Power and Wealth Chapter 2857

Power and Wealth Chapter 2857

Everyone's faces hardened as they listened. With the other three strongholds breached, if there was no more further attempts at stopping them, the imperial city would be attacked and the Gesun Kingdom would truly be over.

"Kill us if you want! If I even move my brows, I will be the son of a tortoise!"

"Yan Zhan Yun, it's certain that my son will join the Heavenly Blade Clan. When that happens, your Yan family will be doomed."

"Ah, mother-in-law, what brings you here?" You Yue asked the white-robed but graceful Bi Yuntian a question from her surprise.

"Grand elders, what in the world is going on? Why has these clouds suddenly appeared over our heads? What does this mean?" The recently broken through Heaven Saint Master Saiya asked in confusion. He was extremely confused about why these rainbow clouds were suddenly appearing.

"Mother! Father!" Jian Chen cried out sorrowfully. He wanted to cry his heart out. His eyes became blood-shot and blood-red tears welled up in his eyes, slowly flowing down his face. With his current strength, he naturally could feel that his parents were already dead. Even with the high grade Radiant Spirit Pills he possessed, he was unable to revive the two.

Before the half month of rest, Jian Chen had done his best to remove any of the hidden dangers in his body. After that, he was now once again free to try to improve his strength without needing to worry about increasing his strength far too fast or that the berserk elements from the monster cores adding to the hidden dangers.

"That's not necessarily true. Although Saint Rulers are powerful, they don't have such a terrifying power." Huang Tianba shook his head and explained, "It's because the origin souls of Saint Rulers have the ability to possess, to forcefully take over other people's bodies and survive in another form."

Quan Youcai chuckled, "Of course. A hundred years ago, my strength was equal to Li Moxin, but after a hundred years, Li Moxin definitely is no longer my opponent." Speaking up to there, Quan Youcai suddenly stared at the middle-aged man with an ill intention and giggled, "Saer Langke, you also hold the position in the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, and you're ranked sixth. When we have time, why don't we exchange some pointer?"

The herbs were burning hot under the flames and were making crackling sounds.The impurities in the herbs disappeared with great speed.Jiang Chen kept staring indifferently at the flames.He had a casual yet serious look on his face.

"One moment." At that moment before everyone could move, an armored man came down from the city towers with a scroll of paper.

"Everyone listen, killing beasts is not our main goal. Our goal today is to kill everyone from the Misty Rain Tower! Once we've killed them all, we can take the beasts they have killed and use them to join the Heavenly Sword Sect! Besides, once all the Yan family's young generation dies, Yan Zhan Yun will collapse. It won't take a lot of time before the entire city falls into our Lee family's hand. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!"

Suddenly, the calm river surface was broken. Thirty people in dark clothing leapt out, lunging towards the tables at lightning speed as they flickered with colored lights from different attributed Saint Force. No one was spared, with Jian Chen, Quan Youcai and people of the eight clans becoming their targets for attack.

The third elder's eyebrows creased together in thought as he muttered, "This Jian Chen was able to become the King of Mercenaries with relative ease, a person like this is by no means ordinary. Since he knows that we are currently watching him, there is no need for us to be secretive about it anymore. Third elder, let us go talk with him and see if there is any way for him to hand over the Seal of Treasure Mountain to us. As for the death of the third young lord, we can wait another day. At the very least, we can recover the Ruler Armament,"

Just like the Fragrant Sky City, after Jiang Chen eliminated the Lee family, the Misty Rain Tower had become the ultimate ruler of the Red City. They business was blooming more and more with each passing day, and the Yan family's Family Chief, Yan Zhanyun had broken through his bottleneck half a year ago, becoming a Heavenly Core warrior. Currently, he was a Mid Heavenly Core warrior.

When the three great elders of the Tianqin clan witnessed what had happened, they too were stupefied. The defence of the golden soft mail had already greatly exceeded what they had imagined.

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