward the depths of Inferno Hell.

Lord Zhanlang was shaking violently. He was badly mutilated, as if all his skin had been peeled off.Chapter 479 - The Dust Has Settled

"The Yan family has just defeated the Lee family. There are a lot of things that needs to be arranged. I won't take any more of your time here."

Jiang Chen shouted out once again. A golden colored armor appeared outside his body. With the protection of this armor, he was more confident in dealing with Shangguan Yilei.

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