True God in Martial World Chapter 2733

True God in Martial World Chapter 2733

"Theseˇ­ The seeds of the rare White Poria Flower, Agony Leaves and White Crane Lingzhi!" Qing Shui excitedly grab a few handful of seeds for each variety. After the time it took to brew a cup of tea, and after he completed his efforts, only then did Qing Shui feel at ease in his heart. In any case, with the amazing effects of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, if he did not fully maximize the potential of the realm, then he might as well bang his head on a wall and die for being an idiot.

Demonic Beast Forest and Giant Beasts Mountain were places like this. The fortune within was astonishing but simultaneously, there was also a great risk. In the world of nine continents, there were very few people who dared to enter these two places. ?

Chapter 375: Bai Xiaochun's Dao Protectors....

Anxiety rising to maddening levels, Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth and took out a transmission jade slip. For the first time since becoming the inspections commissionerˇ­ he took the initiative to contact the Giant Ghost King!

Qing Shui looked forward to passive skills more than he did the active skills. This was because passive skills were unlimited. Furthermore, he didn't need to purposely revolve it for it to work. The only thing they lacked was that they weren't as predictable as active skills.

Each person who cultivated the Live Forever Codex would produce different divine abilities. As for Bai Xiaochun's, they were an amalgamation of his subconscious mind, and the Daoist magics that he had cultivated in his life. And he was confident thatˇ­ by combining them with the fleshly body power provided by the Undying Codex, they would make him far more formidable than anyone who had mastered a single one of the codices!

"If you people have what it takes, come at me one by one!" he shouted angrily. Thankfully, he was capable of shocking speed which, when combined with his cultivation base, made him incredibly fast. Most importantly, he had broken through to the Powered Bones level, which gave him an added bit of speed.

The current master of the Qianyu Clan was Qianyu Dingjun's father. The Qianyu Clan was also densely populated. This was because his father had a dozen siblings who lived under the same roof. Some had passed away, but a few remained. Qianyu Dingjun also had a handful of siblings, cousins from his father's side, and cousins from his mother's side. Then they also have a few members from Qianyu He's generation, which totaled up to about a thousand members altogether. However, some of them did not live under the same roof with Qianyu Dingjun, otherwise, their family would overflow the mansion within a thousand years.

"Di Clan keeps themselves well hidden. Although they are the smallest in terms of population, they are the most outstanding. In fact, everyone feels that Di Clan already as a very strong cultivator. It was said that Di Clan's bloodline is only weaker than the legendary Violet Bloodline and Golden Bloodline. No one knows how powerful Di Clan truly is." old man Sima sounded very helpless when he said that.

"What about the Joyous Sect and the Joyous Forest Sect? Why do they have such names?" Qing Shui curiously gazed at Yiye Jiange.

After which, he descended to the first floor of their residence, only to see a clumsy silhouette doggedly practicing the Solitary Rapid Fist.

"Master, this legacy fan has a total of 108 fan ribs, each of which are filled with various rewards. If you want them, they'll appear in front of you instantly.

Mu Qian acted like he didn't notice but Mu Qing looked at Qing Shui, feeling a little worried. Yin Yuanjiao felt like killing Qing Shui on the spot when he saw Mu Qing's expression.

"I'm definitely never going to absorb any more lightning ever again. It's way too dangerous!!" Even as he crawled out into the open, he heard a howl of rage echoing from above.

The courtyard was filled with warriors wearing the same uniform. Even though there were fewer people here compared to Heavenly Palace, each and every one of them were elite warriors. Despite that, Qing Shui felt that it still shouldn't be any less than a hundred thousand people.

It hadn't been very long since they were back and the people in the Qing Village had came over one after another. Their pious attitude had let Qing Shui know that the Qing Clan and them were already from two different worlds.

"Justˇ­ just what kind of fire is this?!" Even the Celestial was forced to retreat in the face of the heat. Also pushed away wasˇ­ Du Lingfei!

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