Legends of a warrior Chapter 2678

Legends of a warrior Chapter 2678

Jian Chen's speed was so fast that the student didn't have time to react, and could only watch in shock as the iron rod stabbed into his thigh.

Even more shocking to Jian Chen was that uncle Tian seemed to break apart the fabric of space as well. Furthermore, he appeared precisely within this not-as-spacious room. Such a precise position like this was almost unbelievable to him.

"Jiang Chen, don't go too far!"

"Source of Combat Strength Talisman."

South of the City of God, a simple-looking middle-aged man sat in a dark basement, and practiced his Radiant Artes. The thick, milky-white light illuminated the dark basement, and bleached everything. At the same time, the entire room was blazing hot, as if it was a sea of fire.

"Let me introduce you. This is Tyrant, you've met him before. You can just call him monk. This is Great Master Ran Feng, Tyrant's master. We're now in the Western Region££"

"Senior disciple Jiang, I think we should just stop here, after all, we have had our revenge."

Jiang Chen wasn't scared that any powerful warriors would kill him in an instant. Humans were after all greedy by nature. Him continuously leveling up had definitely attracted the attention of many, and he believed that many people would be interested in the £¦legacy' he had found yesterday, and that didn't exclude those 13 Tycoons. At that point of time, as long as they wanted to know about his secret, they would keep him alive, and the Freezing Hell Jail was the perfect place to place him.Chapter 517 - Freezing Hell Jail

"I've never heard of this Asura Palace. The Chaotic Ocean is an aquatic region that's rich with islands and resources. The people of the Liang Province journey to that place with hopes of finding something good, and that's the reason why it's such a chaotic place. Many pirates roam about freely, that's why it was named the Chaotic Ocean."

Another person said. Not only did the participating disciples look up with anticipation, even the spectators were filled with expectations. The Qi Province competition was prepared by the four big sects, the reward would surely not be lousy.

Since Jiang Chen had the confidence to enter the Freezing Hell Jail and rescue Tan Lang, he must have a trump card in his hand. In fact, his trump card was the Heavenly Tribulation. He hadn't gone through Heavenly Tribulation after breaking through to the Combat King, and now, with the arrival of those powerful warriors of the Asura Palace, he would make them go through Heavenly Tribulation with him. When Jiang Chen broke through to the Combat Soul realm, he was greeted by Minor Three Tribulation, and this time, he was sure to be greeted with Intermediate Six Tribulation. Once his Intermediate Six Tribulation arrived, the entire Freezing Hell Jail would be destroyed. He had no doubts about this.

Jiang Zhen Hai was startled. He looked at Jiang Chen and asked, "Chen'er, where are you going?"

"No way!"

The expressions of the Sect Elders immediately changed. No one dared hesitate, and they all immediately took out their combat weapons. With the combined counter attack from all of them, they had finally managed to block all beams. Some of the weaker Sect Elders felt their qi and blood being circulated in a messy way, which made them feel really bad.

Wang Ting sighed and shook his head, he looked like a man with a caring heart.

A Blood Winged Hawk's Demon Soul? What was that; many of the people present had not even heard about the Blood Winged Hawk. What if they provoked this Demon Lord, and he just simply destroyed the Lee family? It would be a joke; if the Lee family was just preparing to go to war with the Yan family and were finished even before the war began? That would just be bad luck.

One of the Blood Devil leaders who was about to start massacring the townspeople in the square let out a cold snort. His body swayed, then he pierced towards Jiang Chen. The other leader was about to follow him, but his path was blocked by Big Yellow.

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