One Flower Blooms Chapter 1040

One Flower Blooms Chapter 1040


Although the mysterious group in the depths of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts outside Wake City was no longer a secret, so much time had already passed that no one knew the identity of this mysterious group.

The headmaster considered the vice headmaster's proposal for a bit, before shaking his head, "That won't be possible. Although using a monster core can be used to increase one's cultivation rate, there are side effects of abusing it. Changyang Xiang Tian is currently very young, we cannot allow him to become addicted to using monster cores. Otherwise, when he reaches the later levels, his foundation will be very shaky, which will obstruct his future progress. At his current age, he should quietly focus on self discipline; it would help lay down the foundations and increase his chance of success in making a breakthrough."

"Who do you think's going to win?"

Lord Zhanlang's eyes rest on Daoist Profound River and said with an ice-cold tone.

Energy burst out from Jiang Chen's body like a tsunami toward the sky. At this moment, Jiang Chen's aura was constantly surging like the violent waves of a raging storm, and he was constantly taking out large amounts of Earth Restoration Pills and throwing them into his own mouth, as if they were worth nothing.

Not only was Qin Wuming the vice-general of the Eastern Deity Swords, he was also a Heaven Saint Master who reached the Third Cycle and possessed several battle skills. As long as the tungsten alloy door was less than 250 kilograms in weight, he would be able to break it.

Under the eyes of everyone, Georgien was defeated by Jian Chen. He flew through the air, tumbling twenty meters away to the ground. Even after he had stopped rolling, blood could be seen pouring from his pale mouth.

Jian Chen and the rest were still in Changyang Hu's room talking to each other when a sound could be heard outside.

"You can die in peace now."

Several men struck out at the lion immediately with their Saint Weapons, creating a clanking sound as they smashed against its scales with some sparks and blood. Although the Amethyst Thunder Lion's defenses weren't all too weak, it wasn't capable of defending against a barrage of blows without taking some damage.

Three hours later, the power of the raging waves had reached their maximum level. Master Blissful had left three hours ago, and still hadn't come back. The sky was completely dark, but the gigantic waves still gave light to the Blissful Island.

A mouthful of blood shot out from the arrogant Shangguan Yiqing's mouth. His energy instantly weakened, and his mighty look was all gone.


Yan Chen Yu asked.

Waving his Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen borrowed the power of the Sword Spirits and shredded apart the pillars like tofu before finally arriving at the ancestor's height. With another flash of silver light, the sword flew at the ancestor's throat once more.

"It's very simply. If there is one person who knows everything about your father's strength, that will be Nangong Yunzheng. Since he has the courage to stand out and fight with your father, I'm sure he is well-prepared and confident enough to defeat uncle. In other words, he most likely has a secret card hidden up his sleeves that is more than enough to defeat uncle. There's also the fact that he has made connections with the Profound River Palace. With the Profound River Palace's rich resources, and their decision to get involved in the Nangong family's internal conflict, I'm sure they've provided Nangong Yunzheng with something that will help him. Therefore, I believe Nangong Yunzheng has a frightening secret card, and if uncle doesn't have anything powerful to respond with, this match will be dangerous for him."

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