Douluo Dalu : Sword Fanatic Chapter 1071

Douluo Dalu : Sword Fanatic Chapter 1071

On their way, they saw rock gardens, small lakes, greenery and pavilions...

The black iron gate was almost ten metres tall. At this moment however, it was opened widely, absolutely wide. There were two rows of guards below the gate. They were all around their thirties. They were all wearing the guard costumes that were exclusive only to Feng Clan. Each of them held a sword in their hands.?

Xi Ri was considered one of his friends he could count on. The Gongsun Clan didn't treat him bad, but Gongsun Jianyun should not be considered as a friend at all!

"I guess so." Qing Shui smiled as he warmly replied.

Mighty Elephant's Recklessness!

After thirty breaths of time, the final lightning bolt was neutralized, and the multi-colored shield faded away. The disciples of Fragrant Cloud Peak were left trembling, the intense feeling of danger still lingering in their hearts. After a moment, they turned with bloodshot eyes to look in the direction of Bai Xiaochun's cave.

A few days passed in which his anxiety fermented, and the lotus banquets continued. All of his energy was focused on trying to figure out how to get more lotus seeds, to the point where he spent every day walking along the edges of the lotus leaves.

The middle-age man who had presented the ”®heartgem' turned to looked at the three of them.

After meeting Qing Shui, the injuries that had bugged many Xiantian alchemists for over 10 years had not only recovered, but he had also regained his abilities of his fully mastered grade 8 Xiantian level. Most importantly, with such a rare talent like Qing Shui under the Skysword Sect, it would not be impossible for the Skysword to reach greater heights or even gain control of a continent.

They endured the hardships of travelling and rushed towards the Heavenly Palace. After two months, the bandages around Qing Shui had long been taken down. Even though it was said that when one hurt their muscles or bones, it would only take them a hundred days to recover, but Qing Shui's injuries were much more serious than that. Luckily his recovery speed was still at a pretty good rate. If he still had his cultivation, he believed that with his recovery ability, one day would have been enough for him to recover completely.?

Ghostmother seemed too weak to do anything, whereas Gongsun Wan'er, who was Ghostmother's left arm, and could control the sealing power of the bone galleon, was going to the lengths of destroying the treasure that was the eight trigrams mirror. By combining the power from beyond the heavens with the sword she held in her hand, she was preparing to break the sealing mark that continued to descend onto her.

Whenever it was burnt by the flame balls, it would open without restraint its enormous mouth that was large enough to devour Qing Shui as a whole. It was to be expected as worm species generally had low intelligence, and this gigantic creature, despite its strength, was still in the end a worm. Even though its strength and the size of its body had been enlarged, its intelligence still remained the same. Once the worm was inflicted with severe pain, it would squirm around crazily and attack anything in its sight. It would also open its enormous mouth and screech in pain.

Qing Shui felt the figure move through his spiritual sense. He felt uncomfortable by its movement as he felt the figure was no different than a human being. The only difference was the long arms extended beyond the knees”­..

"Yeah!" Qing Shui answered reluctantly.

"That”­ is the seed! I will make that seed sprout, and turn it into the most towering of trees!" With that, the gravekeeper slowly rose to his feet. As he did, the cloudiness in his eyes vanished, and all of a sudden, he pulsed with a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering energy!

"Qi of Xiantian looping around my body!" Qing Shui wasn't sure whether this was a sign of one of the characteristics of the Grade 3 Martial King. In an instant, Qing Shui looked more like a gold buddha.

Once he was behind the waterfalls, he saw the four young guards. Instantly, their eyes snapped open, glowing brightly as they observed him approaching.

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