ELECTUS Chapter 1933

ELECTUS Chapter 1933

His words instantly brought excitement to trio's faces. For inner circle disciples like them, it was a dream to have a Combat King as their backing. They were well aware of Tan Lang's true strength, as he was a near invincible existence amongst those of the same level, and was the most promising candidate for the 13th tycoon status. If they were to follow him, a bright future would be guaranteed.

"Ye Xiao, even now, you're still talking trash? I just killed Shangguan Chong; do you really think I'm scared of you? If you had knelt down in front of me just now, your life might have been spared. But, it's too late!"

"I also do not know what it is, but I can feel the place where that treasure is hidden. It is right within a wasteland behind the Whirling Sun City, and my feeling is definitely not wrong. Besides, since that treasure can be sensed by me, it is definitely going to be an extraordinary one!"

Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Chen. A wave of terror swept through his mind, but soon his eyes regained their firmness. He turned around and looked at those men from the Mu Rong family who were under his control and said, "Do as young master commanded. Those with the Mu Rong name will have their cultivation base destroyed and one arm cut off, then chased out of the city."


Caraga could feel the damage done to his Saint Weapon with a shocked expression, As the azure and violet Sword Qi flashed in between his eyes again, he immediately remembered his surroundings and quickly increased the distance between him and Jian Chen.

Jian Chen quickly dislodged Tie Ta from the branch and without caring for the fire's heat, he quickly extended his arms and tore away at the wolf leather Tie Ta was wearing.

Afterwards, Jian Chen spent the next three days in Changyang Manor. The only times he had stepped out from the manor was when he went to visit Kendall's wife and son, Sans. The plight Sans was in had motivated Jian Chen's desire to become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master as soon as possible.

Seeing who was coming, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow immediately burst out into laughter.

"Haha, what a joke! I doubt Jiang Chen will ever come back! Han Yan, both you and Jiang Chen are men who walks an evil path, I'll kill you today and help the Black Sect get rid of its black sheep!"

Gaining this new opportunity, Jian Chen didn't hesitate. His figure immediately became a blur as he headed toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Jian Chen's heart trembled as he watched the girl reappear 10 meters away from him. But when he saw that the girl's face was paling, it looked like it had taken a great amount of energy to use such a fast movement technique.

Just as Jian Chen saw the person's appearance, a cold glare returned the strange look on Jian Chen's face. The yellow-robed person was actually a twenty-year-old lady with an appearance that could rival the immortals. Her long black hair danced in the wind behind her, but did nothing to hide the amazingly cold glare within her eyes that brimmed with intelligence. Even her eyebrows had a feeling of elegance to them. On the back of the woman was a two-meter longbow made of gold that was giving off a golden shine, making it seem quite unordinary.

Pleading even harder now, she said, "I beg of you to help me. My Advance Earth Tier Battle Skill is yours in return."

Quan Youcai chuckled, "Brother Yang Yutian, you see, the competition is getting closer and closer. Also, the rule of the union is only that Radiant Artes cannot be given to outsiders. There's nothing preventing core members from exchanging it with each other. The competition is getting closer by the day; if we both get a hold of the three artes, we'll have a greater chance at entering the top ten. So, don't you see££" Quan Youcai rubbed his hands, staring at Jian Chen enthusiastically.

"Who was that young man? How does he have the audacity to kill Green Sanctuary Sect disciple in Misty Mountain?"

With a creaking sound, the doors began to open. The scenery inside appeared before Jian Chen's eyes.

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