My House of Horrors Chapter 698

My House of Horrors Chapter 698

"Jiang Chen, dead dog, no matter where you go, I'll kill you both today!"

"What? You have no idea how many geniuses and handsome guys there are who wants to get in touch with me in the Southern Continent. I just asked you to marry me, and you're so reluctant££"

It had only been a thousand meters before Jian Chen could stabilize his footing. Catching sight of the five men, Jian Chen immediately began to congregate all of the surrounding fire element in the world around him before forming five different flame swords. Each one flickered with an intense flame that looked as if it could roast the air. In the following seconds, the temperature around the swords had begun to heat up.

When all the assassins had passed away, the giant pillar of light that had descended from the sky quickly disappeared. All those who were trapped inside also regained their mobility, and the frozen time began to flow again. The ferry broke through the water, and the river water also began to flow slowly, producing light splashing sounds.


It did not take too long for a grand carriage to come to a stop right in front of the inn. One could tell that this carriage was brand new just by looking at it. It was particularly pretty and had plenty of flowers on it, like it was a carriage decorated for a festival.


"I know all of you are worried about Yu Zi Yan, but if we strike now, not only will we be unable to save her, all of you will be killed. Even if I could deal with Lord Blood Moon, how are you all going to fight more than a thousand Blood Devils?"

"Hale, Francis, come and help me. Tian Feng, go protect the young master and escort him out."

"I thank you three for your troubles." Changyang Ba spoke in gratitude before walking into the room along with Jian Chen, his mother, and You Yue right behind him.

Jian Chen's heart pulsed after hearing Chang Bai talk. From his few years at the Changyang Mansion, he had never once heard about this Ancestor or Chang Bai's master come up as a topic before. Although he had only just heard about the two, he was sure in his heart that these two people were actually very strong and had power incomparable to anyone else. Most likely the two were not afraid of the Hua Yun Sect and were former elders of the clan.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment as he watched Yun Lian. Finally, he said, "Come with me to the Gesun Kingdom."

The night went by quickly and in a flash the sky was filled with the colors of the day. And at that moment, a sound could be heard coming outside of Jian Chen's room.

Big Yellow cursed. The feeling of missing an attack almost made him go crazy.

"Hmph, his injuries are already quite grave. Even if you used the very best herbs, it would take a month or two to heal from, and even then, that would not be a guaranteed full recovery. For me collecting fifty purple coins is quite cheap." He had a firm look on his face, but he was laughing to himself secretly. He was quite familiar with Wake City so he knew that he was the only Radiant Saint Master there. He also knew that the Kai clan had plenty of money, so since he was in control of the situation, he wasn't afraid to force open the jaws of the lion.

Fan Kun had a proud expression. Indeed, he had the capability to be proud in the Black Sect. In his mind, no matter how much of a genius Jiang Chen was, he would get himself killed by Lord Blood Moon. After he raped Yan Chen Yu, with the help of his grandfather, he would be free from any punishment. Besides, the Sect Chief wouldn't punish him for a dead person.

Hearing that, the middle aged man gave a mutual look toward his friends. With a wave of his hands, the entire group surrounded Jian Chen.

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