Overthrowing Fate Chapter 1107

Overthrowing Fate Chapter 1107

Tianxiong Lie's entire body was shaking now. Right in front of him was the murderer of his son Tianxiong Kang. How could he ever forget about him? Even in his dreams every night, he would constantly be reminded of Jian Chen's existence despite seeing him a small number of times a year ago. Yet at the same time, Jian Chen's face was forever burned into the very depths of Tianxiong Lie's mind so that he would never be able to forget it.

"No matter what goal they have, we should still pay them a visit to regain the face we have lost to them, and ensure no other faction undermines our Qinhuang Kingdom."

Qin Ji laughed, "Second uncle, although Zhe Gu has died, another person with an unexpected amount of strength has appeared. It seems to me that he is by no means weaker and will be a great boost to our strength."

"I'm sorry, but I am no longer at the 1st level of the Qi Jing realm, but the 9th."

The Black Tiger dodged the battle axe by leaping into the air toward Kendall. Extending its jaws, the Black Tiger prepared to bite down onto him.


Jian Chen laughed as he looked at the red faced Changyang Ke. "Third brother, you don't even know if I was fighting fair or not." He said in a strange voice.

According to logic, this was a measure to ensure everyone's safety, and there was nothing to be said against it. However, when it came to Jiang Chen, it was a completely different story. He hated the feeling of being watched all the time.

This process only took up four hours of Jian Chen's time. After those four hours, Jian Chen had successfully transformed the Chaotic Force into his own energy.

"Old Man Ling Shan, how dare you get in my way?! This matter concerns the Qingyi Sect, you better step away from this!"


Not long after this he would start his real journey, and the Jiang family was the only thing he was worried about. If there was a Demon Lord residing in the Jiang mansion capable of protecting them, Jiang Chen would be able to be at ease. The stronger the old man was, the more help he would be able to provide

The reason for this was to make the auction simpler. All treasures would be bid on with Mortal Restoration Pills; it was the base currency for this auction.Chapter 292 ΓΏ Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm

On the other side, Big Yellow was sleeping like there was no tomorrow. A golden barrier appeared outside his body, covering him like a cocoon.Chapter 218 ΓΏ The Dog Emperor

"Can't even withstand a single blow."

Right now with even the generals of the Qinhuang Kingdom standing behind the youth, it was very obvious that this youth's status in the Qinhuang Kingdom was even higher than theirs.

Han Yan felt really speechless toward this dog.

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