The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress Chapter 2883

The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress Chapter 2883

Big Yellow's eyes instantly lit up. This dog was a top talent when it came to sensing treasures, but he had been unable to sense anything before this. This only meant that the treasure had hidden itself very deep. No wonder Zhuang Fan had never discovered it although he had occupied the Heavenhawk Island for years.

"It finally died, the strength of a Class 5 Magical Beast is indeed strong. I didn't think two heavily injured Class 5 Magical Beasts would require so much effort to kill. It seems that the last encounter with the Golden Fur Tiger King wasn't the full extent of its strength." Jian Chen murmured weakly.

The girl had lost all hope. She felt that this cruel dog was not going to let her off. In fact, Big Yellow had no interest in killing her at all.

"Fellow brothers, fourth elder has always had a nasty temper, please forgive us for that. Please put the blame on me instead. I hope that fellow brothers will not hold this against us." The third elder spoke with a kind expression on his face as he cupped his hands together in a sign of apology.

A young and impetuous Heavenly Core warrior stood out and asked with a loud voice.

It was high noon by the time he arrived at Longevity Valley. Plenty of villagers could be seen walking about, and when Jian Chen entered the village, these villagers had noticed him right away.

Liu Wei Wang's lips trembled. He could now sense the amazing power of Yan Chen Yu's body.

"That's right, what Hu Po said is right. Kendall, your dream is like something from a fantasy. Following what you say, then I desire to be the strongest expert in the Tian Yuan Continent." Deere laughed.

"Haha, Lee Shan Yue, kill us if you want to. You have erroneously estimated the importance of our friend! Brother Jiang Chen and I have barely met before this, and we never had a close friendship. Your plan of using us to threaten Brother Jiang Chen is not going to work!"

With incredible speed, Tan Lang arrived in front of the devil in the blink of an eye while unleashing his Fourth Grade Combat King energy. The devil was instantly dumbstruck.

After looking in every direction and mewling for half the day, the white tiger cub began to sniff the area before heading in the direction of Jian Chen.

Phoenix City was a Class 2 City encompassing an area of several hundred kilometers. By the time he reached the outskirts, there was already a steady flow of people bustling around. A group of leather wearing mercenaries rode on magical beasts of many sizes while other caravans slowly carried their goods on the road. All sorts of topics were being made as voices blended together.

Shortly afterward, Jian Chen immediately pulled out his sword and with a haze of azure and violet light, the light Wind Sword instantly flew toward the last remaining commander.

As the man continued to exchange blows with Jian Chen, he had realized that the threat Jian Chen originally was to him was slowly decreasing, causing his guard to similarly slacken. Using all of his strength, he struck out towards Jian Chen, hoping for a fatal blow. His speed was even faster than before.

Seeing this man, the previously calm Jiang Chen instantly had a change in expression. Both his eyes instantly became red, and even breathing became difficult for him.

"Hmph! How savage the Xia clan are." Duo Kang sneered from the side before immediately swinging down onto the whip with his Saint Weapon.

The Great Soul Derivation skill was a mighty skill, the ultimate soul cultivation skill. It allowed Jiang Chen to see through any sources, and with the help of the Great Soul Derivation skill, Jiang Chen immediately spotted the real Bloody Combat Wolf.

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