Legend of Bumi Chapter 1610

Legend of Bumi Chapter 1610

"Let's go."

Fan Zhongtang unleashed a powerful skill. He slammed his palm onto Yuan Lei's chest, knocking him away. After that, he threw his glance at a remote mountain peak.

"What? Wu Jiu has broken through to the Combat King realm as well? That means the Black Sect has two Combat Kings now! I heard that Jiang Chen is a man who can defeat Combat King warriors. It looks like he really does have the capability of fighting the Martial Saint Dynasty."

Ming Dong's right hand was enveloped in a faint layer of the wind-attributed Saint Force. In that split-second, his forefinger and thumb had pinched together. In between those fingers, the giant two-hander had been caught.

The Imperial Emperor said with an extremely cold voice. As the most distinguished man of the Eastern Continent, he would never allow anyone to challenge his authority, much less threaten him.

"I'm not too sure myself. While they are the strongest power here, that only applies to the area around here. If a strong expert were to wander into this area, it can't be said that they would be able to fight against the Xia clan, or even make a move against them."

With glowing eyes, he left this deserted place.

"Lady Wu, looks like you've fully recovered."

After his return to the Changyang clan, Jian Chen didn't even stop to see his parents and headed straight to Ming Dong's place of rest. Xiao Tian and the others finished their mission and scattered instead of continuing to follow Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen said as he stood up from his seat. At this moment, the manager brought a group of men from the back of the restaurant and blocked Jiang Chen's way. Yin Ren had suffered a serious wound. If they allowed the culprit to escape while the Mayor was in the city, they would all be killed.

"Haha, this Jiang Chen is such a vengeful man, no one can afford to offend him! What he really wants is just to vent his anger. He's a really daring man, looking down on the prince like that. It would be really difficult to find another person who is similar to him. Just wonder, will Wu Cong and those geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect agree to Jiang Chen's condition?"

After finishing his words, Daoist Black disappeared from where he was standing. It was like he had never been here. It was actually just because his speed was extremely fast. Daoist Black was just one step away from the Combat Soul realm, his mightiness could never be imagined by ordinary people.

Jiang Chen stood up from where he sat.The benefits of this trip to Red city was great.The decision of joining the Misty Rain Tower caravan had proven to be a good one.If he didn't, then it would take him a lot more time to get the Soul Refining Pill.

"Hmph, forget it then!" Bi Lian glared balefully at Xiao Bai in disappointment.

Underneath the ancient black altar, dark fog was hovering around. Everyone were holding their breaths, not daring to say a word.

Nonetheless, an existence like Wu Cong gave both Han Yan and Nangong Wentian tremendous pressure, and a powerful fighting will. They felt like they needed to break through to the Combat Soul realm as soon as possible.

After that, all the other Combat Soul warriors started contributing as well. Currently, there were rogue warriors, strange cultivators, and great warriors from different powers in the Eastern Continent gathered on the Blissful Island, and more than thirty of them were Combat Soul warriors. With these Combat Soul warriors' cooperation, the Blissful Island's defense would be rock solid.

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