Horsiken Chapter 1195

Horsiken Chapter 1195

Qing Shui was dumbfounded. The strength of ten countries, what horrifying level of strength was that? If he pushed himself to the limit, he could barely be considered a Peak Martial King. The strength of ten countries is 10 times his present strength!

"Little Bei, I have given those martial art skills and medicinal pill to you and Sister Qing. By the time I come back next time, you guys should already be Xiantian Warriors." Qing Shui chuckled.?

Feng Youde's anxiety continued to build as the blurry figure led him to a valley filled with birdsong, the fragrance of flowers, and strong spiritual energy, as well as a pond filled with seven-colored fish swimming lazily about. Closer inspection revealed that the fish looked very much like infant dragons.

This was the first time that Qing Shui had seen this third kind of expression from this lady. A faint smile, a worried expression, and the previous slight anger. Of these three expressions, the first one was for everyone, while the second and third were for himself.

Bai Xiaochun was still lowered in a bow. However, his eyes were so bloodshot they seemed like they might start bleeding, and the impulse to take action began to rise up in his heart.

Although it wasn't clear how he had managed to get the information out, it was never discovered by the original Giant Ghost King, nor by any of the following generations, all the way down to the ninth. Therefore, it was likely that the current ninth generation Giant Ghost King didn't know about it either.

A boom rang out as Mistress Red-Dust was shoved backward several paces. When she came to a stop, her expression looked more complex than ever. Bai Xiaochun's progress was shocking; although she had not attacked with full force right now, it was obvious that Bai Xiaochun hadn't either. The complexity of her emotions deepened as she apparently remembered something important.

She was that woman from the Feng Clan!

"Hey, boo!" he called out in a loud voice. "You know, this desert is a really dangerous place. If you plan to cross it, you need to be very careful. Besides, I've been all over the place, and didn't find an exit of any kind."

Thinking about what it would be like when Li Qinghou used the Aphrodisiac Pill, Bai Xiaochun began to hum a little tune and head back to his throne.

"Then just tell me your conditions and I will allow it. Whatever it is, I hope the Yan Clan will still be able to leave a legacy behind." The elderly man seemed to be tolerating Qing Shui as he grudgingly made his offer.

Treating others with kindness, justice, and passion was what deeply engraved in Qinghan Ye's heart. She thought of the violent side Qing Shui had displayed for that lady. While she felt that the lady was heavily injured, it was very worth it, and she was even a bit envious of that lady.

Right now, the rebels in Giant Ghost City felt very alarmed as they sat and waited to find out what would happen. If the Giant Ghost King had simply died, then there would have been much less to worry about. But he had been rescued by Bai Hao, a fact which hung over the heads of the rebels like a sharp blade. They could only hope that the three deva patriarchs would manage to find the Giant Ghost King and kill him in time.

"Nightcrypt, this is my command medallion. If you ever change your mind, bring it to Corpse Peak. We'll always have a Dharma protector spot open for you!"

"Let's go. Please sit over there. My big brother and second brother will come over shortly. You should help yourself with the drinks." Dongfang Third Elder seemed very happy.

"This matter is between the Tu Clan and the Hai Clan, I advise sir to not interfere so as to not get into any trouble. If you leave now, I can let you go." Tu Gang frowned as he spoke to Qing Shui.

After seeing how proud the little turtle was with himself, Bai Xiaochun thought for a moment, then lowered his voice and said, "Hey little turtle, I know you can eat the dragonfish and the lotus seeds, but what about¡­ the lotus roots down at the bottom of the lake? Can you eat those too?"

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