I have Been Reincarnated! Chapter 75

I have Been Reincarnated! Chapter 75

Every now and then, there were little animals appearing. There were also Mountain Leaping rabbits, as not many other creatures could do much to them.?

Qing Shui remembered it all along.

"Haha, don't worry, you two will definitely like it!" Saying this, Qing Shui took out two small porcelain bottles from his "chests", handing them over to the ladies.

"Sir, this is the Drunken Immortal Inn. It's considered the best inn in this area." The coachman introduced the place to Qing Shui politely.

Yiye Jiange lowered her head, and her face was bright red. Qing Shui talked so fast that she didn't have time to stop him. Especially when she heard that she actually wore panties, Yiye was embarrassed, speechless, and a little happy at the same time because she actually had quite some status in his heart¡­

Qing Shui took a long and shallow breath before he exhaled slowly, as if to expel all the waste and some other negativities from his chest.

He faced about another 10 consecutive failures before he saw that spectacular golden light once again.

Finally, Qing Shui found a spacious area to land. He quickly rushed into the "Earthly Paradise"!

The magnetic voice was charming. QIng Shui now knew why Canghai Mingyue never looked at any man; she had a god-like man for a father. Girls tended to compare men to their fathers subconsciously. Qing Shui had never seen anyone remotely close to this man, and even Gongsun Sanqian of the Skysword Sect was not a match.

The road was long and boring. Luckily, inside that immense tentage carriage, there were several small chambers built within. Qing Shui purposely rented a large carriage that was meant for the use of a big family. Thus, with only two of them inside the carriage, it felt extremely spacious and wide!

As the Zheng Clan's clan head, he didn't care for a clan like Hai Clan. If such a thing hadn't happened, they might not even have a chance to have any interactions. But yet, he still had to put down his pride to offer his apology today. Even though he was prepared for it, he still didn't feel good.

Chapter 339 A Strong Elder Association in Heavenly Palace, Acupuncture Point Clearing Art.

Bruiser hadn't been fast enough to intervene and help Bai Xiaochun, and now he was glaring at Patriarch Droughtflame with hatred that erupted from his very bones!

He went on his way but did not encounter anyone on the way. He might have missed them when he used the Nine Continents Steps or other people had travelled on the ground. Usually, the time merchants required to travel from Central Continent to Eastern Victory Divine Continent was hard to estimate. Those who were able to travel from Central Continent to Eastern Victory Divine Continent on land, would usually be using "Silver Gale Beast" to pull their carriages.

The young master, every time he saw the look of despair in the eyes of his parents, he would always blame himself. Subconsciously, he had always felt that he was not the equal of other men, and again and again, he had always let down the girls that loved him.

The idea of being stuck in this place for four or five years filled him with despair. Maybe if the old ghost wasn't stuck inside along with him, it might have been endurable.

Bai Xiaochun turned around and disdainfully lifted the back edge of the turtle-wok to peer out at the three sects. Then he cried out as loudly as possible, "Do you people dare to come over here!? We can have an epic fight. I dare you! Come on! I'm waiting for you right here!"

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