sword magic knight Chapter 1578

sword magic knight Chapter 1578

Bai Yushuang could feel herself grow quiet knowing that Jian Chen's gaze was on her. Forcing a smile onto her face, she spoke, "Xiang'er, I've done many wrong things towards you as a result of my narrow-mindedness. I've failed in my duty as your aunty, and for the past few days, your third aunt has been reflecting on this. I've acknowledged my mistakes and wish to apologize to you, Xiang'er. I hope that you'll forgive this aunty and give me another chance."

Great Master Ran Feng said with utmost sincerity. Although Jiang Chen had told them that the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills could only be consumed once per lifetime, and that that was the reason why he gave them his remaining pills, even an idiot could tell that what he said was just an excuse. Who would give out such precious pills so simply? Even if he had no use for them, he could still exchange them for many things he might need. Thus, Great Master Ran Feng could only remember Jiang Chen's kindness in his heart.

The king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom sat on his dragon throne with both arms trembling on their armrest. For a long time he was speechless, but then he sighed. "How unexpected. I did not think that the person I had offended would actually be the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. It is no wonder the Qinhuang Kingdom was that willing to gather up so many soldiers." Now knowing that Jian Chen was the Qinhuang Kingdom's Imperial Protector, the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom felt no more confusion in his heart. Looking at the whole picture now, he fully understood Jian Chen's identity. Only a status as illustrious as the Imperial Protector would be able to cause the Qinhuang Kingdom to send a large army, such great distance, to help the Gesun Kingdom.

"Brother Jiang, you have killed all the Blood Devils, as well as Lord Blood Moon. Once we return to the Black Sect, I'm sure Sect Chief will reward you handsomely."

Leaving the Tianqin clan, Jian Chen directly returned to the Gesun Kingdom. Afterwards, he called Jiede Tai and Nubis. He told the two about the Holy Empire, as well as what the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom had requested.

"F*ck, who dares shout so loud, are they waiting for death?"

"You're right, we can't let him reach the 90th step, and we definitely cannot let him reach the top! If he does, then we'll lose all our face!"

Many people felt an impulse to give this arrogant guy a severe beating, but eventually refrained themselves from the impulse. Some Late Divine Core geniuses were staring at Jiang Chen as well, hostility leaking out from their eyes. However, they didn't do anything either. Firstly, they had to conserve their energy for the upcoming competition, and secondly, they did fear this man who could cripple Luo Song with a single kick.

Because of this formation, it was impossible for any ordinary man to enter this tall hill. Tyrant was obviously very familiar with this place.

"What! Yo-you-you're, you're that Jian Chen!" The man was beside himself and his voice began to tremble.

Jian Chen's words had caused the seven to look afraid for a moment before the elder who had spoken up before said once more, "Junior, this is nothing more than a misunderstanding. We aren't from the Tianxiong clan and were only invited by them. Today if you let us go, we will not be able to thank you enough."

"Isn't that the Lanming clan? For them to have so many injuries, did a powerful faction decide to be their enemy?"

While the Heaven Stolen Fortune was quite terrifying, the amount of energy used was immense. Increasing one's strength would use an equivalent amount of energy. While a person's strength could suddenly skyrocket, the amount of energy lost would skyrocket as well.

"Hmph, Tie Ta. since you want to suffer so badly, then don't blame me. Don't think that just because you're the headmaster's apprentice, I won't dare to attack you. Let me witness exactly how great the headmaster's apprentice's abilities are."

The middle aged man's face grew dark, "Hmph, the three brothers behind me are the pillars of my mercenary group and have traveled extensively with me for over twenty years. We've went through multiple life or death situations and even crawled up from the very depths of hell together to become friends until death! Just how could that be compared to the people you've randomly found outside the clan?" With that, the man turned to look at Jian Chen once more, "So you haven't left yet still? Did you wish for me to remove you from this area personally then?"

"Ugh££ this stinks like hell! Ahh!! Blergh££"

"He is back?"

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