The Returner Chapter 151

The Returner Chapter 151


"Trying to rob me? I'll let you all know who the real prey is today! Not only will daddy rob you all, daddy will also kill you all!"

Jiang Chen simply ignored the Third Emperor's words and started counting. After he counted to one, the Heavenly Saint Sword's tip was pushed deeper into the Crown Prince's throat.

The people of the eight clans all stood there absolutely dumbfounded, but they returned to their senses without much time. Although they were immobilised before, they could still think, witnessing the unbelieveable scene clearly. Over twenty Heaven Saint Masters were turned to dust, bit by bit, just like that from the white pillar of light, without any resistance. They could not even struggle. It caused great shock to them.

With a thought, the bronze plate fell back into Jiang Chen's palm, then he threw it toward the bright dot representing the Southern Continent.

Therefore, a man and a dog begun to fight within the cave; one wanted to eat the man, and the other wanted to drink the other's blood.

A greedy look could be found in Shangguan Yiqing's eyes. The mighty strength of the Heavenly Saint Sword was more than enough to compare it to an ordinary King Weapon. No one could resist its temptation.

Afterwards, Jian Chen immediately inspected his inner body once more. However, to his surprise, he couldn't detect any of the energy he had just absorbed at all. His dantian didn't show any change, and the energy inside had no indication of growth either; it was almost as if the entire show just now was merely an illusion that hadn't occurred at all.

The faces of all the Divine Core warriors became pale and awful. Nanbei Chao's mightiness had gone beyond their imagination, it had completely defied their common sense. How could a Mid Divine Core warrior be so strong? If they hadn't witnessed it themselves, they wouldn't have believed it at all.

The condition he was in now, where his potential had awoken caused Jiang Chen to feel excited in both body and soul. This was a rare opportunity, and he needed to feed his body well. He needed more energy!

The courtyard of the Tianxiong clan was rather simple with gates that were tall and remained open without a problem. Upon looking in, one could see eight sturdy and resilient men who would return the stares with a bright eye.

"I also surrender!"

"Fuck, do you really think we're all idiots? That's just a pig!"

A cunning look emerged in Liu Kui's eyes, he had made up his mind.

The Xiao family was a clan that had been established only a few dozen years ago. Situated within the First Class City known as "Huangge City", they were one of the three biggest powers there and were consequently a short distance away from the village.

Seeing that the blood pattern had laid true to Jian Chen's body, the third elder's eyes slowly closed as he fell down to the ground. His body resembled a mummy that had been deprived of moisture for an extremely long time.

Yan Chen Yu who was standing in the corner stared at Jiang Chen with her beautiful eyes while he was concocting the pill, lost in contemplation.

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