Prisoner of her love Chapter 46

Prisoner of her love Chapter 46

When only three days remained in the competition, a bad rumor could be heard circulating about. Up in the north, three exceptionally strong men were talked about. Each one of them were a Radiant Saint Force user. This type of Saint Force was seldomly rare to see, but these Radiant Saint Force users were called the Radiant Warriors by most, and the undying by others.

Jiang Chen loudly shouted. The group followed the flaming dragon's trail. With its help, they were able to move forwards without any resistance. Anything that got in the flaming dragon's way would instantly be melted down.

"Brother Jian Chen, what business might you have for you to call on us?" After the maids left, Huang Tianba opened his mouth to speak.

Jian Chen only left the room of his mother when it was night time. Personally accompanied by her back to his own room, he was then greeted by two maids.

Against the strong amount of Sword Qi, Tianxiong Lie didn't bother to evade, instead, he used his earth attribute infused battle axe to defend himself.

Jiang Chen stared developing a strong interest towards Inferno Hell. He wanted to see for himself what kind of existence Inferno Hell was. The appearance of these strange realms was proof that he had broken the structure of Saint Origin."

"I can't stay any longer, if I don't leave as soon as possible, I feel like I'm going to explode at any moment!


The old man wore grey, long robes and his grey hair was tied behind his back with a piece of string. He currently sat in front of a table full of dishes, enjoying the wine and food slowly. The old man seemed extremely ordinary and did not attract anyone's attention. However, it essentially stupefied Jian Chen who had just come in.

The wild roars of the demons could be heard everywhere. Some of the demons with gigantic bodies like small hills destroyed all building wherever they passed.

Of course, since it had bumped into Jiang Chen and Tyrant, it was destined for this Third Grade Devil King to face a miserable ending.


Now even Mu Rong Zhan couldn't bear it, he took a deep breath.This young man was too cruel and unpredictable.How could he burn their bodies after killing them?This only served to further offend the Lee Family.

During the next three days, Yan Chenyu just kept sitting quietly on the frozen more. More and more ice-cold rain emerged around her body, and on the fourth days, some changes finally occurred above the frozen pond.

"Hmph! Fan Kun deserves to be killed, he assaulted Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan while Jiang Chen was away, such behavior has violated the rules of the Black Sect! However, since the Sect Chief is in secluded cultivation, and his grandfather is the acting Sect Chief now, Fan Kun can do whatever he wants and be arrogant!"

"Cheng Mingxiang, I hope that you bear in mind, this is Kargath Academy, not your Hua Yun Sect. If you want to continue living within Kargath Academy, then you must learn to comply with the rules. Otherwise, even if you are the young lord of the Hua Yun Sect, you will be punished accordingly. I hope that there won't be a repeat of this event. You may leave." When it came to Cheng Mingxiang, the vice headmaster was somewhat afraid of the consequences and didn't dare to punish him anymore.


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