Roles and titles Chapter 1523

Roles and titles Chapter 1523

On the human side, the Profound River Palace was the strongest power. On the demon beasts' side, they were all led by the Demon King Palace. Because of these two supreme powers on both sides, true havoc had not once been wreaked in the Southern Continent.

As for those Combat Soul warriors, after two days of searching, they had almost gone through every single inch of the entire magma pool, but they hadn't been able to find a single trace of Jiang Chen.

"There are dozens of palaces here, and if all of them are filled with treasures££ this is unimaginable!"


Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit. The final moment was here, and his expression became serious. There was a saying that a dead camel was still bigger than a living horse; so even if the Firethorn Savage had entered a weakened state, he still couldn't be underestimated.

Every single member of the Flame Mercenaries went pale in the face. As Kendall fled for his life, he looked behind him at Jian Chen and threw his Space Belt at him, "Jian Chen, you have the strongest strength amongst all of us, so your chance of escaping is the highest among us. I entrust my Space Belt to you; you have to make sure you take this out."

"Too much bullshit! Li Wu Shuang, you're no match for me, you better just surrender straight away!" Han Yan said.

The Town Marshal had no choice but to be an autocrat, as he had to consider the safety of the majority. Gathering all the people together was the only way for them to fight the Blood Devils. If they chose to fight the Blood Devils separately, the casualties would be higher. Besides, all the townspeople would become weak sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Fluctuations of an intense fight had shaken the mountain, and many demon beasts had long ago fled. In front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, an Early Heavenly Core demon lord had died and had its demon soul dug out by Jiang Chen.

"The Imperial Prince."

The death of elder Mark had weighed heavily on the remaining three elders. Only the third elder had been able to regain his wits in time to dodge the Sword Qi. The other two had been too late to react, resulting in the Sword Qi to pierce straight into their chests.

But instead of stopping to wonder, the Class 6 Spirit Apes continued to fly at Jian Chen and tried to attack him with a rippling amount of energy. Hurtling their fists through the air, they tried to block any of Jian Chen's escape paths.

"Brother Yilong, this looks like an ordinary broken bronze plate, I don't think it's a big deal."

Energy waves were fluttering about violently. Nangong Yunzheng's energy was becoming stronger and stronger.

Katata's voice had suddenly attracted the attention of everyone else in Yun Li's company who immediately turned to look at the two black robed envoys. However, their own strengths weren't enough to perceive anything out of the ordinary from the envoys strength, so when they tried to inspect the two for a moment, they finally lost interested and turned away once more.

"Grand elders, what in the world is going on? Why has these clouds suddenly appeared over our heads? What does this mean?" The recently broken through Heaven Saint Master Saiya asked in confusion. He was extremely confused about why these rainbow clouds were suddenly appearing.

"Who do you think the Xia clan offended for them to have three hundred members slaughtered?"

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