Alarm Clock and Mirror Chapter 754

Alarm Clock and Mirror Chapter 754

Big Yellow had actually been approaching a breakthrough before this. After he had eaten a huge amount of natural essences, his body had been filled with enormous amounts of energies. Therefore, a true transformation was going on while he was sleeping.

"Jian Chen, my gap with you is getting bigger and bigger. It looks like it'll be very difficult from me to catch up with you in this lifetime." Tie Ta looked at Jian Chen with a complicated expression and said with a pained smile. Thinking back when they were still in Kargath Academy, although his strength was not as great as Jian Chen, it was almost the same. However, only after a few years, Jian Chen had already become a Saint Ruler, reaching a great level where he had no hope of catching up. This also caused the simple and honest Tie Ta to be filled with disbelief.

Yu Zi Han said worriedly.

Qin Jue who had just pushed his way out from behind had overhead the entire conversation with a look of utter disbelief. He didn't dare believe what he had just heard, but he didn't see Dugu Feng say anything in objection and had even replied back to Qin Xiao with a smile. In the end, Qin Jue could only choose to accept this as the truth, but his heart was still filled with doubts. Dugu Feng was one of the five experts and simultaneously had a clan behind him that had even the Tianqin clan's respect. Just how could a person like this suddenly become so close to Jian Chen?Chapter 325: Huang Luan

"I'll be going to the Chaotic Ocean tomorrow. I wonder if Brother Jiang can assist me? If you could go with me, I'm sure my hunting trip will be successful!"

Jian Chen looked to Tie Ta only to see 7 or 8 Blue Wolves left; however, each of the 8 wolves were already bloody, as if they had been bathed in blood. His already ragged clothing was becoming even worse, and was almost like a strip of cloth now. His clothes were no longer protecting his body, and instead revealed his chest underneath. Even the trousers had rips in parts, with blood dripping from the wounds beneath it.

Jiang Chen suddenly realized that bringing Yan Chen Yu along with him was not the real problem. Big Yellow was the one who brought trouble... No matter where this cruel dog went, he would always become the center of attraction by instantly attracting haters everywhere.

With help from Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, Zhang Wei and the others had finally experienced the feeling of flying. They were now rushing towards the direction of the Redsun Town.

His words caused Jian Chen to look grim with hesitation. Then with another sigh, he began to inquire about the state of the other three strongholds. That same night Jian Chen left, headed to the western stronghold, since it was the closest one from his current location and the most precarious one as well.

"Hahahaha, what method isn't useful? Let me tell you, as long as a method brings you victory, then it is a good method! If you want to survive on the continent, then you can't afford to be inflexible! Otherwise, you won't survive for long." The one-armed man laughed.

An incredulous look greeted Ming Dong's face as he spoke, "What did you say, is my hearing going bad? Your blood is the best panacea, just how could that be?" Ming Dong's face was almost as shocked as if he just discovered a new world.

He didn't understand just why the magical beasts were shivering with fear, but when he followed their gaze toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range, he suddenly understood. That was where the Class 5 Magical Beast was. Perhaps, if the magical beast was as strong as Katata said it was, then even if the two strong envoys joined together, at the very most they would only be able to stall it.

Yan Chenyu shouted with an indifferent voice. "Ninth Emperor, this is my own matter. No matter who I marry, it has nothing to do with you."

"Jiang Chen, how dare you step on my face?! I'll report this to the higher management! To go against your superiors and scold the Sect Elder, this is the greatest sin that can't be forgiven! You will just have to wait to receive punishment from the sect management!"

"Hold your breath and focus, free your body and mind completely!"

"Damn, there's no way we can run, don't tell me he is going to kill us££"

"Hmph! You want to use a finger skill against me? Your crude Heavenly Imperial Finger is too weak! Have a look at my Six Solar Fingers!"

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