Omni-Mastery Chapter 1719

Omni-Mastery Chapter 1719

"Jiang Chen is definitely the most monstrous guy I have ever met! He isn't a Combat Soul warrior, but his combat strength is extremely formidable, and more than enough to fight with Wu Cong who is a Mid Combat Soul warrior!"

"That's right, it's me."

A large sword suddenly fell against Jian Chen's sword, transmitting a large amount of power from sword to sword which pushed Jian Chen back a few steps.

Suddenly, a gray-colored energy began to float around Jian Chen's body. This was an incoming surge of Chaotic Force, gathering wisp by wisp in his hand. Soon enough, his palm was twinkling with a gray-colored light. With such a large amount of energy gathered, the space around it started to twist and distort once more.


"I think you've seen it, the war underneath us has come to an end. The Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect have been defeated. Because of you, countless men have died."

Jiang Chen said. He retrieved the Crown Prince and all the emperors' heads from his storage ring, and without saying anything else, he simply threw them to the Imperial Emperor. Although the Imperial Emperor was filled with killing intent toward Jiang Chen and all his family, he was still the Imperial Emperor. As the man who held the imperial throne, he had to honor his words. Since the Imperial Emperor had promised to only attack three times in front of so many people, Jiang Chen did not fear that he would go back on his word, unless the Imperial Emperor had stopped caring about his face. Of course, that was impossible. Even if the Imperial Emperor stopped caring about his own face, the Martial Saint Dynasty would still need it.

"Get ready to attack. The Flood Dragon is in its weakest condition, and it's in the middle of preparing to break through to the Combat Soul realm, this is the perfect time for us to kill it. It will fully recover once it breaks through to the Combat Soul realm, and if that really happens, killing it will be impossible."

Xiao Wei said with a smile on her face.

Jiang Chen turned around and asked Yang Shuang.


Han Yan immediately scolded them. He had obviously heard their conversation just now.

This familiar voice alarmed Jian Chen. Whirling around with a startled expression, Jian Chen could see another three figures flying through the air. The most eye-catching figure was the young woman in between the two other figures. From appearance alone, she looked to be in her twenties at the very oldest. She wore a red robe with an equally red ribbon tied at her waist in a pretty-looking bow. Her appearance was almost as if she was a seductress stepping straight out of a painting. Her white jade-like arms were exposed to the sun, making them look illustrious and resplendent, and combined with the beautiful slender-white legs that were also exposed, she was a living example of a woman that could seduce any man that looked at her.

It was just the beginning of the fight, and a man from the mercenaries had already been wounded, a long cut on his arm. Yan Meng was fighting two late stage Qi Hai warriors, and it seemed like he wouldn't be able to hold on for long. He could only defend himself without striking back.

The third elder gave a small hum as he tried to think. "One year ago when I fought him, he was only an Earth Saint Master. But with just barely a year after that, his strength has basically toppled the heavens to make a tremendous change. What's startling is the fact that he isn't a cripple even after his Saint Weapon was destroyed. His strength should be extremely low and not what it is now."

The crowd murmured in confusion. They were people of the village and had never once traveled out to the Tian Yuan Continent so many of the people there were very suspicious of Rosco's attitude. They couldn't believe that a youth like Jian Chen would be capable of having such strength. To them, this was a mystery that deserved some research.

A small sliver of killing intent leaked from Jian Chen as the Light Wind Sword immediately appeared in Jian Chen's hand. In another moment, the sword disappeared in a flash and broke the other man's Saint Weapon with a large metallic sound.

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