All It Takes Is One Night Chapter 2526

All It Takes Is One Night Chapter 2526

Jiang Chen said.

"Kaka, brilliant, perfect! Little Chen, let them keep fighting! This method of killing enemies is really exciting, it's the first time this master dog has seen anything like it!"


Outside the door, Yang Yong and Yang Shuang walked around with anxious looks on their faces, waiting impatiently.

Nodding her head, the Heavenly Enchantress spoke no more as if she lost her interest in him. Switching her gaze over to the memorial tablets, her eyes suddenly grew distracted.

The sky was immediately sent into a turmoil, and layer after layer of void was ripped apart; causing chilling black wind to fly out the cracks. It was extremely eerie and frightening.

Giving a small shake of his head, Jian Chen forced out a smile, "Little sister, you must be mistaken. I've never seen your master before. Your master may have been the strongest this continent has ever seen before, but too much time has gone by. Your master has to have reached the end of his age span by now."

Above the skies, the old man stared at Yan Zhan Yun with his eagle sharp eyes. This was the man he was going to kill tonight. Once he killed this man, he would just leave this place.

"Let us be on our way as well!"

Senior An stealthily took a look at the girl with a hand scratching his nose and thought to himself, "It seems Jian Chen is correct. While this girl is quite lively, her temper is equally large. This isn't a person we should offend."


"Bullshit, many people saw it, it is definitely an Emperor Weapon! Jiang Chen, you're just making this up! Even if it was a King Weapon, how could you fuse it with your Natal Weapon with your cultivation?!"

Jian Chen was speechless.Chapter 339: The Soul Sword Once More

After taking out his map to look at for a while, he immediately began to fly into the general direction of where the sun was. After half a day, Jian Chen finally arrived at the Qinhuang Kingdom's imperial palace and descended down.

"Come, let's go and have a look, let's see who is the one who's brave enough to do so!"

Kendall's eyes wavered on the slender sword of Jian Chen's for a moment before growing calm once more and laughed, "If you guys don't believe it, then go ask Jian Chen yourself.". There was a smile on his face as he said this, but how could he not be happy? There was one more expert in his group now.

This group consisted purely of Combat Kings, so they were all very fast. Under the Second Manager's lead, they arrived at a mountain range in just a few dozen minutes. A group of men could be seen hovering above the mountain range. There were over twenty men in the group, but the auras they emanated was much stronger than the auras of those in Jiang Chen's group. They were all wearing the same white uniforms, the word £¶Heavenly' embroidered on their chests. They were all disciples of the Heavenly Sect, and they were all powerful Combat Kings.

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