Helping Each Other Chapter 1378

Helping Each Other Chapter 1378

"Jian Chen, sit, sit. It's already been some time since you became the fifth Imperial Protector of my Qinhuang Kingdom. We've never properly had a conversation with you, so we might as well have one now." Another Imperial Protector invited Jian Chen to sit down with an amiable tone.

In an instant, numerous golden beams shot out from the Heavenly Saint Sword. These golden beams stretched themselves at an incredible speed, covering the entire sky above the mountain range in the blink of an eye. They had formed into a huge golden net that completely sealed off the entire space.


That night, Jian Chen entered a random inn and ordered a meal and a room for the night to rest. The ones that were still following him had stumbled in as well and booked the adjacent rooms. The other group of men surrounded the inn in tight proximity to avoid Jian Chen from escaping from them.

The Ape King stared deeply at Jian Chen with a serious gaze before saying, "Any family with a Ruler Armament is a family with power. A person traveling alone with the Heavenly Tiger God will surely come across many unforeseen events!"

Lin Bai's parents were extremely simple and ordinary common folk. However, the son that they had did not have the same destiny. Not only was he the smartest child of the village, he accidentally discovered his abilities as a Radiant Saint Master in his youth. Afterwards, he became the most dazzling child prodigy of their area.

Taking out the black panther's monster core, Jian Chen and Tie Ta continued on their trip to kill magical beasts.

Big Yellow's head rammed right onto Firethorn Savage's head. Because he wasn't really defending himself, Firethorn Savage who was in his weakest state had no way of withstanding Big Yellow's powerful slam.

Changyang Hu grabbed Jian Chen's arm, his expression downtrodden as he spoke with concern, "Fourth brother, you'd better be careful in the outside world, understand?"

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit and started flying forward. Big Yellow and Wu Jiu followed on both sides.

Everyone was looking at Jiang Chen and wondering if he dared to accept the challenge.

The increase in the rate of absorption did not go unnoticed by the two men standing outside of the door. Staring at each other in the eye, they were both astonished at what they were both seeing.

"Tell them; those who haven't come and submitted to us by tomorrow, master dog will mercilessly kill!"

The bright red ray of light instantly flashed once before the sword in Xiao Tian's hand exploded with fiery light and washed over the eleven Heaven Saint Masters. There was a faint crack in the sky that could be seen from where the sword trailed behind. This was the might of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill; so strong that it could break the limits of the world itself and could fracture the sky.

Straight after, Jian Chen's figure disappeared in a blur as his leg planted itself against the man's chest once more with a biting cold gust of wind. The mercenary was sent flying high into the air before finally landing 10 meters away on the ground with a resounding "Bang!". Dust was knocked up into the air as blood came spurting out of the man's mouth. His face which was already very pale had started to wither a bit.

Big Yellow's ears stood up.


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