The City of Terror Chapter 2009

The City of Terror Chapter 2009

With that, he decided to check his cultivation base.

Anyone with the blood of the Heavenspan Realm that got close to the statue would feel their blood surging. It would make cultivation easier, and would provide a boost to both their battle prowess and their spirit enhancement abilities!

"Guys, look, is this a martial arts tournament or a date?"

Qing Shui had heard about the "Art of Golden Thread" before. He did not find it unfamiliar as he already heard a few topics related to Jing Clan's Art of Golden Thread even before he met the people from Jing Clan.?

After Qing Shui stopped, he started to refine the skin and blood of the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King. This Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King's elemental attribute was fire and the fire attribute correlates to strength, thus Qing Shui first used the Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King's skin to draw a Godly Force Talisman!

The ˇ®Sky Platform' was the place where big carriages and flying beasts transited. Since it was too crowded in other places and it was very easy to cause a traffic jam, this place was built specially for parking big carriages and flying beasts.

"Big bro Xiaochun!" It was Hou Xiaomei, who came bouncing over happily through the crowd, followed by Hou Yunfei, who was also smiling.

From this single action, she understood what Qing Shui was trying to do and started to dodge seriously. The progression in a real battle was faster and Mu Qing was well aware of this fact.

Suddenly, a stream of Spirit Qi burst out of the formation, directly causing it to activate. Since Qing Shui and Mu Qing were both within the Eye of the formation, they were exposed to the formation. Mu Qing looked over at Qing Shui with joy.

"Do you have some troubles? Or it isn't convenient to talk about it? If you don't mind, I can be a listener. Maybe you would feel better."

Even as the fire burned, the weeping continued. However, as the roughly one hundred houses in the village were burned to the ground, Bai Xiaochun realized that in the second story of one of the buildings was a wooden cot. Laying on that cot was a marionette, who was looking at Bai Xiaochunˇ­ and weeping.

"Brother Luo, tell me about Qing Shui's progress. I really look forward to that," The old man said to Qing Luo with a complicated expression in his eyes.?

"So even a little demoness like you will feel shy!" Qing Shui smiled. He was really enjoying this moment of silence.

Ear-splitting booms rang out constantly. Before long, Bai Xiaochun's two ordinary flying swords were destroyed. Only his wooden sword remained. However, the three skulls were much dimmer than before, and were clearly significantly damaged as they flew back to Chen Yue.


Generally speaking, there wasn't much in between the different layers that were the five shackles of mortality. They were like circles with a fixed size and shape. However, with Bai Xiaochun, that fixed circle appeared to be expanding rapidly!

"Right now, I don't even count as a Frigid Acolyte." Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath. He knew that this wasn't a matter that could be rushed. The only thing he could do was slowly absorb Heavenspan River water and accumulate frigid qi.

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