MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 2234

MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 2234

"Yan Zhan Yun, that little bastard Jiang Chen has killed a man from the Heavenly Sword Sect. He is going to die for sure! Even though he unleashed a poison attack, without proper preparations it wouldn't be easy for him to succeed. Do you really think that with his Mid Qi Hai realm abilities, he would be able to defend himself from a Mid Mortal Core warrior? As for your Yan family, by stopping me today, you have offended the Heavenly Sword Sect! You are going to meet the same ending as Jiang Chen sooner or later. Sadly, I can't kill Jiang Chen personally and slice him into a thousand pieces. But even after Jiang Chen is dead, I won't let the Jiang family in Fragrant Sky city go!"

A pair of wings appeared on Big Yellow's back. He continued flying with incredible speed, and charged right into the group of enemies. He opened his mouth widely, then he simply bit toward the head of the Late Combat Soul warrior who was still puking.

After killing Mao Sheng, Jiang Chen didn't stop. He turned around and continued walking toward the rest of the Combat Soul warriors. All of these mighty warriors were his enemies, the most formidable enemies, so leaving them behind would be a huge risk for Jiang Chen, and it would be a tremendous threat.

Big Yellow shouted out. Without having to be informed by him, the Ice Demon king had already arrived in front of the Crown Prince. It used its gigantic fist to deliver a punch straight onto the Crown Prince's chest.

"Jiang Chen, take this, Soaring Heavens Sword!"

"Do I need to use poison to deal with you? That would be a waste!"

The monster cores within Jian Chen's hand had all of its energy absorbed, so with that, Jian Chen took out a Class 5 Monster Core from his Space Belt.

"City Lord, are we not going to go down to prevent this situation? After all, Phoenix City belongs to us." An elder said calmly.

Jian Chen looked around for a moment before wrapping himself up with the wind element and disappearing from the streets in a fast blur of speed.

"Yes, Imperial Protector!" The three men bowed respectfully before bowing out.

With a smile on his face, Jiang Chen stopped his comment. Nan Bei Chao was really somebody, but Jiang Chen was not scared of him. When Nan Bei Chao chose to become Jiang Chen's enemy, his destiny had changed, and he would certainly receive a miserable ending.

Gently taking Huang Luan's arm off of himself, Jian Chen replied, "The situation has not yet reached a situation where it cannot be saved. Don't worry, I will do my best to help you away from this abyss of suffering. I will go speak with your ancestor."

Vehemently, the Saint Ruler glowered at Jian Chen. "Jian Chen, I'll remember this day." He spat between gritted teeth.

Big Yellow wanted to throw up some blood. What an unlucky day for both of them, they had actually entered a cave of devils that had such a strong enemy.

"Stop right there!"

Jian Chen didn't bother to look at them anymore and continued to eat his meal. "If you cannot bring out the money, then please leave. I've already reserved the inn, I don't welcome you here."

Hearing Luo Jian address this middle-aged male like so, Jian Chen paused. His gaze rested on the male's back for a bit, as his heart realized the man's identity. To his relief, it was the one who held the position second only the headmaster's: Kargath Academy's one and only vice headmaster, Bai En.Chapter 31: A Breakthrough├┐Peak of the 10th Layer

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