Invincible Chapter 2607

Invincible Chapter 2607


The shopkeeper shook his head, "Incorrect, thirty thousand purple coins!"

So when the barrier that had been previously silent as it protected the city before suddenly prevented the elders from stopping this battle, the twenty-second and twenty-third elder had been dumbfounded. For countless of years, they had never seen something like this happen before where even they of the city were stopped.

The president chuckled, "Radiant Artes are the only method that Radiant Saint Masters can use to attack. There's a great variety of them, essentially infinite. Child, once you become a core member and enter the Radiant Saint Tower, you will understand more clearly yourself."

On the wall stood two middle aged men. One of them wore a long white robe, while the other wore black armor. At that moment, the two middle aged men were looking at the group of people currently walking into the distance outside of the city at rapid speeds.

"It does require a large amount of Chaotic Force, but master doesn't need to worry about that now!" Ziying spoke carefully. He didn't know just how Jian Chen would react to this.

"Impossible, just how could an Earth Saint Master be a match for a Heaven Saint Master?"

What was more shocking was that the Ruler Armament-wielding Dugu Feng had also been forced back three steps by the ordinary looking sword of the youth.

The mother could only shake her head with a blank expression, "Your mother doesn't know either. However, our benefactor knows your father, and if he is willing to help us this much their relationship must be a good one."

He only saw that his brother's limbs remained non-existent. Nothing grew from the stumps, not even by a little. Jian Chen had given his all to use the Radiant Saint Force on Changyang Hu's body, yet there was actually no effect at all.

Wu Yan struggled hard to open up his eyes. After finally opening them, he threw an angry glance at Qiu Tianba who was still whining on the ground. Right at this moment, his biggest wish was to rip Qiu Tianba apart, because this piece of dog shit hadn't informed him about the opponent's identity. This was ridiculous! If Wu Yan had known that it was Jiang Chen who had beaten Qiu Tianba, he would definitely not have come here at all.

"This really blinded my dog eyes! Li Wu Shuang was cultivating the Tyrannical Script, a High Ranked Earth cultivation skill as well as a combat skill which he inherited from a Combat Soul warrior, and with that incredibly tough body of his, he actually lost in a match of raw strength against Jiang Chen! Unbelievable!"

"I never thought you would be such a lucky bastard!"

He never would have thought that someone would appear from nowhere and change all of this with such ease.

Recollecting himself, he gave a furious smile before glaring at Jian Chen, "Good! Very good! Kid, you have guts to speak to me in such a manner. In fact, you are the first in Walaurent City!" Tian Jue looked to the middle aged man at his side, "Guard Cheng, take this arrogant child in! Hmph, to think that he would dare talk to me like that, he must be tired of living."

"Right, it seems we won't need to go hunting tomorrow. We'll be able to eat and be merry for two days at the least to relax."

Yan Chen Yu said as she walked forwards. Other people were scared of cold, but she didn't fear it. She had a Divine Body with Nine Yin Meridians, and it was the coldest power in this world. Any coldness was just a tonic for her.

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