One Useless Rebirth Chapter 1225

One Useless Rebirth Chapter 1225

"Yes!" The guards all replied with equally serious expressions.

"Then where did you find such a thing like this?" Jian Chen's eyes shone as he continued to ask.

"And why are you our captain?" Another unsatisfied person exclaimed.

After taking out dozens of Class 2 Monster Cores, Jian Chen's movements still did not stop. His hand once again reached into his Space Belt and pulled out another handful of monster cores. Afterwards, Jian Chen's movements continued to repeat, and under all the incredulous teachers' shocked gazes, he continued to pull out various sized Class 2 Monster Cores, until the whole table was completely covered.

These scrolls could only evolve a small portion of the mysteries of the world. For the Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, they'd be able to take a shortcut to become a Saint Ruler, but it would not help them make the breakthrough completely. One would still have to depend on their own understanding of the world to continue on.

"Brat, your father's perception towards treasure is something you will never have!"


The flames within Redsun Town had finally died out in the next morning. Almost half the houses and buildings had burned down, and mummified corpses could be seen everywhere. The townspeople had begun cleaning the place. Some of them who had lost their families and friends were crying their lungs out, and some of them couldn't help but curse at the Blood Devils' bodies and torture their already dead bodies, stabbing them with their swords to release their hatred. Even so, they were still filled with misery.

He didn't have much time to think. Jiang Chen's attack had come closer to him, and he had to react with a counter attack.

It was with a swagger to his step that Jian Chen greeted the elder with a smile. "If this one's memory is correct, then you must be the third elder of the Shi family. I didn't believe we'd meet each other here, how coincidental."

After an unknown amount of time, Jian Chen had finally regained control of his mind, allowing him to open his eyes and stare at the painting once more.

"I am quite fond of the four arts and studied them studiously when I was young, but I am still far from the realm of perfection, while the sounds of my zither are quite beautiful, it was mostly because of the zither itself." The second sister's delicate white finger stroked a string on the zither as she muttered, "Although this zither is a copy of the Zither of the Demonic Cry, it uses a variety of expensive looking ingredients. Even then, the inside of this holy zither contains the Saint Force of the Heavenly Enchantress, so the music that comes out of this instrument can move people's soul so much that it could absorb it.

This man who suddenly appeared was none other than Jiang Chen; he had finally returned. With his hand, he crushed Fan Zhongtang's arm. With his current combat strength, Fan Zhongtang was like an ant in front of him; he could kill him anytime he wanted.

Dugu Feng found himself watched by the eyes of many. He was not capable of changing his face as easily as Jian Chen was, and even with his strength as an Earth Saint Master, there were far too many informers that scoured every nook and cranny of the city to find him. With his prideful nature, he was loathe to hide in a dingy and desolate area. Neither did he wish to continue running and hiding from the weaklings that chased him. However, Jian Chen had told him to keep his identity hidden while not taking any drastic measures. In the end, Dugu Feng's arms and legs were tied. Without using his skill to intimidate everyone, he could only temporarily leave Fengyang City.

Many people started sighing. A scene like this was indeed a rare one.Chapter 282 - Discovered

Nanbei Chao was cultivating the heavenly favored Imperious Ruler skill, which made him destined to walk the path leading to him becoming an imperial emperor. The Trinity Fist was one of the Imperious Ruler skill's terrifying combat skills.

Jiang Chen said.

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