Fate Online: Shadow Chapter 362

Fate Online: Shadow Chapter 362

Thinking about the question, Qing Yun replied, "According to the past few Gathering of the Mercenaries, a good amount of the top ten were all Earth Saint Masters. After all, to make a breakthrough into the Earth Saint Master realm is very difficult and perilous. To be able to reach the Earth Saint Master realm before the age of fifty is already an outstanding achievement."

Just at that moment, Jian Chen suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance. He saw four blood-red figures heading over and around the four people, there was a powerful but concealed killing intent, orbiting slowly around the four of them. It was Baleful Yin Force, condensed using a special method after killing countless lifeforms.

"I thought you were the master of this Heavenhawk Island, so why are you kowtowing to Brother Jiang?"

The important figures of the Changyang clan and the other representatives of the three clans of Lore City had all gathered in the area. Jian Chen's mother and the other aunts had been taken away by the guards to recover from their wounds, so Jian Chen had not been able to see his own mother.

Transforming into a magical beast, Nubis's ability in battle greatly increased. Just with his body as a beast of antiquity and the renowned venom, he could actually able to fight two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers to a stalemate temporarily.

At that moment, the Origin energy made contact with the barrier. With a "pop!" sound, the barrier was popped by Jian Chen's sword as if it had been a giant balloon filled with air. After the sword had pricked through it, the barrier completely disappeared from sight.

Upon hearing mention of the fourth master, Yu Fengyan and Bi Yuntian both didn't know how to react. They were both stunned since even the fact that there was a fourth master was an unknown fact to most of the soldiers.

"F*ck, kid. The beauty and us two are talking, since when was it your turn to interfere? Death won't come easy for you." The second brother glared at Jian Chen dangerously. While Jian Chen had a decent friendship with the young lord Qin Xiao who was within the same clan as Tian Zhou, they were the brothers of Tian Zhou and knew that Jian Chen was not a person he liked.

The higher level the pill was, the more difficult it would be to melt down its ingredients, and one would need to go through a tedious thought process in order to concoct it. Even an advanced alchemist would feel a headache at the stop of melting down these ingredients. This was because if there was a single mistake, it would severely affect the quality of the final product. In the fact of a true alchemist, any pill below 100% effectiveness was simply rubbish.

"Kid, let me warn you; you better not show you arrogance in this place. Open your eyes and look around before you talk. Who are you? You're not worth the time of our manager! What a joke!"

Shi Xiangran's face suddenly grew unsightly as he heard the girl's words. Those words were coincidentally the very words that stabbed at Shi Xiangran's weak point. Staring icily at her, he roared, "You repulsive b*tch!"

After he had talked with the other mercenaries about what other supplies he would need, Jian Chen had already collected the majority of them and continued to stroll around Wake City.

At this moment, the leader of the guards, Jiang Cheng, came in and said, "Mayor, Master Yan, there's a man named Yan Meng outside the door. He said he comes from Red city's Yan family, and he has something to tell the mayor!"

Jian Chen followed Jamie to a counter. Behind the counter sat an old man who also wore an azure badge.

Fan Zhong Tang shouted out loudly, an angry expression immediately emerged on his face. Jiang Chen's behavior was an insult to him. No matter what, he was a highly acclaimed Sect Elder, and the acting Sect Chief at the moment. Jiang Chen's behavior had insulted him in front of all the Black Sect disciples, and had put a shameful mark on his body that would never be washed away.

"Alright, I'll leave right now and start heading over to Fragrant Sky city! Rest assured Brother Jiang Chen. As long as Yan Hong Tai is there, no one will be allowed to touch a single grass or piece of wood in the Jiang family mansion!"

The Tenth Emperor was extremely pissed off, he instantly unleashed his killing intent.

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