The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse Chapter 494

The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse Chapter 494

Jian Chen immediately looked at Nubis. Actually, he already vaguely knew the identity of the man. He just needed verification.

Variegated spatial turbulences like shooting stars flashed by in front of the group, dazzling them.

Inside Inferno City, Big Yellow was laughing with joy as he stared at the burning clothes in front of him.

"Belay that!" The lord immediately dashed the young woman's hopes. "You may be right. The Heiming clan has lost their Earth Saint Master and are no longer as strong as before, but even as that stands, they hold a plethora of information about the inner workings of the city. No other power can match that. Our Yun family would still benefit from this marriage, so don't go around dreaming of such an impractical reality."

After saying that, the two guardians increased their speed to their maximum and started fleeing in different directions. That youngster was too fierce; he had used the Heavenly Tribulation to kill Yunzhong He and Baoshan Xiong. As for the third tribulation bolt, it would be for either one of them.

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciple let the man go upon hearing this. The disciple sent out his Divine Sense and scanned most of the square, but he was unable to discover any trace of Big Yellow. He couldn't hold himself any longer and cursed, "Damn, that dog is really cunning, we let him escape again!"

However, Jian Chen knew very well that the roars in the forests were not actually made by wild beasts, but imitated by humans. They used a special method to transmit it throughout the entire mountain.

Being scolded by Jiang Chen, Yan Zhan Yun and the rest weren' t angry.They looked at the angry Jiang Chen anxiously, Yan Chen Yu included.No one knew why he was so angry.

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He took a step forwards, then he once again unleashed the True Dragon Palm toward Nanbei Chao. At this moment, the dragon shaped aura above his head was still there.

Not only the disciples of the Black Sect, even Jiang Chen felt speechless. He really had enough of these two idiots who had such high self-esteem.

"The fuck? The Palace Chief is such an amazing man!"

"I wouldn't have chosen this path if I knew we'd have to walk for so long££"

Therefore, even though Guo Shan never bothered about the matters of the Black Sect, let alone conflicts between disciples, and was always staying at his own mountain, just standing here was already enough to shock everyone. No one dared to ignore his existence, even the arrogant Fan Kun had to be respectful towards Guo Shan.

"My husband!"

Jian Chen's sudden burst of speed caused the distance between him and the Heaven Saint Master to increase by a large amount. However, the Heaven Saint Master began to increase his speed as well, following close behind Jian Chen and trying to close the distance.


"Palace Chief, this is truly great news! That Jiang Chen is the man who killed four guardians of the Demon King Palace and saved the Holy Maiden, making a huge contribution to us! Also, not only did this man attract Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, he also broke through to the Late Combat Soul realm in a short amount of time. However, this isn't the end, he actually killed Lord Nether with his Late Combat Soul strength, a truly frightening man! Now, including Jiang Chen, we have three Combat Kings, while the Demon King Palace only has two! We are clearly in an advantageous position now!"

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