Genius Aberrant: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration Chapter 2144

Genius Aberrant: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration Chapter 2144

This boosted Qing Shui's confidence. The Soulshake bell was still at the 5th level, although this caused Qing Shui to feel unhappy, it should be more or less about time to level up again. Playing with the small violet bell, Qing Shui felt a peace of mind.

Bai Xiaochun settled his qi. His face was extremely grim as the volcanic rage that had been building up in his chest suddenly erupted.

The Golden Haired Ferocious Lion was no different from Xi R's description. Qing Shui observed Jin Changzheng who suddenly appeared much smaller. Jin Changzheng did not look flustered and his smiling expression did not waver, but he was clenching tightly to his Cold Moon.?

Seeing the graceful and gentle lady's affectionate gaze, Qing Shui nodded towards the amused Canghai Mingyue.

"Then, do you still want to try this? You must know that the better a medicine is, the greater its efficacy. If it cannot interact properly to cure an illness, and the body is not able to reduce the effects, it will be extremely damaging for the body. It may even be life-threatening." Qing Shui told her the truth, which Yuan Su should have already known. It was just that once a person stubbornly believed in something, it was difficult for them to change. Just like in his previous life, there were people who had impotency issues. Even though they knew that some drugs were unsafe, just like drinking poison to quench one's thirst, they would still buy those expensive drugs.

An army of ants could kill an elephant, an army of wolves could do the same. Many of the One Horned Silver Wolves stood there motionlessly. However, it would take forever for the Diamond Gigantic Elephant to kill every single one of them in the field!

The other prime elder chuckled. Sounding a bit sarcastic, he said, "That's what Blood Stream Sect disciples are supposed to be like. Don't concoct pills like everyone else! You can see at a single glance that he walks a devilish path. Everyone else concocts pills as if they're drinking warm water. He concocts them with explosive flair!"

Suddenly, he felt a sense of restlessness inside his body, as if his body was telling him to vent his frustrations to his heart's content. In the past, when he didn't have the power to defeat his opponents, he could only feel helpless and timid. Rather than risking death, he would be forced to try all options in order to survive. However, things had changed now. Even though he didn't possess power that could top the world, he still possessed the qualifications to step into Seven Stars Country and influence its workings.

Qing Shui looked toward the person who spoke. It was a man about 35 to 36 years old. He was wearing a grey long-sleeved top, was thin and tall, had bright eyes and gave one the feeling that he was intelligent.

Lai Jiutian thought to himself. His blood was already boiling, but he didn't show it.


Within the five immortal domains that made up the Saint-Emperor Dynasty and the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, countless people noticed what was happening, and looked up in shock. They could all sense an indescribably powerful energy radiating from the damaged fan, an energy that filled all of the Eternal Immortal Domains!

Bai Xiaochun was taken aback by how mysterious the old man sounded, although he didn't understand anything that had just been said. However, the man looked pretty cool as a fisherman, and therefore, Bai Xiaochun nodded a few times, and then cast his line out into the heavenly pond.

Right at the moment when Qing Shui's shield attack clashed against the Heaven Soaring Silver Tiger, Lin Yuchen's body suddenly moved horizontally by ten meters. He only barely dodged it!

Zhao Wuyuan suddenly gave a great shout as he abruptly raised both his hammers up in the air. The next moment, his arms swelled, as they enlarged to two times the size compared to his original arm size.

If the Mortal Renegade won, then the Eternal Immortal Domains would be consumed. The Eternal World would be plundered, and the Mortal Renegade would use the Essence of the Eternal to reach the Eternal Realm!

However, when going out on missions, the sect would make sure that the area wasn't too dangerous. As long as one was careful, one wouldn't face any mortal danger. In fact, imposter Nightcrypt had even come here, and was relatively familiar with the area.

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